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All Current Final Term Papers Spring 2013

From 20 Jul , 2013 to 31 Jul 2013 Spring 2013


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usman attari bhai  assalalm o alikum ... 

main ny HAND OUTS ko shaam sy he  UPER UPER sy dekha hai ab tak or thankx mjhy ab hifz ho gaya hai   ''STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT  MGT 603 :D    

papers was easy mostly mcqs repeated past papers

Q. All of the following are characteristics of an effective evaluation system EXCEPT:





Q. Which strategies management analytical tool has four quadrants based on two dimensions i.e. competitive position and market growth?

Internal-External matrix

SPACE matrix

Grand strategy matrix

Quantitative strategic planning matrix

Q. Which of the following includes the set of shared values, beliefs, attitudes, customs, norms, personalities, heroes and heroines that describe a firm?





Q. The organizations that conduct business operations across national borders are known as:

Multinational corporations

Domestic firms

Strategic alliances


Q. political variables have a significant effect on which of the following?

Formulation and implementation of strategy

Formulation and evaluation of a strategy

Formulation, implementation and evaluation of a strategy

Q. Which of the following statements is TRUE about Internal audit?

It is done parallel to external audit

It is done before External audit

It is done after External audit


Q. Financial ratios are helpful in analyzing the relationship between/among which of the following

All assets and liabilities

Profits and costs

All functional areas of business

Sales and profitability

Q. Which of the following involves the suctantial modification of existing products or the creation of new but related products that can be marked to current customers through established channels?



Product development

Market development

Q. Concentric diversification involves heading towards which of the following?

Adding new, but related, products or services

Adding new, unrelated products or services

Regrouping through cost and asset reduction

Adding unrelated products or services for new customers

Q. Defensive strategies include all of the following EXCEPT:





Q. Which of the following is NOT the reason to go for divestiture?

When firms has pursued retrenchment but failed to attain needed improvements

When the availability of quality distributions is too limited

When a division needs more resources than the firm can provide

When a division is responsible for the firm’s overall poor performance

Q. Strategy formulation technique can be integrated into how many stages?





Q. Which of the following stages of strategy formulation framework involves development of internal External matrix?

Input stage

Output stage

Matching stage

Decision stage

Q.  Firm located in competitive quadrant of a SPACE matrix is recommended to follow all of the following Strategies EXCEPT:

Market penetration


Forward integration

Concentric diversification

Q. A firm should practice Joint venture Strategy in which of the following case?

When the SPACE matrix vector lies in defensive quadrant

When the SPACE matrix vector lies in aggressive quadrant

When the SPACE matrix vector lies in conservative quadrant

When the SPACE matrix vector lies in competitive quadrant

Q. What type of strategies would you recommend when a firm’s SPACE matrix directional vector has the coordinates (-4,-4)?





Q. The IE matrix consists of how many cells?





Q. On the y-axis of IE matrix, an EFE total weighed score of 2.35 is considered what?





Q. All the employees of operations department have received 15% of increased profits over a historical standard or targeted profits.” Which of the following best describes the statement?

Profit sharing


Gain sharing

Piece-work plan

Q. Production processes typically constitute of what percentage of firm’s total assets?

More than 70%

More than 65%

More than 60%

More than 55%

Q. Market segmentation is especially used in implementing strategies by which of the following firms?

Small firms

Large firms

Medium-size firms

All of the given options

Q. ”The process of dividing markets into groups of consumers who are similar to each other”. Which of the following terms describes the statement?





Q. ”Focusing all marketing decisions on a very specific group of people which a business wants to reach” is known as:

Target marketing


Mass marketing


Q. Which of the following is Not a basic activity of strategy evaluation?

Exploring the underlying bases of a firm’s strategy  (NOT SURE)

Measuring organizational performance

Taking Corrective actions if needed

Developing alternative strategies to be executed

Q.A revised EFE matrix should focus on which of the following?

Changes in the organization’s management, marketing, R&D and computer information system & environment.

Marketing, finance/accounting, production/operations, R&D and computer information systems strengths and weaknesses

Effective of a firm’s strategies in response to key opportunities and threats

Effectiveness of an organization’s strategy in pursuing the competitive goals and managerial actions.

Q. Measuring organizational performance include all of the following EXCEPT:

Comparing results to competitors results

Investigating deviations from plans

Evaluating individual performance

Comparing expected results to actual results

Q.” A good mission statement identifies the utility of a firm’s products to its customers”; which of the following represents this statement?

Organization’s philosophy

Customer orientation

Social policy

Declaration of attitude

Q. which of the following best describes this statement ;”A systematic and ethical process for gathering and analyzing information about the competition’s activities and general business trends to further a business own goals?

External assessment

Industry analysis

Competitive intelligence program

Business ethics

Q. In the BCG matrix, which element represents the industry growth rate in sales, measured in percentage term?



First quadrant

Second quadrant

Q. Which one of the following is Not among the Michael Porter’s forces?

The bargaining power of customers

The bargaining power of suppliers

The intensity of differentiation strategy

The threat of substitute products


To make changes in the organization’s management, marketing, finance/accounting and R&D, which one of the following should be focused?

Revised mission

Revised IFE matrix

Revised EFE matrix

Revised EPM matrix

Q. which is typical problem associated with using quatitative criteris for evaluating strategies?

Most qualitative criteria are geared to long-term objectives rather than annual objectives

Different accounting methods can provide different results on many quantitative criteria

Intuitive judgments are never involved in deriving quantitative criteria

Qualitative data to be evaluated for measuring performance is often not available

Q. A good evaluation system must posses various qualities.Which of the following is not a characteristic of a good strategy evaluation system?

Strategy-evaluation activities must be economical

Strategy-evaluation activities should dominate the decisions

Strategy-evaluation activities should provide timely information

Strategy-evaluation activities should dominate the decisions

Q. The product design, packaging, product disposal and corporate rewards should reflect which of the following

Product quality consideration

Union consideration

Environmental consideration

Customer consideration

Q. All of the following are the cost drivers of porter’s supply chain activities EXCEPT:

Capacity utilization

Timing of market entry

Economies of scale

Firm’s infrastructure

Q. What is a central strategy implementation technique that allows an organizational to examine the expected results of various actions and approaches?

Financial budgeting

TOWS analysis

Projected financial statement

External analysis

Q. Supplier bargaining power is not likely to pose strong competitive pressure when which of the following situation is prevailing

Buying firms are looking for suppliers with superior just-in-time supply capabilities and low prices

The suppliers furnish a critical furnish a critical part or component that is in relatively short supply

Buying firms collaborate closely with their key suppliers to achieve mutual benefits

The products of alternative suppliers are highly differentiated, making the cost od switching relatively high

Q. Which of the following allows an organization to test alternative marketing plans and to forecast future sales of new products?



Test marketing

Customer analysis

Q. What is meant by focused differentiation?

Concentrating on a particular feature of a product or service to achieve differentiation (NOT SURE)

Concentrating on differentiation as the primary means of achieving competitive

Providing a high perceived value product to a selected market segment which is justifies a substantial price premium

Simultaneously seeking to achieve differentiation and a price lower than that of competitors

Q. All of the following strategies are recommended to be pursued by Question Mark divisions EXCEPT:

Market penetration

Market development

Horizontal integration

Product development

Q. One of the divisions of Altars Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd. falls in IX cell of IE matrix. How will you interpret your findings?

It can be managed best with Harvest or divest strategies

It can be managed best with grow and build strategies

It can be managed best with grow and maintain strategies

It can be managed best with Hold and maintain strategies

Q. Grand strategy Matrix is based on which of the following dimensions?

Market share and industry growth

Finacial strength and industry strength

Weighed scored of IFE and EFE matrices

Market growth and competitive position

Q. Which of the following is a functional level objective?

Achieving return on investment of at least 15%

Aiming to achieve a market share of 10%

Attaining operating profit of over Rs.10 million

Increase earnings per share by at least 10% every

Q. Which of the following is not a major factor that commonly forbids effective resource allocation?

Organizational politics

Vague strategy targets

Long run financial criteria

Lack of sufficient knowledge

Q. Which organizational structure is the most simple and economical?

Strategic business unit

Functional structure

Divisional structure

Matrix structure

Q. All of the following would be considered as true statements regarding the matrix organizational structure EXCEPT which one?

It reduces managerial positions

It shares authority and responsibility among managers

It distributes stress among the team members

It maintain better balance between time and performance

Q. Which one of the following actions is more effective regarding the change in organizational culture?

A strategy should be changed to fit an existing culture

A strategy and culture both should be changed at the same time

A firm culture should be changed to fit a new strategy

All of the given

Q. The methods which are used to match managers with strategies to be implemented include all of the following EXCEPT:

Transferring managers

Job enlargement

Managers’ retention

Job enrichment

Q. Which one of the following does not fall under the category of behavioral segmentation?

Usage rate


Loyalty status

Use occasion

Q. which of the following is defined as the art and science of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enable an organization to achieve its objectives?

Strategy formulation

Strategy evaluation

Strategy implementation

Strategy management

subjective question were

Q. How can a firm create a “cost advantage”? Discuss it by keeping in mind value chain activity? (5 marks)

Q. Discuss the role of R& D personnel in successful strategy implementation?(5 marks)

Q. Compare and contrast restricting and reengineering?(5 marks)

Q. Being a project manager of Darwin diaries, you are given the task of preparing a report that whether your firm should develop a new product or not. What factors would you consider while preparing this report? (5 marks)

Q. Differentiate between target marketing and mass marketing? (3 marks)

Q. Write down three prospective problems associated with using quantitative criteria for evaluating strategies?(3 marks)

Q .Using a grand strategy matrix approach, what strategies are recommended for a firm that is a weak competitor in a slow-growing market?(3 marks)

Q.What are the basic types of R & D that can take place in an organization?(3 marks)



Mgt603 today’s ppr:-
Explain mass marketing ?pros and cons of mass marketing?5
What is the key question the could express need for qualitative or intuitive judgement in strategy of a firm?5
Whar re the advantages of divisinal structure in organization?5
What are the charateristic obejective?discuss.5
Define the term feasibility as refer to the rumelts criteria?3
What is funtinal level of obectives with 2 examples?3
Which external factor affect organization?3
Differentiate between mass marketing and target marketing?3


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