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MGT603 Current Final Term Papers Fall 2010 (11~26 Feb 2011)
Please Share Your Current Paper pattern, MCQs & subjective Questions to help each other. Thanks

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today's paper
Total MCQs =56
Q.No.57. Explain when diverstiture would be a good strategy to persue? marks 3
Q.No.58. If the firm is falling under Quardant-1 of Grand Strategy Matrix, what stratigic postion that firm depicts?marks3
Q.No.59. Briefly explain the employee stock ownership plan? marks 3
Q.No.60. What characteristics of an organization could determine the final design of a strategy evaluation and control system? marks 3
Q.No. 61. Horizontal Integration is the acquisition of additional business activities at the same level of value chain and now a days being widely used as a growth strategy. what can be the stituation which horizontal integration is assumed to be an effective strategy? marks 5
Q.No.62. Suppose as a manger of a company you find after analysis that your company is located in Quardant-2 in Grand Strategy Matrix what type of strategies should it adopt and why? marks 5
Q.No.63. Positioning is actually the way that product is introduce to its market audiance what are the five stepes required for effective product positioning? marks 5
Q.No.64. Bargaining powr of suppliers and bargaining power of customers are the forces among the Porter five forces model. Differnciate between these two? marks 5
See the attached file please
See the attached file for current MGT603 Final Term paper Feb 2011 (Final Term 2010)
If mission statement states that “we must always be response and effective to changing needs of our industry” which component of mission statement is it representing and why? 3 marks

Suggest that what can be the best way to overcome individual resistance to change while taking corrective actions. 3 marks

Describe any three consideration EPS/EBIT analysis. 3 marks

Compute average collection period and compare. 5 marks


SALES Rs. million Rs.million

A 5 5

B 7 3.5

Give some example of marketing decisions that may require policies. 5 marks

“he goal of value chain activities is to offer the customers a level of value that exceed the cost of activities which result in profit margin” you are required to discuss some of primary value chain activities. 5 marks

Parties to conflict can conceptualize response according to two dimential scheme “what are hypothesis of this scheme.5 marks
my mgt603 paper today
3 quz 3 marks
4 quz 5 marks

Discuss similarities and dissimilarities of restructuring and reengineering.(5 marks)

Restructuring—also called downsizing, rightsizing, or delayering—involves reducing the size of the firm in terms of number of employees, number of divisions or units, and number of hierarchical levels in the firm's organizational structure. This reduction in size is intended to improve both efficiency and effectiveness. Restructuring is concerned primarily with shareholder well-being rather than employee well-being.

In contrast, reengineering is concerned more with employee and customer well-being than shareholder well-being. Reengineering—also called process management, process innovation, or process redesign— involves reconfiguring or redesigning work, jobs, and processes for the purpose of improving cost, quality, service, and speed. Reengineering does not usually affect the organizational structure or chart, nor does it imply job loss or employee layoffs. Whereas restructuring is concerned with eliminating or establishing, shrinking or enlarging, and moving organizational departments and divisions, the focus of reengineering is changing the way work is actually carried out.

Define corporate level objectives. Provide at least two statements exemplifying such objectives.(3)

Auditors who perform audit can be divided into three groups? Identify and define each of them.(3)

A frequently used tool in strategy evaluation is the audit. Discuss auditing according American Accounting Association (AAA) 5

A frequently used tool in strategy evaluation is the audit. Auditing is defined by the American Accounting Association (AAA) as "a systematic process of objectively obtaining and evaluating evidence regarding assertions about economic actions and events to ascertain the degree of correspondence between those assertions and established criteria, and communicating the results to interested users." People who perform audits can be divided into three groups: independent auditors, government auditors, and internal auditors.

-Explain the nature and role of employee stock ownership plans (ESOP s) in strategic management.(3)
An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), are corporations owned in whole or in part by their employees. Employees are usually given a share of the corporation after a certain length of employment or they can buy shares at any time. A corporation owned entirely by its employees (a worker cooperative) will not, therefore, have its shares sold on public stock markets. Employee-owned corporations often adopt profit sharing where the profits of the corporation are shared with the employees. These types of corporations also often have boards of directors elected directly by the employees.
Write some potential problems associated with using quantitative criteria for evaluating strategies.
If the firm is falling under Quardant-1 of Grand Strategy Matrix, what stratigic postion that firm depicts?marks3
In IFE matrix total weightage score is
A = 2.50
B = 1.50
C = 3.24
For above given data how would you interpret the total weighted score of each firm and compare firm B with firm A and firm C (5 marks)
Compare and contras Restructuring & Re engineering (5 marks)
Describe any three consideration EPS/EBIT analysis. 3 marks
Define 3 positive features of QSPM
Explain market penetration with example of a local or multinational company in pakistan
Define 3 positive features of QSPM
Descripe 3 approaches for net worth of a business
Define contingency planning
Explain Strategic management and its significance for business
Resourse allocation decision is a plan for using avaliable resources. what are the 2 parts of resource allocation plan
Describe the strategy evaluation system, a large and a small organization require.
give some example of Marketing Decisions that may require policies.


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