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MGT603 Strategic Management Current Mid Term Papers May 2011, (Spring 2011)

Current Spring 2011 Papers, May 2011 Papers, Mid Term Spring 2011 Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks


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Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

MGT603 Mid Term Spring 2011 Papers

See the attached file please

28 MCQ
2 Question 3 Marks
2 Question 5 Marks

70 to 80 % from PAST PAPERS must prepare all PAST PAPERS

Merger and Acqusition ki Definition and Example (5 Marks)
EFI matrix kay 5 points (5 Marks)
IFE matrix kay 5 points wala (5 Marks)
COST leadership stratgy kay 6 Points (3 Marks)
Ek aur tha Matric may say CMP ka (3 Marks)

Today Mid term paper Spring 21011 of MGT603 


QUESTION#1 (marks 3)
What are possible decisions taken by operational manager while managing workforce

QUESTION#2 (marks 3)
In your opinion, what can be the circumstances when a Low Cost Producer in an industry brings effectiveness?

QUESTION#3 (marks 5)
Critically analyze the statement “Internal audit provides more opportunities to the participant to understand how their jobs , departments and division fit into whole organization as compare to external audit”

QUESTION#4 (marks 5)
“Horizontal integration is the acquisition of additional business activities at the same level of value chain and now a days being widely used as a growth strategy”

What can be the situation when horizontal integration is assumed to be effective?

All Mcq comes in the past papers
1. Vertical integration is the degree to which the firm owns its upstream and its downstream
buyers. What can be the possible benefits if the firm goes for vertical integration?(3)

2. Explain test marketing and its significance for an organization.(3)
3. Explain Merger and Acquisition with the help of examples (examples should be related to a multinational or local company operating in Pakistan)?(5)
4. What are the major stakeholders that affect pricing decisions?(5)
Q 1: Suppose according to the EFE matrix, the total weighted score of certain company is 2.10. How that company with interpret this score in term of external factors. [3 Marks]

Q 2: Explain concentric diversification strategy with the help of two examples of local or multinational firms operating in Pakistan? [3 Marks]

Q 3: What are the strength and weakness of an organization. Explain with the help of examples? [5 Marks]

Q 4: What are the major stakeholders that affect pricing decisions? [5 Marks]

Most of the Objectives were from the old papers.

Best Wishes !!!!
My Today's Paper 
28 quiz 50% old 50 % New

Question No: 29 ( Marks: 3 )
In your opinion, what can be the circumstances when a Low Cost Producer in an industry
brings effectiveness?

Question No: 30 ( Marks: 3 )
what are possible decisions taken by operational manager while managing workforce

Question no. 31 (Marks 5)

what is the role of financial ratios in internal audit?

not remember last question
mostly MCQS from past papers and subjective Q are 
Q1:What is the significance of Research and Development for an organization?
Q2:What are strengths and weaknesses of an organization? Explain with the help of examples.
Q3; customer analysis
Q4:what is market penetration strategy and Give at least two examples of multinational or local firms that are operating in Pakistan.

Spring 2011
MGT603- Strategic Management 
12th May 2011

Time: 60 min 
Marks: 41
Total 28 MCQ.

A series of ratios that measure the extent to which a firm has been financed by debt is known as:

► Activity ratios
► Leverage ratios
► Profitability ratios
► Liquidity ratios

Sana has spent a day in a session where the future of her company was discussed.
The people involved were trying to determine what the role of their company was as the 21st century approaches. Goals were then developed based upon their vision of the company's mission. Sana spent her day on which of the following process?


Which of the following can be considered as barriers to entering a market or industry?

The lack of economies of scale and experience and low levels of brand loyalty
The presence of large number of rivals already in the industry
Relatively large capital requirements and industry have economies of scale
The absence of tariffs, trade restrictions, and/or government-mandated regulations

Which one variable falls under the category of the Social, Cultural, Demographic, and Environmental Variable?

Propensity of people to spend
Buying habits
Level of disposable income
Income differences by region

Various job titles of a strategist may include all of the following EXCEPT:

Chief executive officer

A joining of two companies through one company buying more than one half of the other company's stocks is known as:

► Monopolization
► A spin-off
► An acquisition
► A merger

The strategy embraced by Ahmad Bros. is to address the needs of a very selected and specialized market segment. Ahmad Bros. is most likely to engage in which one of the following types of strategy?

► Differentiation strategy
► Best value strategy
► Focus strategy
► Low cost strategy

Suppose, the value of the currency of a certain country falls, what can be the effect on companies in Different Industries and in Different Locations in that country respectively?

► Significant and equal
► Marginal and equal
► Significant and unequal
► Insignificant and unequal 

External assessment is performed in which of the following strategic-management phase?

► Strategy formulation stage
► Strategy implementation stage
► Strategy evaluation stage
► All of the given options

Where an organization takes into account the effect of its strategic decisions on the society, the firm is taking care of:

► Corporate governance
► Business policy
► Business ethics
► Social policy

Which of the following business actions is NOT considered to be unethical?

► Poor product or service safety
► Using non-union labor in a union shop
► Misleading advertising
► Too expensive products 

A company's ROI (Return on Investment) can be algebraically decomposed into which of the following two major components?

► Return on sales and fixed capital
► Return on sales and net profit
► Return on sales and Cost of goods sold
► Return on sales and Total assets

External assessment is performed in which of the following strategic-management phase?

► Strategy formulation stage
► Strategy implementation stage 
► Strategy evaluation stage 
► All of the given options

The objectives set by a manager should have which of the following characteristics?

► Should spell out how fast the company's strategy is to be implemented
► Should be challenging and congruent among organizational units
► Should include long-range performance targets but not short-range targets
► Should include financial performance targets but not strategic performance targets 

Which of the following is a drawback or limitation of Horizontal Integration?

Synergies may be more imaginary than real
It can increase suppliers' and buyers' bargaining power
Economies of scale are likely to be decreased
Both the first & third options are correct 

Question No: 30 ( Marks: 3 ) 
Suppose according to the IFE matrix, the weighted score of a certain company is 2.85. How that company will interpret this score? 

Question No: 30 ( Marks: 3 ) 
Joint ventures can build long lasting business relationship. but some joint ventures fails. discuss common problem that cause joint venture fails. 

Question No: 31 ( Marks: 5 ) 
Critically analyze this statement, “Internal audit provides more opportunity for participants to understand how their jobs, departments, and divisions fit into the whole organization than the external audit”.

Question No: 32 ( Marks: 5 ) 
Describe any two types of integrative strategies? Give one example for each.
28 MCQS….. 27 OLD 1 NEW


Greenly etc,,,, Strategic Management k baray mein kya kehtay thai k sab sahi hai EXCEPT:

Option tha aik k Strategic management kisi firms k future threats ko barha charhaa k show krta hai…. (Maine Yahi select kar diya coz baaqi saray advantages thai..)

1. Which types of vertical integration strategies are there and explain there benefits. 3

2. In following example Factors are given rating according to IFE. Explain what this rating suggests. 3

· Factor A Rating 4

· Factor B Rating 3

· Factor C Rating 1

3. Is mein batana tha k financial ratios q reliable nhi hoti?5

4. Being the manager of firm yu are assigned to submit report whether company should develop new product or not. What factors you will explore? 5


what are possible decisions taken by operational manager while managing workforce 3 marks
vertical integration is degree to which the firm owns its upstream and down stream buyers, what are benefits if firm goes for vertical integration? (3)
customer analysis and its significance (5)
Two examples of Multi national local firms operating in Pakistan and have initiated backward integration justify ur answer (5)







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