MGT603 Strategic managment Assignment Solution Due Date Apr 22 2011 Shehroz Kaleem Khawaja

Assignment # 1  (20 marks)
Suppose, you are the owner of ‘Khaalis Foods Ltd’, a new company
planning to produce dairy products.
A)  You are required to develop a Mission Statement for your
company that must include the following nine components:
•  Customers
•  Products or services
•  Markets
•  Technology
•  Survival, growth, and profitability
•  Philosophy
•  Self-Concept
•  Concern for public image
•  Concern for employees
B) Explain whether the Mission Statement (developed by you in the
first part of this assignment) supports  ‘Customer Orientation’
or not. Give reasons to justify your answer.

Shehroz Kaleem Khawaja


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Please Discuss here for the solution coz last date is not so far.


Shehroz Kaleem Khawaja




Yar aur koi nahin hai poore VUSTUDENTS k members mein jis ne MGT603 KI solution na ki ho heraaaaaan kun baat hai guys


Anyways I will upload today the solution Insha Allah
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Here is a very useful link to make the assignment. more than 500 mission statements are availble in this link.


but for 20 marks i dont think our mission statements should be so short? no?

Assignment No. 1



Answer 1


Mission Statement


Our mission is to dedicate our self to our valuable customers and adding maximum value to their needs and demands. Company strives to achieve results that exceed expectations of our customers. We are producing nourishing and quality products which are safe from all germs like butter, cream and milk and sell them at locally, nationally and internationally. Old, young and children are our target customers.  We manufacture products on modern machineries which are technologically sophisticated. Our motto is to provide best quality products and also take into account the environment safety and general public along with taking care of social responsibility. Promoting active involvement and giving rewards to our employees. Our Commitment to ourselves is to get distinctive competence and attain maximum market share and celebrating our accomplishments. We are assuring career opportunities by sustaining growth and financial strength. Financial stability is the result of our services and our shareholders because we also want to maximize the share holder’s wealth.





Answer 2




These are the reasons which shows the customer orientation in the above statement

  • It is attracting customers by giving them respect and importance to their needs and demands.
  • It clearly explains that quality product is given to the customers which help in customer orientation at large extent.
  • Strong Financially strength provides knowledge that this company has good market share which is the helpful signal for the customer to trust on that company.
  • It shows to the customers that it is socially responsible organization which has a great public image and caring about the customers.
  • It provides the information to the customers that the products manufactured are safe and free from all germs.
  • Customers become satisfied that products manufacturing is held on the latest machinery using technological advancements.


See the attached file please for MGT603 Assignment Spring 2011
vvvv thnks tariq bahi
Question # 1 Solution:-

Our Mission Statement is the roots of what we were founded on, and our pledge to continue to be. It is more
than just a plaque on a wall to us; it is what we embrace as critical in our daily operations and how we value
the people, investors and Franchise Partners who join our team.

Our mission is:

To provide a better fast food in a fun environment where our customers can get an energetic lift during their
busy days.

To develop a profitable and growing company based on the energy, integrity and knowledge of our people,
partners and investors.

To create a work environment that rewards and coaches our people so that we provide the absolute best in
customer success and in giving back to our community.

Question # 2 Solution:-

A customer orientation strategy is the way that a business focuses its product or service to consumers. There
are many specific ways of doing this, but in general there are three ways that you can orient a product to
consumers: aiming at price sensitive customers, aiming at quality sensitive customers and aiming at niche
customers. Understanding these three strategies will help you choose which one best suits your own

For justification of this answer see Question # 1 the 1st line of Our Mission is
Solution: A)

Mission Statement of Khaalis Foods Ltd

Khaalis Foods Ltd Is committed to boast in the market with economical pricing and huge distribution channel. We are striving to provide best quality dairy products to enable people to live a healthier life in Pakistan.


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