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All Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2013 (25 May 2013 ~ 06 June 2013) at One Place

From 25 May 22, 2013 to 06 June 2013 Spring 2013

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mgt611 and mgt520 k past pprz kaheen b nhi hn mid terms k :(

Nai mill rahey paper to kaya huwa. book to he na. ye lo dear mere pass to yahi material he I think this will helpful for prepration of mid exam. Best of luck and remember me in your prayers. Thanks


one more file



Thanks Aleem Mehmood. N ppl do share current pprz... nobody shared yet..

 - Cite an example of Injunction.

- If person dies who who will obliged his liabilities

- Wagering and contingent Contracts

- Types of Contract of guarantee

- Can Minor plea for minority if misrepresented the age

Past midterm paper... jitnay b ning pa share hoay thy. sub ye e hyn. ye concept e in exam mai b imp hungay. in ko achy se smjh lain. wish u best of luck for your exam.


1..A minor, by misrepresenting his age, borrows some money

(a) He can be used for fraud.
(b) He cannot be used for fraud.
(c) He is liable to return the money.

2...Consideration” is an action which:

3....The definition of agreement is provided by which section of Contract Act

4....When a person positively asserts that a fact is true but his information does not warrant it to be so, though he believes it to be true, this is a case of

5...Common rule of law is that there is no fraud if:

6...The attainment of justice is the main object of ________.____.

7.,.,according to section 17 of contract act, which of the following includes ‘the suggestion, as a fact, of that which is not true by a contracting party who does not believe it to be true’

8,.,.,fraudulent misrepresentation as to contents of documents makes the contract ________

9,..,.,which of the following is true about “ordinance”?


5 marks question , one case study based and 1 from void contract

essentials of consideration,  trust act 

difference between promisor and psomisee


define the therms and condition parties entering to a competent contract.

q no 27 total marks 5

define the wagering contract under the section 30 of the contract act 1972.

yeh 2 baray question thy 5 5 numbers ky


there are subjective questions i try to note

elaborate few duties of work as contained IRO.


BRIEFLY elaborate the classification of goods as per sale of ACT 1930(3)

what are the kinds of promissry notes as recognized by section 4 of negotitaion instrument Act 1881.(3)

imperitive law with example (3)

contrast in insurance and takaful(3)

what is bill of exchange explain specimen (5)

in which area discrimination by employer is considered to be unlawful as per section 63 IRO.(5)

difference between fraud and misrepresentation (5).

these are question i can write with me.


objective zada 22 lecture tk ki thi or end sy zada thi contract types, jurisprudence, minor agreement, old main sy b kafi thi, negotiable instruments, NIRC, factory act. labor acts, cross cheque,   bla bla

- Essentials of endorsement   (3)

- How presiding officer is selected of labor court how its selected  (3)

- Difference between the analytical jurisprudence and ethical jurisprudence   (3)

- Define unenforceable contract with example (3+2)

- Elaborate some essentials of lease (5)

- What are the negotiation on difference of disputes (Industrial disputes) (5)

- Factors of carriage by air (5)



Executed contract with example 3 Mark

Duties of Principal under contract of agency 3 mark

In joint venture if one person die then who will be responsible to act upon the promise payment 3 Mark

Differ between fraud and Misrepresentation 5 Mark

Give any illustration about the terms given below 5 Mark



Some mcqs from contract act section 124, section 211, and section 212 


plz uplod the mgt611 mid term  past papers

thank you...

kuch tu mil hee gaya


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