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MGT611 Business & Labor Law Assignment No 01 Spring 2019 Solution & Discussion Due Date:

MGT611 Business & Labor Law Assignment No 01 Spring 2019 Solution & Discussion Due Date:

Read the examples given below and answer the questions. (4 marks each)

Mr. Y bought a horse from Mr. X for Rs. 200,000. Mr. X claims the horse can be used on the farm. It revealed that the horse is lame and Mr. Y cannot use him on his farm. Here Mr. X knowingly deceived Mr. Y. What is the legal status of this contract of sale?

Mr. A sold his gold watch for only Rs. 500/- to his teacher Mr. B who promised to give him good grades. Comment whether this contract met the conditions of free consent of contracting parties. Justify your answer (yes/no) with valid reason(s).

Mr. XYZ threatens to hurt Mr. ABC if he does not sell his house to Mr. XYZ for only 5 lakh rupees. Mr. ABC sells the house to Mr. XYZ. This is not a valid contract as it is not meeting the condition of free consent to the parties. Identify that condition and comment on it.

The prospectus of a company did not refer to the existence of a document
disclosing liabilities. This gave the impression that the company was prosperous. If the existence of the document had been disclosed the impression would have been quite different. Explain what would be the effect of this material misrepresentation on related parties. Was this act valid?

Arif told Bano, his wife, that he would divorce her, if she does not transfer her personal assets to him. She agreed to transfer her assets to him. Can Bano avoid the contract? Justify your answer (yes/no) with reason(s).

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Please Discuss here about this assignment.Thanks

Our main purpose here discussion not just Solution

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Discussed & be touched with this discussion. After discussion a perfect solution will come in a result at the end.


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i think example 1 answer is misrepresentation. the reason is that he sold the horse but the described quality was not available in that... if he gave him anything rather than horse or gave him nothing, then it will be a fraud

do we have to explain or just give the reason
that free consent was not involved in the given situations

asfa did you done with the assignment ?Kindly share with me plzz 

Tariq Bhai Last Date hai ...Solution chaheye .

Tariq Bhai ..ap hi last hope hu plzzz ..Help you always help 

MGMT 611 Assignment -1
Solution 2019

In the above case Ms. Nudrat was a good confident and self-motivated thesis student at a Business School. She dons her research work very efficiently and timely but unfortunately she face health issues which disturb her routine work and punctuality resulted her research work becomes delayed. Due to this reason her routine prior to health issues brakes and she becomes habitual of delaying work. She feels disturbance to recover her delayed work as well as routine tasks. She face very difficult to manage time for delaying tasks and current tasks in this way she loose her devotion/focus and strengths to achieve their tasks. She becomes disappointed due to over burden of work and forget their past successes and achievements rather than courage herself and face the consequences. She forgets the time management techniques and work habit improvement rules.

Ms. Nudrat adopted the following step to resolve their issues and achieve their previous position. Identify your goals insure you're engaging in activities that support your goals, both short- and long-term that manage the both delayed work and current everyday jobs. Break down big tasks into small to achieve the goals Prioritize wise complete the tasks give the priority to the pending most important tasks as well as current job. Plan and organized the tasks and think ahead the plan Take care of yourself in future and keep in mind the value of time Take care of yourself in future and keep in mind the value of time Just say no leave a negative impact best efforts make to achieve the tasks Eliminate distractions and weakness Critically watch what you spend and what outcomes achieved Take care of yourself in future and keep in mind the value of time. Plan Your Day the Night Before Start the Day with Critical Work and analyze the previous work efficiency and think positively on current tasks Set Time constraints and best try to manage the time accordingly and focus on delayed work as well as current work. Make Quick and efficient decisions that brings fruit able results Track Your Time Take advantage of gap time Work from the calendar don’t waste time Batch similar tasks and complete these tasks in the same manner Take Time Off to Recharge.

Tariq Bhai yeah tu relevent hi nahi hai 



Following are the conditions of the statements  

1 misrepresentation 

2 Fraud

3 Coercion

4 Mistake

5 Unde Influence 

Elaborate these Conditions by yourself.  

sis kia yeh correct answer hain


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