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Which of the following is one of the two relevant costs in Economic Order Quantity Model? Select correct option Shortage costs Annual inventory holding cost Opportunity cost Shrinkage cost
Annual inventory holding cost
In ________ the jobs are assigned to work centers without regard to the capacity of the work center. Select correct option Vertical loading Finite loading Horizontal loading Infinite loading
Adjustment of due dates, cancellation of orders and changes in order quantities comes in ___________ of MRP process. Select correct option Inventory records Output Bills of material Master production schedule
Inventory records
Which of the following is not among a JIT inventory tactic? Select correct option Reduction in lot size Consistently receive and store deliveries at the same point in the warehouse Reduction in setup time Reduction in variability
Consistently receive and store deliveries at the same point in the warehouse
Which of the following is NOT considered while calculating the safety stock level? Select correct option Order level Stock-out cost Holding cost Demand variation
Key lean manufacturing principles include: Select correct option Waste minimization Continuous improvement Pull processing All of the given
Which of the following is NOT MRP output? Select correct option Planned orders Changes in dates and order Order releases Scheduled receipts
Large inventories, long lead times, large number of parts are the basic problems that are being faced by the manager in ___________. Select correct option Supply chain management 21st century Human resource management Reengineering
Which of the followings can be categorized in the properties of single card kanban system? Select correct option Each container must have a card. Assembly always withdraws from fabrication (pull system). Containers cannot be moved without a kanban and it should contain the same number of parts. All of the given
There is no inventory buildup when: Select correct option Usage rate exceeds production rate Usage and production rates are equal Production rate exceeds usage rate Orders are frequently placed
Usage and production rates are equal
Run time for the economic run size is a function of which of the following? Select correct option Run size and usage rate Cycle time and usage rate Run size and production rate Cycle time and usage rate
Run size and production rate
Which one of the followings can be considered as true with regard to the cost based pricing model of negotiation strategy? Select correct option Prices are based upon vendor costs Prices float based on what the customer is willing to pay Potential vendors each submit quotations as to price, delivery, and so on Prices are based in some way upon market standards agreed to by both vendor and purchaser
Minimize resources needed for Design and Manufacturing” This statement can be categorized among the goals of: Select correct option Re engineering JIT system Employee motivation Strategic Manufacturing
JIT system
Technique that can be used effectively to monitor jobs in process is known as: Select correct option Assignment method Gantt load chart Johnson's rule Gantt schedule chart
Gantt load chart
The main results that can be achieved from the implementation of JIT system are: Select correct option Shorter lead times and reduced costs Lead time increases and costs reduces Shorter lead times and increased costs Lead time and costs increases
Shorter lead times and reduced costs
Which of the following is Not an assumption of economic order quantity model? Select correct option No constraints on size of each lot No uncertainty in lead time or supply Demand is always variable No quantity discounts
Demand is always variable
If the “holding cost” decreases, the EOQ will Select correct option Increase Decrease Remain the same Change in an irregular pattern
The central themes that the surrounding Just-In-Time (JIT) system is: Select correct option Simplicity, quality, elimination of waste Simplicity, quality, increase of waste Complexity, quality, increase of waste All of the given
Simplicity, quality, elimination of waste
Question # 19 of 20 ( Start time: 09:35:12 PM ) Total Marks: 1 Which of the following is a schedule that specifies the timing and size of production quantities for product in the product families? Select correct option Master production scheduling Aggregate plan Inventory management scheduling None of the above
Master production scheduling
Which of the following is NOT a secondary report of MRP? Select correct option Performance control report Planning report Exception reports Lead reports
Lead reports
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