Assignment No: 1
Marks: 10
OPENING DATE: August 03, 2018
DUE DATE: August 09, 2018
Topic: “Total Quality Management”
Objectives of Assignment
The students will be able to identify and analyze the various quality control &
management issues that organizations faces during its business operations. The students
will be able to understand how such issues can be efficiently handled.
Safdar Manufacturing Ltd. is a company that deals in production of general hardware
items across and selling it across different areas in KPK province. Over the years,
company has established a reasonable client base transforming itself into a profitable
business entity in the region. For immediate and uninterrupted supply of its products the
company has established manufacturing plants in various cities in KPK especially where
it has high demand for its products. Instead of using latest technology in manufacturing
and other operations of the company, the quality control and assurance department is still
working on paper based environment. Moreover different sites are adopting different
quality procedures and standards. Over the years, the company’s sale is declining
drastically due to the poor quality of the product and the top management is worried
about it. Because of the paper based feedback from the customers, lot of data is lost or misinterpreted.

After going through above scenario and knowledge gained from this course, answer the
following questions:
Question No.1 Marks: 5
How will you propose an immediate and long run solution of the stated problem in above
scenario, so that company’s lost sales can be restored?
Question No.2 Marks: 5
Do you consider the lack of quality control as only source for this problem? Also suggest
how equal quality standards can be maintained at all the production sites.
Note: You are advised to be very concise and comprehensive in answering the above
mentioned questions. Lengthy details and discussions carry no marks. The length of the
answers should be as per allocated marks.

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