MGT613 Mid Term Papers Fall 2010 ( 01~12 December 2010 ) All in One Discussion

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mgt613 latest paper 5-12-2010

Mostly MCQ was from pervious papers

Suppose you are working as an operation manager in an automobile company. Your company wants to move its manufacturing plant from one location to other location. What factors will affect the location decision according to your point of view? (5)

One question was numberical to calculate Utlization And Efficency(5)

What is the purpose of transportion method(3)

Which one of the following forms of productivity has units of output per shift?

Most of mcq was from pervious papers i think 20 out of 28
mgt613 latest paper 5-12-2010
28 mcqs
2 short q(3 marks) imrovements of reliability, automation
2 long q (3 marks) disadvantages of product layout, calculationof utilization and capacity
There were 28 mcqz
(almost all of them exist in solved past mid term papers )

Descriptive type questions are

Write a brief note on the Activities of R&D in an organization (3)

What is process layout? (3)

What are the limitations of process layout (5)

what is modular design? how its helpful for operation management (5)
today is paper of production and the paper was so easy...
mcqs ziada tr past papers main se aye the
and the long questions are...
1. how automation help in production? 3 marks
2. standardization sometime is not feasible. what the reason behind it.. 3 marks
3. calculte efficieny and utilization if
designed capacity= 60 units per day
effective capacity=45 units per day
actual output= 39 units per day (5 marks)
4. what are disadvantages of process lay out? 5 marks

Thank you so much all for help !!

Total q=32
2 Q 3 number.
 q 5 num
All the MCQS was new not a single from past papers.

My paper: Long question> Why concurrent engineering suitable approach with design of product. 

2, what is flexible manufacture system. 


 MCQS most came from old papers. 

Current POMA 11thdec

Q1.suppose you have to design facilities lay out for your organization.what factor would you keep in mind while designing a layout? (3 marks)

Q2.What is flexible manufacturing system? why it should be used in organization?(3 marks)

Q3.Suppose you want to estimate the time required to perform a certain task by the two employees. one employee,s study yielded a mean of 6.4 minutes & standard deviation of 2.1 minutes with 95% confidence interval. Other employee,s study yielded a mean of 2.1 minutes & standard deviation of 6.4 minutes with confidence interval of 95%. Now how many observation you will need if desired maximum error is 10% of sample mean? (z=1.96). Do both the employees have same number of observation?(5 marks)

(If some one know the solution of this question kindly post in reply)
(this question seem to be out of this world for me )

Q4."Standardization plays an important role in product design" How will you describe this role?(5 marks)

Employee # 1 :
Mean time = X = 6.4mints
Standard Deviation = S = 2.1mint.
z = 1.96
error = A = 10% = 0.1
n = (zs/ax)2
= [(1.96) (2.1)/(0.1)(6.4)]2
= [4.116/0.64]2
= (6.43125)2
= 41.36
41 observations
Employee # 2 :
Mean time = X = 2.1mints
Standard Deviation = S = 6.4mint.
z = 1.96
error = A = 10% = 0.1
n = (zs/ax)2
= [(1.96) (6.4)/(0.1)(2.1)]2
= [12.544/0.21]2
= (59.733)2
= 3568.03


ye ha bahi solution check it


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