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Manal, a 25 years old girl went to a mall just to have a quick bite during her lunch break. She saw a new clothing outlet on the way and went in. When she came back, she bought two dresses and a pair of sandals without intending to buy. What appeals her so much to make a purchase? We live in a world flooded with sensations. Wherever we go, we are bombarded with colors, sounds and smells. Each of us deals with this bombardment differently by paying attention to some stimuli while ignoring others. Our purchase decision depends on these stimuli as well as how we interpret them. Marketers are now focusing on consumer perception process and making the advertisements and communication messages which appeal the consumer senses.

The case

Splash Gift Centre is a well renowned gift shop chain located in different cities of Pakistan operating since 2001. It has been observed by the management of Splash Gift Centre that the foot traffic of Splash Lahore store has gradually decreased since last three years. It has been noticed by the marketing manager that the ambiance of the store was last altered in 2007 by only changing the wall colors to soft pink. Considering this fact, the marketing manager suggested to change the ambiance of the store to appeal the consumer sensation and to increase the foot traffic, same idea has also been endorsed by the management of store.


  1. Being student of marketing, what would be your suggestion to the management regarding modification in ambiance of the store in terms of sensory stimuli? (any 3) 5marks

  2. Explain how each stimulus you have suggested will affect the respective sensory receptor of consumers to increase the foot traffic? 5marks 

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perception The set of psychological processes by which people recognize, organize, synthesize, and give meaning (in the brain) to the sensations received from environmental stimuli (in the sense organs) (cf. sensation) perceptual constancy The perception that a given object remains the same even when the immediate sensation of the object changes (see color constancy, lightness constancy, shape constancy, size constancy)

period 1) The time for one complete cycle, vibration, or oscillation. 2) The time required for a single wave to pass a given point.

terms of sensory stimuli is






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Any one just give the idea for the second question as today is the extended day and i am stuck in question 2 only,,, no idea how to explain it

Read the ways to increase the foot traffic in the store to change the consumer's sensory receptor. 



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