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Razi Bank Ltd is currently facing the problem of frequent customer’s switching behavior and worried about not gagging the customer’s loyalty and commitment with the bank. Special incentives are offered to the sales officers to bring new customers and Customer Relationship Officers are trained to greet warmly everyone who is entering into the branch. The branch manager who has the access of customer’s information is focusing more on interior and outlook of the bank to make the environment more appealing for walk-in customers. Even with utmost efforts for hunting customer’s attention and commitment the customers are exhibiting switching behavior with least concerns. Now let’s suppose that you are hired as director marking in Razi Bank Ltd (RBL) and you are supposed to resolve the problem of customer’s disloyalty.


Q1. Being he Director Marketing, identify the mistakes or the gaps that are causing the switching behavior and fail to bring organizational commitment and loyalty.


Perceived better value for money from the competitor’s offerings:

This depends on offering made by the competitors from time to time. For example, an air conditioner is

offered with power or energy conservation as a special offer. It can change the customer and defect him

to another brand


Compulsion due to technological and environmental forces:

Sometimes, change is desirable for environmental laws and regulations, which are being imposed more

rigidly now. So the shift place.


Brand Switching Behavior:

Brand switching is the behavioral action of the customers with reference to their choice of brand. A

number of factors are responsible in initiating the brand switching behavior. These include:

Dissatisfaction with Present Brand—this can happen at any stage of consumption age.

Change in Fashion—his often happens and usually in some products, it happens very fast

Promises made by Competitors—competitors often come up with some peculiar offers

Change in the Perceived Benefits—this shift can also happen with new offerings

Personal Characteristics of the Customer concerned—some customers are in the habit of trying

new products or new offerings. They are called ‘hunters’ as well.

Pressure of Salespersons and so on—this can occur due to sale persons or mishandling on the part

of organization.

Personal Reasons.—can be friends coming in with new product

Every organization aiming to build customer loyalty must concentrate on the pattern of brand switching

and safeguard them with suitable marketing strategies.





Q2. Being Director Marketing, and conducting a session on “How United Bank can increase the customer’s loyalty with the help of CRM?” How you will convince you participants that CRM can bring loyalty and organizational commitment? You are supposed to write the arguments in the favor of CRM and loyalty.

-          CRM technology

This can track customer interests, needs, and buying habits as they progress through their life cycles, and tailor the marketing effort accordingly. These way customers get exactly what they want as they change.

-          Technology-driven improvements

Customer service contributes to long-term customer satisfaction, they can ensure repeat purchases, improve customer relationships, increase customer loyalty, decrease customer turnover, decrease marketing costs (associated with customer acquisition and customer “training”), increase sales revenue, and thereby increase profit margins.


-          Courtesy is the key to success

Always keep your customers courteously and with respect especially when you are working under pressure.

-          Extra ordinary personal treatment

No matter how big the Rozi Bank is.

Compulsion due to technological and environmental forces:

Sometimes, change is desirable for environmental laws and regulations, which are being imposed more

rigidly now. So the shift place.

Developing Barriers to Exit:

The Organization should carefully Evolve Barriers to Exit which Include:

Lifetime Utility:

It is always useful to inform customer that life time utility of using your product is there and in fact may

be now quiet visible. Hence explain to customer in easy language

Social Relationship:

Of course long relationship builds social relationship. I know of a customer show used to say to me

“known devil is better than unknown”. Indeed. It was a joke but I showed the value of relationship in

his eyes.

• Flexibility

• Added value

I would say here that added value can be offered at times and we have go to be flexible to do so when

Loyalty comes under test.

Customers Specific Approach:

Some times the customer has specific approach to purchasing or buying your product. It may not be in

consonance with general norms of the market. You have to meet it to assure your customer that you

care for him.

  • • Customer Win—Back Programmes
  • • Concession Price Schemes
  • • Commitment
  • • Innovative Approach
  • • Reducing Risk
  • • Avoiding Threat


Establish Measurement System:

Organizations cannot manage their tasks well if they cannot measure the extent of customer

satisfaction, defection rate, etc. Therefore, effective system of measurement has to be introduced for

measurement of customer satisfaction and related aspects.


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