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Starting Date Monday, February 02, 2015
Closing Date Friday, February 06, 2015
Status Open


Customer Services & Public Relations



The primary objective is to generate a discussion on growing and sustaining superior market position through strong and successful public relations with the customers.



Students will be able to understand the importance of public relations for companies/organizations in order to grow and sustain their current market position.


Instructions to attempt GDB:

  • Do not copy information from the internet as it is not required.
  • Attempt the GDB by yourself and it will be entertained positively.
  • Answer should be relevant and do not copy/paste from any website otherwise it will be marked zero.
  • Case is opinion based so provide your best output with justifications.
  • GDB received after the due date will not be considered.


The Case:

Publix Super Market, Inc.: A Customer Service Leader

Publix an American supermarket chain based, founded in 1930 in Lakeland, Florida known as Publix Super Markets, Inc. that use the services of more than 140,000 people at its 1100 corporate offices, retail shops, grocery distribution channels, and nine Publix brand manufacturing facilities to produce dairy, bakery, and other food products. In the last few years, it has expanded from a grocery store to a full-time-service supermarket. Publix provided value to customers by offering a wide range of quality items at reasonable prices, an organized shopping environment, and friendly associates along with other value-added services to its customers ATM networks, gift cards on purchases etc. Publix had been known for delivering exceptional customer service and endeavors for complete customer satisfaction.

By seeing the growing retailing trend and the growing power of large retailers (Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Tesco etc), it is becoming difficult for Publix and such others to survive. Resultantly, the retailers are keeping more focus on building stronger public relations, loyalty schemes and other incentives to retain customers.



Being an expert of CRM, how would you suggest Publix to sustain and grow its current position? Furthermore, what could be the possible proactive steps with reference to public relations to be taken by Publix to maintain itself.

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Please Discuss here about this GDB.Thanks

Our main purpose here discussion not just Solution

We are here with you hands in hands to facilitate your learning and do not appreciate the idea of copying or replicating solutions.

Yar koi Solution bhi to de iska :/

tariq bhai plz 03-06-2015 due date wala gdb ka koi idea den plz




GDB # 1




  • The primary objective is to generate a discussion on the importance of customer services, staff training & development and to improve service quality standards



  • Students will be able to understand the importance of customer services, staff training & development and how to improve quality standards to provide superior customer services


Instructions to attempt GDB:


  • Do not copy information from the internet as it is not required.
  • Attempt the GDB by yourself and it will be entertained positively.
  • Answer should be relevant and do not copy/paste from any website otherwise it will be marked zero.
  • Case is opinion based so provide your best output with justifications.
  • GDB received after the due date will not be considered.


THE CASE: Customer Services at McDonald’s in Pakistan

The fast food industry in Pakistan is progressing rapidly. One of the success factors of this industry is to provide superior customer services along with other quality standards. McDonald's Corporation, one of the world's famous chains of fast food restaurants, operates in a global network of restaurants each selling a limited menu of valued food items. The customer service management of McDonald is well famous throughout the world and is recognized as one of the best fast food businesses with excellent customer service history in Pakistan as well. It primarily offers breakfast items, chicken products, zinger burgers, cheeseburgers, soft drinks, shakes, and sweets.

Despite the fact that McDonald’s has grown up successfully with a rapid growth as a fast food chain in Pakistan, still there are customer service issues that should be improved to increase their overall quality standards and operations. It has been observed by some critics that McDonald’s has lost significance for its customers due to the congested menu, product quality, high pricing of some items, customer self-service and limited food items. In this regard, McDonald’s is now focusing on the training & development of its staff to provide better customer services and also adding more food items by offering continental food items as a special offer to enhance and improve their quality standards.



Considering the current situation of McDonald’s, do you think that Macdonald’s policies for staff training and development;  and adding more continental items to their menu are sufficient to improve their quality standards? Critically analyze the situation with reference to Pakistan.

koi is me hlp kare

To grow restaurant business:

1. Know thy customer. Take the time to get to know what makes yours customers tick. The best restaurateurs can recall first and last names, spouse’s name, where they live, work, play, what car they drive and most importantly, what they like to eat and drink. Knowing your guests personal favourites also allows you the ability to “up-sell” (restaurant-speak for suggestive selling of higher priced and additional items) to them. Update your local demographic information periodically as the type of person you marketed to five years ago may have changed dramatically. As a result, you need to stay current about who your potential customers may be. Many restaurants also use reservation databases to track preference information to enhance their knowledge of how and what you like to eat and drink, when customers were last at the restaurant and what they ordered, etc.

2. Create signature items. In large cities there are thousands of places to eat, so give customers a reason to pick yours on a consistent basis. Become famous for just one or two items and ensure that these key items are premium quality, easily produced and profitable. Talk about these items when speaking to the media, advertising or creating any type of marketing or PR plan. If you create a demand for the very best [fill in the blank]in town and can produce it consistently, people will drive across the city for it again and again.

3. Treat your customers like gold. There’s an old expression in the restaurant business: “If you have a great dining experience you may tell your close family and maybe a couple of people at work that you had a great dinner last night. If you have a bad meal/service/experience you will make a point of telling everyone you know how bad it was.” Most local marketing yields only a 2 to 3 per cent capture rate of customers who will actually try your place, so you need to look after the ones you already have. Get to know their likes and dislikes and cater to their needs. Everybody wants to be welcomed when they walk into your restaurant. Train your team to treat everyone like they are special and the word will spread that the service (which is 30 to 40 per cent of the dining overall experience) is great.

4. Continually train your staff to excel. Restaurant employees are generally happier when they are learning something new and subsequently give better service to your customers. By providing better service, they also make better tips – which makes up the majority of their income. Their jobs can become repetitive so train them constantly to learn their job to the highest standard and the jobs of everyone else. Cross-training allows you to be able cover the various tasks in your business and can help you create a build a team of future management candidates.

5. Listen to customer complaints and do something about what they say. It’s easy to assume that you know more about food and drinks than your customers do. However, if your customers take the time and effort to let you know that something isn’t right or could be better listen to their comments, thank them for their feedback and bring it up with the management and implement changes as needed. You will only hear about 10 per cent of what your customers really think about, so listen carefully.

6. Keep your menu current. The menu is the key element from which all other details revolve. Research other restaurants in your style of cuisine in all markets to see what they’re doing, study menus, trade magazine and hire consultants to help your restaurant become a leader, not a follower.

7. Promote your team. If your chef, manager or staff members come with a great idea, make sure you reward them and recognize their achievements not only internally but in marketing you create. By recognizing great work, you will be viewed as someone who is surrounded by talented people. In turn, your staff will work harder because you took the time to recognize their contribution in a public forum.

8. Be authentic. If your concept is Paella, then research every element of what it takes to make the very best Paella, hire staff who speak Spanish and have cooked this dish since their childhood. Don’t use shortcuts or substitute ingredients to make a Paella-like rice dish. Others in the business will create a better product than you and steal your customers and business.

9. Create a welcoming and clean environment. The average life span of the dining area of a restaurant is 7 to 10 years, so buy the best quality you can afford and keep it repaired, painted and polished. As your customers wait for dinner to arrive, many look at your decorations, artwork etc. Chipped paint or dirty baseboards stand out and can taint the overall experience and why they will or will not return to your restaurant. Many women choose their restaurant based on how clean the washroom is, so make sure you have a plan to service this area on a regular basis. Talk to professional, experienced restaurant designers and the equipment specialists to ensure any upgrades are going to maximize your space and customer dining experience.

10. Keep on doing it and love what you do. Don’t sit back and think that now that you have a good business that your work is done and it’s time to retire in the Bahamas. It takes just a few loyal customers having one bad experience to kill the reputation that took years to earn. You don’t want your business being blacklisted overnight. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business, encourage your teams to excel and you will reap the long-term rewards.


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