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Question # 1 of 10  Which of the following is “a concise statement that summarizes brand’s commitment or promise to target consumers and actively communicates the advantage over competing brands”?   

Positioning statement
Vision statement
Mission statement
Value statement
Question # 2 of 10  When any brand of cooking oil is launched with new formula (for more safety of health), it is the example of which of the following?  
Extending your target market
Extending the definition of business
Extending your point of difference
Extending the entire positioning
Question # 3 of 10 You do not give the same treatment to a fake brand even if it carries the label that may look genuine because:  
The actual brand is not there
The actual product is not there
The actual brand is there
Actual product is there
Question # 4 of 10 When we say that brands are staying contemporary than it means:  
Bringing about innovations
Living up to consumers’ likes and expectations
Engaging into a brand contract
All of the given options
Question # 5 of 10 Which of the following has to generate revenues, profits and net earning, whether establish through organic growth or acquisition.  
Brand management
Brand equity
Question # 6 of 10 Which one of the following is the part of brand management process?  
Manage product
Manage categories
Manage brand
Manage customer
Question # 7 of 10 All of the following are the primary component of positioning, EXCEPT:  
Company business
Target market
Point of difference and key benefits
Customer’s analysis
Question # 8 of 10 Which of the following can be defined in terms of needs, segmentation and geography?  
Question # 9 of 10 In uncover bad promise one must convert the shortcomings into:  

Question # 1 of 10 A brand contract may also contain __________ but it must be eradicated from the contract?  
Negative promises
Positive promises
Doubtful promises
Implicit promises
Question # 2 of 10 The whole exercise of creating the right picture is to create meaningful parallels between the brand’s identity and its:  
Question # 4 of 10 Which one of the following is NOT the basic determinant of the consumer’s buying action?  
Question # 5 of 10 The more customers are knowledgeable of a brand’s promises, the more they are likely to be:  




Question # 6 of 10 Which of the following is driving force for customers’ focal point?  
Brand picture
Brand image
Brand value
Brand persona
Question # 7 of 10 _________ is basically getting into different versions of the same base product on the same market.  
Line extension
Product extension
Brand diversification
Market extension
Question # 9 of 10 Strong brand positioning is driven by which one of the following sources?  
Question # 10 of 10 If a market is very mature, the challenges are:  

1. The unique selling proposition (USP) was started in:
A. Advertising era
B. Image era
C. Product era
D. The positioning era
2. An apparel marketer is planning to launch an existing brand name into a new product category. Which brand development strategy is being implemented?
A. Line extension
B. Multibrand
C. Brand extension
D. Rebranding
3. Which of the following is one of the marketer’s major positioning tools, which has a direct impact on product or service performance; thus, it is closely linked to customer value and satisfaction.
A. Social marketing
B. Product quality
C. Specialty marketing
D. Position marketing ………..
4. Opportunities for growth and expansion are identified by finding:
A. Customers’ beliefs about the segment
B. Customers believe about our competitors
C. Customer’s perceptions about the brand
D. Customer’s response about the products
5. According to Scot
Davis, how many years are required to change the brand positioning?
A. Two to five years
B. Three to six years
C. Two to six years
D. Three to five years
6. Which of the following is basically getting into different versions of the same base product on the same market?
A. Product extension
B. Brand diversification
C. Market extension
D. Line extension
7. Which of the following is a “concise statement that summarizes brand’s commitment or promise to target consumers and actively communicates the advantage over competing brands”?
A. Vision statement
Mission statement
C. Positioning statement
D. Value statement
8. Whichever positioning you may like to choose, it has to stem from which one of the following point of view so that they can own it?
A. Customers
B. Competitors
C. General Managers
D. Brand owners
9. Which one of the following is NOT considered as competitive differentiation?
A. Product
B. Sales
C. Service
D. Image
10. Marketers need to position their brands clearly in target customers’ minds. The strongest brands go beyond attributes or benefit positioning. They are positioned on the basis of which of the following?
A. Desirable benefit
B. Good packaging
C. Strong beliefs and values

D. Service inseparability 






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