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Internship Report MBA Marketing AIOU / VU On World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd.

Specialization in Marketing

Submitted To

The Chairman

Department of Business Administration




I bow my head before almighty Allah with gratatitude. My indebt ness and salute too

many individuals who have helped shape this report cannot adequately be conveyed in

a few sentences. However, I must once again recall my indebt ness to lot of former

fellows and contemporary colleagues who took the time and trouble during the last

few days to speak to me about the ways this text could be further improved. It is most

appropriate to mention the ingenuity of respected teacher Sir, who provide me an

opportunity to enhance the management skills from a well established organization It

is my privilege and honors to my express my deep gratitude and in calculating thanks

to the DGM of World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd. Multan especially to

Muhammad Imran Ahmed Sheikh and Muhammad Saleem (Branch Manager

Multan Office) who provided me an opportunity to work in the environment where

quality is every thing. I bow my sp e c i a l t h a n k s t o Mr. Razzak

Paracha (Executive Director World Call Telecommunication

Pvt Ltd Lahore) who is very kind to me during my internship


World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd.

Abul Hassan Farooq Roll No M-577526 2

List of Contents

No Contents Page No

1 Acknowledgment 1

2 List of Contents 2

3 Preface 3

4 Vision 4

Mission Statement 5

6 Introduction 6

7 Objective of Studying The Organization 7

8 Over View & Brief History of Organization 8

9 Nature of Organization 9

10 Business Volume of Last Six Years 10

11 Seven Years Financial Performance 14

12 Operating Results of World Call Telecommunication 15

13 Profile of Employees 18

14 Product Line 19

15 Organizational Structure 21

16 Main Offices of Organization 25

17 Marketing Operations 27

18 Function of the Marketing Department 32

19 Product Planning Development and Management 35

20 Price Strategy 40

21 Distribution Strategy 41

22 Distribution Channel 44

23 Promotional Strategy 45

24 Critical Analysis of Theoretical Concepts relating Practical



25 Competitors 50

26 Future Prospects 51

27 Short Fall Weaknesses of the Marketing Department

SWOT Analysis


28 Conclusion and Recommendations 54

29 Reference and Sources Used 57

30 Annexes 58

31 Business Volume of Last Five Years 59


MBA degree is more practical one compared to other Master degree. Majority of

the studies includes practical work and experience to give students a closer look

of the business work and its requirements. That is the degree holder can adjust

themselves easily in al kinds of businesses and industrial environments. Final

project of planning is a part of that series. It is an integral part of degree at AIOU

ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY. It helps students to understand the

practical work and know about working of an organization. To meet this purpose

the AIOU REGIONAL CAMPUS MULTAN assigned us the above project at

World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd Multan. In this short period we have

learned a lot about an organization.

The first part is the introduction of the organization. The second part is the

methodology. The third is the limitations while the forth is about SWOT and

conclusion. We hope this report will provide a clear inside picture of World Call

Telecommunication Pvt Ltd to its readers and they will know much more the



We at World call are committed to achieving dynamic growth and service

excellence by being at the cutting edge of technological innovation. We strive to

consistently meet and surpass customers’ employees’ and stake-holders’

expectations by offering state-of-the-art telecom solutions with national &

international footprints. We feel pride in making efforts to position World call and

Pakistan in the forefront of International Arena.


In the telecom market of Pakistan, World call to have an over-whelming impact

on the basis of following benchmarks:

  • Create new standards of product offering in basic and value added

telephony by being more cost effective, easily accessible and dependable.

Thus ensuring real value for money to all segments of market.

  • Be a leader within indigenous operators in terms of market share, gross

revenues and ARPU within five years and maintain the same positioning


  • Achieve utmost customer satisfaction by setting up high standards of

technical quality and service delivery.

  • Ensuring the most profitable and sustainable patterns of ROI (Return on

Investment) for the stake-holders.

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Replies to This Discussion


Well, Pakistan is country of opportunities. It has vast potential for the growth of

businesses and people. The growth in marketing sector is tremendous. My topic

deals with the Marketing Company named as World Call Tele Communication

Pvt Ltd. I have to study about Direct Marketing in World Call Tele

Communication Inshallah in remaining part of the report I will discuss about


  • Introduction of World Call Tele communication Pvt Ltd.
  • Promotional activities of Company.

World call Telecommunications Group began life in 1995 when First Capital

Securities Corporation Ltd started incubating World call Payphones, now

World call Communications Limited. The next few years were spent in

expanding payphone network across Pakistan, creating new businesses and

drawing investor attention to the value of World call businesses.

Today World call Group has the most extensive and diversified telecom and

media deployments by an operator in Pakistan. World call is part of a larger

conglomerate and along with first Capital Securities Corporation Ltd. Owns a

mix of telecom, print &media, technology, financial services, retail and

property development businesses with both national and international




In the curriculum of course various principles and theories provided us a detailed

overview of business administration especially marketing. But the actual learning

is to have a practical demonstration of the theoretical concepts by observing the

systematic business operations. The standpoint of studying the organization is to

have an idea of practical implementation of business principles and strategies

especially of marketing concern. Thus, the study I carried out with the following


  • To understand the structure and system development of an organization.
  • To know the functions of marketing department
  • How World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd mange it’s Product Lines.
  • How World Call Telecommunication Copes with Environmental Changes
  • To know the competitiveness of organization.
  • How World Call Telecommunication develop its marketing strategies.
  • To know the management of marketing force and effective team work
  • To know the success and failure of products.
  • Improvement in the performance of an organization


Brief History of World Call

In 1996 First Capital Securities Corporation began to incubate a payphone

operation called World call Payphones Limited. The new venture stood at the

front end of a communication revolution that was yet to grip the country. Our

perception of a changing business environment placed World call at the lead of a

demand-led explosion of payphones all over the country. We installed our first

payphone in June 1996. Today World call has over 54,000 payphones all over the

country. We are one of the largest fixed line payphone operator and the pioneers

of “Supervised Payphones” business model in Pakistan. With the expansion in

telecom we have continued to innovate. Over the years we have invested in new

technologies and businesses. In 1998 prepaid calling cards were launched by

World call Phone cards under the brand name "Hello". In the following year the

group established dial-up internet services through World call Dot Com.

In 1999 World call Telecom Lanka established the Groups' first overseas presence

when payphone operations were established in Sri Lanka.

In 2000 World call Multimedia established a Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC)

scalable network in Lahore thus becoming the first Multi-service operator in the

country, providing cable television and Internet-over-cable. In cable TV in

Lahore, World call was the last entrant and by far the largest. In 2003 we

launched a state of the art HFC network operation in Karachi under World call

Broadband Limited. These are the largest and only national networks capable of

triple play (cable TV, high speed internet/data and telephony).

World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd.

Abul Hassan Farooq Roll No M-577526 9

These companies are also offering metro fiber lease to a number of other telecom

/ cellular operators as well as corporate.

World call Telecom Limited acquired Wireless Local Loop (WLL)

licenses/spectrum in the post deregulation auction to provide WLL telephony in

all 14 telecom regions of Pakistan primarily in the 1900 MHz band. It has

partnered with Samsung for a CDMA 2000 1x solution (with EVDO option).

WTL started service from Lahore in June 2005 which is now available in 25

cities. WTL also acquired an LDI license and service commenced at the end of

2004. WTL enjoys significant edge over competition due to rights to dark fibers

in a national long haul network which is being built across Pakistan.


World Call Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd. is working as a services firm among a

number of multinational and national Consumer goods organizations. World Call

Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide quality services to

customers, realizing the fact. The firm is equipped with all pre-requisites for

meeting the future challenges successfully. World Call Telecommunication Pvt

Ltd has a high number of professionally qualified persons in Sales, marketing,

Production, finance & administration and technical Department. The company is

offering a complete product range of Calling Card and Payphones.

Business Volume of Last Six Years

World Call Telecommunication

The year under review saw the company posting revenues of Rs. 2.5 billion. The

company has maintained its sales volume in the payphone segment despite the

fact that PTCL has reduced its nationwide and international call tariffs. The profit

after taxation increased to Rs. 242.4 million, up 13% from last years profit of Rs.

214.6 million. This indicates a healthily growth given the increasing competition

in the telecom sector. Efficient utilization of resources has enabled the company

to reduce its operational costs from 50% of gross profit to 44% of gross profit

during the current year. The EPS rose to Rs. 1.52 as compared to Rs. 1.44 for the

pervious year.

World call Phone cards Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary, merged with the

company in accordance with the sanction from Lahore High Court, effective 01

July 2003.

The installed Payphone base of the company increased from 29159 in June 2003

to 34927 in June 2004, an increase of 5768 payphones during year.


World Call Telecommunication Multan office marketing department

consists of a team of 26 people including field, office and supporting staff. The

technical staff is well versed in its field of specialization and quite efficient as

well. Most of Staff is professional degree holders with specialization in different

disciplines. The non-technical staff is very hardworking and active in performing

their tasks. The supporting staff is also very loyal and committed to their assigned

jobs. Hiring is done both through top management and also on recommendations

of middle management.

Total strength of employees in Marketing 280

Total number of employee in Technical Field 168

Total number of employee in Management 100

Total number of employee 548




  • The largest fixed line payphone operator in Pakistan.
  • Currently Managing over 54000 Payphones Nationwide.
  • Introduced the highly successful "Supervised Payphone"

Concept in Pakistan.

  • Technology:
  • Smart Card based Wire line Payphones
  • CDMA 2000 1* based wireless payphones
  • Operating in both "Supervised" and "Standalone" segments.
  • WLL payphones have only recently been introduced and are

cheaper and faster to deploy.

  • Extensive distribution Network.
  • Highly trained Sales and maintenance teams.
  • Positioning to be market leader in the overall fixed and

wireless payphones market.

Calling Cards:

  • First company to introduced prepaid calling card service in Pakistan.
  • International dialing service introduced in March 1999.
  • Domestic Long Distance Dialing service on the same card introduced in

year 2000.

  • In Platform capacity of Over 25 Million minutes per month.
  • NWD & International Calling at Competitive Rates.
  • Calling card under launch in UK as an entry into the European Market.






Chief Operating Off

Finance &

Accounts Head




Deputy General






Branch Manager Accounts




Sales Team Technical




Summary of Organizational Structure


Chairman is the Head of the organization and in World call Telecommunication

the Chairman is Salman Taseer. He is very capable man and basically is Chartered

Accountant and he knows about the business in Telecommunication Sector.

Chairman done work on over all of the organization all Major decisions about

Financial, Management and other sectors. Chairman is finally Authority and final

decision making in any matter of the organization.

Executive Director

After the chairman in the organization second most important post is Executive

Director now in this time in world call telecommunication Executive Directory

who deals with payphones and calling cards is Razzak Paracha. In world call

telecommunication pvt ltd have many executive director they deal with different

business groups. Every Executive Director responsible to their own department

and he is all in all to take decision in that department.

COO Chief Operating Officer

After the Executive Director the COO is most important post in the organization

in some organization COE (Chief Operating Executive) first then become COO

(Chief Operating Officer) He have also a key post in the organization and he

fully responsible of the department and it’s depend on the type of department if

sales or marketing , financial , Management , HRM types he deal with full

confidence . if he is COO Marketing then all sales reports will be submit to the

COO and then they take final decision .

DGM Deputy General Manager

In world call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd every zone has one DGM Deputy

General Manager. DGM responsible of his area and he deal with other

department they concerned and major work of DGM is update the sales and all

region sales reports to submitted to DGM and then go for COO . DGM deal with

all matter concerned with sales, marketing, promotion, finance and other

department. In every organization DGM had vital role and he fulfill the sales

targets and achieved the company goal.

Finance & Accounts Head

Finance & Accounts Head are responsible for the every finical decision and new

finical projects and all other whole year expanses that occurred in different

departments they all details and check balance done by accounts department and

accounts department a major duty is that all company employees' salaries

accounts and payroll accounts maintain. In every company or organization

finance & Accounts head are major key role in the organization.

HRM Head

In every big organization has HRM department , that was important department

and there is major role about the organization like haring , selection , training,

implementation, motivation , firing these all task done by HRM Head . Human

resource management head major responsibility is good technical and hardwrok

team haring and selection then they become good training and fit right minds to

right palaces.


MIS Head Management Information System every good or big organization have

MIS system. MIS system spinal cord of he organization because in every

organization MIS system taking important role , major duties of MIS system all

types of reports like different department and any type of communication with

help of MIS system today 21centary every organization paperless environment

like computerized system in that system every thing based on computerized like

different reports of different departments like sales reports analysis for cast

reports daily weekly monthly annual reports or internal or external

communication with help of MIS system like Email system that all part of MIS


Technical Head

Technical Head name as every organization has must some technical works they

done by this department and technical head will be responsible to all types of

technically works like machinery replacement or future prospects technical

demands time to time change all technical works demands fulfill by the Head of

that department. Management operation is also part of technical department every

operation will help to this department.

World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd.

Abul Hassan Farooq Roll No M-577526 25


Head Office World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd.

103- C / II, Gulberg – III, Lahore, Pakistan

Tel (92-42) 5757591-94

Fax (92-42) 5757590, 5877920


The Worldcall telecommunication Pvt Lt. extensive distribution network whole

the country 50 offices and 220 cities with 59000 points of sales.

The Worldcall telecommunication offices divided in different Zones and Regions

Major 4 Zones

Zone North

Regions Peshawar 1, Peshwar2, Mardan, D.I.Khan,

Abbott Abad, AJK, Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Wah, Jhelum,


Zone South

Regions Karachi, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Quetta.

Zone Central-1

Regions Lahore, Sheikhupura, Kasur, Guranwala,

Gujarat, Sialkot.

Zone Central-2

Regions Multan, R.Y.Khan, BahawalPur,

Faisalabad, Sargodha, Sahiwal, Okara.


Every company needs to manage its marketing activities effectively. Especially

the company needs to know how to analyze the market opportunities, select

appropriate target markets, segmenting the market in proper segments,

establishing the effective marketing mix and manage the marketing efforts

effectively. To fulfill these requirements, marketing department is established in

almost all well-known organizations.


According to Peter Drucker, “The aim of marketing is to make selling

superfluous. The aim is to know and understand the customer so well that the

product or service fits him or her and sells itself.”


With an understanding of business' internal strengths and weaknesses and the

external opportunities and threats, we can develop a strategy that plays to our own

strengths and matches them to the emerging opportunities.

While developing marketing strategies, marketing objectives are kept in mind.

Marketing planning plays important role in developing marketing strategies.

Senior officers take part in this process and finally company head approves these

strategies. Most of the strategies are made in Pakistan according to environment

of the country and industry. These involve general strategies i.e. positioning of the

company products and image specific strategies i.e. Target market, 4Ps,

Quantitative objectives etc.

While developing marketing plan following things are considered.

  • Changes in our business environment, Are these opportunities or threats?
  • Strengths and weaknesses?
  • What customers looking for? What are their needs?
  • Which customers are the most profitable?
  • What's the best way of communicating with them?
  • Could we improve our customer service? This can be a low-cost way of

gaining a competitive advantage over rivals, keeping customers, boosting

sales and building a good reputation.

  • Could changing our products or services increase sales and profitability?
  • How shall we price our product or service? Although prices need to be

competitive, most businesses find that trying to compete on price alone is

a poor strategy.

  • What is the best way of distributing and selling our products?
  • How can we best promote our products? Options might include

advertising, direct marketing, exhibiting at trade fairs, PR or marketing on

the web.

  • How can I tell if my marketing is effective? A small-scale trial can be a

good way of testing a marketing strategy without committing to excessive


Structure of Marketing Department

Employees in Marketing Department

  • COO 1
  • DGM 4
  • BM 28
  • Sales Mans 247

Total Marketing Team 280


Chief Operating Officer


Deputy General Manager


Branch Manger

Sales Team


The next step is to draw up a detailed marketing plan that sets out the specific

actions to put that strategy into practice. In the development of action plan,

product management plays important role. This action plan is summary of all

efforts and contains all steps to be taken for good and comprehensive

implementation of strategies.

What is planned during strategy formulation is implemented during this step.

Since product management is responsible for development of existing and new

products, area wise, clarifying the position of each product at PLC stage. This

department is also responsible for the launch of new products and their pre-launch

marketing activities launch programme and its arrangements.

Contents of marketing plan

  • Executive Summary & table of contents
  • Current marketing situation
  • Opportunity and issue analysis
  • Objectives
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Action programmes
  • Projected Profit and Loss statement
  • Controls


Strategic control is the task of evaluating whether the company’s marketing

strategy is appropriate to market conditions. Because of rapid changes in

marketing environment, each company needs to reassess its marketing

effectiveness periodically through controlling. This phenomenon is regularly

followed in World call Telecommunication Pvt. Limited. Sales are one of the

criteria for this because sales are monitored on regular basis. Before the launching

new attributes in products a meeting is conducted at Zone level. The objective of

this meeting is to compare the previous year results and to plan accordingly for

the coming season. After that a meeting of regional managers occurs at head

office to discuss the feedback from each region. During this meeting sales of each

region are evaluated and accordingly the Product Life Cycle stage of each product

is also discussed. On the basis of sales performance incentives for the sales force

are also decided to motivate them for the coming season.

The performance results give guidelines for the development of next action plan.

Apart from this, filed surveys are also conducted to know the demand of each

product and impact of last year’s strategies. All this work is done keeping in view

the cost and benefit.




A process of planning, organizing, implementing and controlling marketing

activities to facilitate and expedite exchanges effectively and efficiently.

The analysis, planning, organization, implementation and control of the marketing

activities of the firm.


Marketing strategy is the practical application of marketing techniques. It is the

analysis, planning, implementation, and control of programs designed to create,

build, and maintain mutually beneficial exchanges with target market. The

marketing manager has the task of influencing the level, timing, and composition

of demand in way that will achieve organizational objectives.

Marketing Strategy of World Call

World call has positioned itself as the number one national alternative telecoms

provider and a leading multi-services operator with regional and international

footprint telecom market in Pakistan offers opportunities for players with existing

operations and significant experience of the local market .World call has the

requisite expertise and a solid track record which is an asset for partners who wish

to invest with us in existing and exciting new opportunities.

In Pakistani market or telecom sector PTCL is no one customer service company

and payphone and phone card after that World call telecommunication second

largest company in Pakistan and payphone and phone card market 50% capture by

world call telecommunication. World call telecommunication have major strategy

involves .

  • Identifying the market style and market trend.
  • Identifying the customer trend and style.
  • Identifying the customer needs and demands.
  • Identifying the new research and development of telecommunication
  • Identify the segments within your market.
  • Understand company's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Implementation of 4p's price place product promotions.
  • Understand where you want your brands to be in the future, and write

marketing plan on regular basis to help you get there.

  • Internal service quality of customer satisfaction.

In world call telecommunication private ltd when lunch any product they all

decision making on higher management and first the complete analysis of the

market and customer behavior all sensitive issues with point of competitors of

current market situation then pretest lunch the product if they successful then

introduced in the market.


  • Understanding the economic structure of your industry
  • Identify segments within your market
  • Identify the Marketing strategy which best fits your company
  • Identifying your target market
  • Do marketing research to develop profiles (demographic, psycho graphic, and

behavioral) of your core customers

  • Understand your competitors and their products
  • Establish environmental scanning mechanisms to detect opportunities and


  • Understand your company's strengths and weaknesses
  • Audit your customers' experience of your brand in full
  • Develop marketing strategies for each of your products using the marketing

mix variables of price, product, distribution, and promotion

  • Understand where you want your brands to be in the future, and write

marketing plan on a regular basis to help you get there

Setup feedback systems to help you monitor and adjust the process


  • Product.
  • Pricing Structure.
  • Place / Distribution system.
  • Promotional activities.

Four Ps of marketing mix in relevance to World Call Telecommunication are



Product is anything that provides the solution to any existing problem. It may be

including all type of goods & services. In a narrow sense, the product is set of

basic attributes assembled in an identifiable form by a commonly understood

descriptive name, such as steel, tennis rackets, or SIM card. Each and every type

of company is to meet the needs by offering their products or services on the

behalf of the customer. For instance, the products may include the goods being

used in the daily business like soap, shampoo, washing soap etc. The services may

include the lectures delivered by the teachers, advice given by the consultant and

the doctor suggests the appropriate medicine against the diseases.

ScopingA quick and inexpensive assessment of the technical merits of the

project and its market prospects.

Building the Business CaseThis is the critical homework stage - the

one that makes or breaks the project. The business case has three main

components: product and project definition; project justification; and project plan.

Development: Business case plans are translated into concrete deliverables.

The manufacturing or operations plan is mapped out, the marketing launch and

operating plans are developed, and the test plans for the next stage are defined.

Testing and ValidationThe purpose of this stage is to provide final and

total validation of the entire project: the product itself, the production process,

customer acceptance, and the economics of the project.

Launch: Full commercialization of the product - the beginning of full

production and commercial launch.

World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd. products are daily user products that are

offered to customer.

New product development strategy

in World Call Telecommunication

In World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd. When Lunch a new product in the

market .the development of original products, product improvements, product

modifications, and new brands through the firms own research & Development

efforts. World call telecommunication Pvt ltd finds and develops new product

idea from variety of sources. Many new product ideas stem from internal sources.

World call telecommunication conduct formal research and development pick the

brains of their employees and salespeople and brainstorm at executive meetings.

By conducting surveys and focus groups and analyzing customer question and

complaints, world call can generate new product ideas that will meet specific

consumer needs. World Call telecommunication Pvt Ltd track competitors

offering and inspect new product, dismantling them, analyzing their performance,

and deciding whether to introduce a similar or improved product. Distributors and

suppliers are close to the market and can pass along information about consumer

problems and new product possibilities. Suppliers can tell the company about new

concepts techniques and materials that can be used in new product development.

New product Development Strategy in World Call

Telecommunication Pvt Ltd

Idea Screening

Idea Generation


Test Marketing

Product Development

Business Analysis

Marketing trategy World Call New product Development Strategy World call telecommunication Pvt ltd lunch the new product development process

based on eight steps.

  • Idea Generation A process starts with idea generation, which may draw

the world call telecommunication inspiration from internal sources,

customers, competitor's suppliers and others.

  • Idea Screening The next step is idea screening which reduces the number

of ideas based on the world call own criteria which the best suitable for the


  • Concept Development and testing After the idea screening world call

research and development management continue through product concept

development in which a detailed version of the new product idea is stated

in meaningful consumer terms. In this stage concept testing new product

concepts are tested with a group of current market target consumers to

determine if the concept have strong consumers appeal and successful in


  • Marketing Strategy After the successful concept of the new product to

proceed to marketing strategy development in which an initial marketing

strategy for the new product is developed from the product concept.

  • Business Analysis After the marketing strategy of World call proceed to

in business analysis stage a review of the local and nation market of the

sales, costs and profit projections for new product is conducted to

determine whether the new product is likely to satisfy the world call

telecommunication objectives . With positive results there the ideas

become more concrete through test marketing and finally are launched

during commercialization.


The Head Office sets prices of any product by adopting the proper

method. According to Marketing Manager price of any product is equal to the cost

plus desirable profit. According to the marketing manager that the pricing

strategies of organization are different in the different countries due to different

exchange rate, inflation, and different tax polices in the different countries.

But in Pakistan main concern is to sell in volume and maintain it on long-term

basis. They are charging a price, which they think fair to customers.

The policy of World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd is that they do not set the

prices on the basis of competitors. The aim of World call Telecommunication is to

satisfy the customers in low prices. In economics we can say that when the prices

are constant, the demand of product increase, volume of sale is increase, and

revenue is also increase, as a result of this circle the profit of the organization is

increase but the prices remains constant. So selling on low prices has a valid



The products and services of World Call telecommunication are available at all

the cities of Pakistan.


Distributing the products in the market is one of the major functions of any

distribution center on behalf of the principal. As it is said in the previous section

that World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd treats every principal as a separate

business unit, so the distribution process for all the principals vary considerably

with each other.

  • Extensive nationwide distribution network positioned to lunch new

products as well as service existing ones.

  • 50 Offices
  • 220 Cities.
  • 59,000 points of Sales.
  • Existing relationships with third party distributors to enhance penetration.

Branch Network

The branch network of World Call Telecommunication Private Ltd. is very strong

and extensive, because it has established 50 branch offices all across the country.

The company pays services 220 cities in the country. In order to control and

manage the distribution infrastructure, geographically it has divided the whole

country into four Zone, namely Southern, Central 1, Central 2 and Northern


Zone North

Regions Peshawar 1, Peshwar2, Mardan, D.I.Khan,

Abbott Abad, AJK, Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Wah, Jhelum,


Zone South

Regions Karachi, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Quetta.

Zone Central-1

Regions Lahore, Sheikhupura, Kasur, GTR,

Guranwala, Gujarat, Sialkot.

Zone Central-2

Regions Multan, R.Y.Khan, BahawalPur, Faisalabad,

Sargodha, Sahiwal, Okara.


World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd is engaged in the sales activities on behalf

of all its principals. For this purpose it has its own dedicated and experienced

sales staff, each of which is called as "Territory Sales Officer". At World Call

Telecommunication the total strength of TSOs is 400 they have own motorcycles.

These TSOs are responsible for generating and securing orders from the retail

outlets on behalf of the principals.


The products of Worldcall Telecommunication Pvt Ltd are distributed intensively,

through Outlets like PCO Public Call Office, Customer Care Center, Call Centers

Karyana Stores, General Stores, Bakeries, Departmental Store, Drink Shops Tea

Stall, Medical Store, Petrol Pump Shop like Select, Canteen, Book Shop and

others. The processes delivering the products are as:

  • Order Taking
  • Processing the Orders
  • Delivering the orders
  • Receiving payment


World Call Telecommunication Pvt


Head Office

Regional Head Office

Branch Head Office


Technical Sale Officer

Distributors, Franchise,

Out Lets, Corporate Customer


The element in an organization’s marketing mix that serves to inform, persuade

and remind the market of a product and/or the organization selling it in the hope

of influencing the recipient’s feelings, beliefs, or behavior. The policy of World

Call Telecommunication Private Lt is to adopt the same methods to promote all

its products. Vision Direct Marketing undertakes the promotional activities.


Vision started out in 1997 as a Direct Marketing Company operating in only two

cities, Lahore and Karachi but has since developed into one of the Largest Direct

Marketing and Services Companies in Pakistan with Branch offices in four major

cities and camp offices in ten other cities.

Vision with its Head Office in Lahore is a Marketing Company operating


According the marketing manager of World Call Telecommunication that they

use the following promotional methods:


Advertising is non-personal communication of information usually for a

persuasive in nature about product services or ideas through the identified

sponsors through the various media.

Advertising performs the communication, education and marketing function it

tells people about the benefits of products or services and educate them how they

can make their life and time better off. In World Call Telecommunication advertising are performed by the Advertising department.

The management of World Call Telecommunication uses the advertising and

rational behind it is that the organization considers that it has a market segment.

So advertisement will have a great waste reach and their advertising cost per

consumer or the customer will high enough.

However regardless of heavy or low use of the advertisement, the advertisement

of the organization serves for the two purposes and various with respect to

advertisement conducted by the central body and that advertisement activities are:

  • The local body conducts advertisement about some packages which serves

the functions of educating the people how they can make their time more



Television combines sound, motion and design special visual effect. But World

Call Telecommunication advertises himself on TV in other countries as well as in

Pakistan, World Call Telecommunication have own satellite Channel Business



They give the desirable information in the print ads to the target market in order

to inform the customers about the benefit of their products.

Whenever they introduced new products they give ads on print media at regular

intervals. So that the customer is informed about the new product. For their

matured products they give ads with different gaps in the newspapers. The

newspapers they use are: The NEWS, DAWN, and JUNG


Radio is a good local acceptance, high geographic and

demographic selectivity and low cost advertisement.


The Magazines advertisement high geographic and

demographic selectivity, credibility and prestige and high quality

reproduction, long life and good pass along readership.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertisement flexibility high repeat

exposure low cost low message competition, good positional selectivity.

For example

Sing Boards

Bill Boards


Personal selling: & Promotional Activities

Personal selling is the special form of the interpersonal communication. Their

goal is to bring its prospects attention that will satisfy a need and that will elicit a

response, hopefully in the form of purchase.

Public Relation

It is communication efforts that are designed to favorably influence attitudes

toward an organization, its products and policies. Worldcall Telecommunication

Pvt Ltd is not just a quality product services supplier, but also a socially conscious

corporate citizen. It has been equally involved in promoting and funding several

community welfare projects through aggregate revenue Worldcall

Telecommunication Pvt Ltd is a professionally managed, organization.




The main objective of this internship programme is to critically analyze the

theoretical concepts and relating them with the practical experiences.

Practical Experience

The critical analysis of reveals the following observation and findings.

I have worked in the World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd as Sales Coordinator

Multan office with this activity as an in charge and meet different task of sales

and mange the four thousand Outlets. My responsibilities are to manage sales

team and Key Outlets database and cold calling the outlets and Responsible for

Managing the sales force and update the daily sales data base and manage the

Weekly reports on the management of the sales database and design Market

analysis based on the current market trends to serve better the customer

requirements and Played a vital role in the decision making based on the studied

trends in the market give the route plan to sales force and also directs the By

performing this I have come to know how the company work for the awareness of

their products, which in turns improve the sale of the company.


Competitors are the people or the companies in the market that are

affecting the strategies of the company and providing the choice for the

consumers. The competitors always exist in the market but some time they

are in great number and some time lesser in number. There are following

main competitors of World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd .who

influences on the marketing programs.

  • Dancom.
  • PTCL Calling Card.
  • Kit Calling Card.
  • GT Calling Card.
  • ARY Calling Card.
  • Big Time Calling card.
  • Call Mate Calling Card.

Among all of these the head to head competitor is PTCl Calling Card, they

compete in every brand because they are working in every field of

consumer goods. So they have to make the strategies according to that.


VISION has ambitious plans for Year 2006 and beyond.

They aim to become Pakistan’s premier Direct Marketing Company which can

deliver quality service for our diversified this through continued investment in

human resource development, improvement in infrastructure and the development

of new & innovative marketing techniques.

World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd has positioned itself as the number one

national alternative telecoms provider and a leading multi-services operator with

regional and international footprint. Telecom market in Pakistan offers

opportunities for players with existing operations and significant experience of the

local market. Worldcall Telecommunication ha the requisite expertise and a solid

track record which is an asset for partners who wish to invest with us in existing

and exciting new opportunities.

Worldcall provides many synergistic opportunities for existing potential partners


  • Leveraging existing operations.
  • Market understanding and knowledge.
  • Successful execution skills covering build and ope



SWOT Analysis


o Largest producing company of consumer service products in Pakistan

o First introduced WLL Wireless Local Loop setup in Pakistan

o Enjoying economies of scale

o Good will in the market

o Strong financial position

o Highly sales brands in Calling Card and Payphones.

o Have Strong distribution channel in Pakistan


o High rates of Calling Card products

o Huge inventory stocks of raw material and finished goods

o Few new services products are introduce in the market

o No counter attack on others companies.

o Less Products availability in Outlets.

o Less Advertisement in Market.

o Cross Boarder Sales problem.

o Charging for unsuccessful calls.


o Wide scope of international business for Worldcall Telecommunication

Pvt Ltd.

o Try to cover whole market of payphone and Calling Card by the facility of

New Technology.

o Introduce Calling Card with different uses like internet Card.

o Introduced the Security Check System in Calling cards.


o Facing tough competition in Calling Card and payphones.

o Worldcall Telecommunication Pvt Ltd is facing a very tough competition

in Calling Card by PTCL.

o There is very tough competition in calling Card and Payphones markets.

o High Credit market is big fever for the company.

o Mostly companies Give High Credit in market and get current market

share and after that they run away to market so bad impact in calling card


o High rate is increasing the cost of imported raw material day by day.




Worldcall Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd. views specialization and service

excellence as the cornerstone of its strategy. The innovation, creativity, reliability,

customized services and their execution are the key ingredients for their future


They are aware that they have stepped into the 21st century and they must

meet its challenges by acquiring the highest levels of Technology. They will thus

be accelerating their enable them distribute their products and services through

most efficient and high-tech means. They say that they will invest in the modern

tools and substantial allocation of resources will be made to achieve this objective

during the current year.

Their focus would be to constantly seek out growth opportunities through

increased quality assets and by offering a wider range of products and services to

their esteemed customers.


On the basis of Financial and SWOT analysis, I observed that World Call

Telecommunication Pvt Ltd Multan office is working in a very well manner. But I

think they are lagging in some areas especially in Marketing. So they need

improvement in weak areas.

Promotional Schemes

Most of schemes introduced by the World Call telecommunication Pvt Ltd are

standardized for all the regions. But the organization should recognize the

differences in different regions and then launch the schemes to get feed back.

Professional Market Force

There is a need to have a pure professional marketing and sales force for

customer’s satisfaction and to increase the market share.

Frequent Market Surveys

There should be quarterly and monthly market survey to check the availability of

product and to have a relationship approach with customer (retailers).

Answers to the Rumors

The rumors created by the competitors should be answered because it makes the

investor hesitate.

Cooperative Relations:-

The market force should have cooperative relations with the retailers and should

care them to get feedback.

Political Influence

The company should try to get rid of political influence particularly in hiring of


Frequency of Ads

The company should arrange sales promotions on special occasion e.g. Eid, and

should arrange functions for such occasions.

Rules and Regulation

Implementation of rules should be making sure in the organization at any cost.

Some policies need to be redefined.


A bureaucratic approach still exists in the organization. This should be

demolished and some decision power should give to local management.


The employees should be motivated to be loyal with the organization. It can be in

the form of incentives and free sampling.

Recruitment Policy

World Call telecommunication Pvt Ltd should develop a comprehensive

recruitment policy to hire only the competent people.

MIS Department

Currently MIS department is not well organized in area offices, as it should be. So

it should be given appropriate position and fully organized according to the needs

of dynamic environment.

World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd.

Abul Hassan Farooq Roll No M-577526 57


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