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Plan of internship programme

Brief Introduction

I have completed my internship in ghani glass limited Head Office. This is situated in Model town Lahore In this head office all the business activities of the company are controlled and monitored. All the top management sits here. The head office staff keeps evaluating the performance of the staff time and time and gives report to top management.

Date of my internship

I worked as internee in Ghani Glass Limited from7th November to 24th December.

Duration in sales marketing department   07-11-2011 to 23-11-2011

Duration in HR& Admin Department      24-11-2011 to 08-12-2011

Duration in Accounts Department            09-12-2011 to 24-12-2011

Names of the departments

I worked in the departments of sales and marketing, Administration and Human resource department. I got training in each department for two weeks and learnt the different aspects of these departments and went through all the activities related to each department.


Training Program

Detailed Discretion

Sales and marketing department

This department is the most integral part of the organization in which I worked as internee. This department is responsible to make sure all the activities regarding generating the sales and maintaining and retaining the customers of the organization. During my training I observed these people working very enthusiastically to make sure the availability of the product to the concerned customers. The people of sales and marketing coordinate with the plant and provide the data to plant management about the requirement of the product so it becomes easy for the plant management to make possible the manufacturing on time so the end customers can have the product at the right time. The sales people keep tracking the potential customers and also make sure to retain the old customers. The marketing staff goes along with the sales people to make sure the availability of the product. The sales and marketing department keep coordinating with other departments as well as it is very important for this department to have perfect link. The responsibilities also include keeping an eye on the competitors so it gives an opportunity to know about something new about the competitors. As through this organization quickly make some kind of action regarding the particular work. Staff of this department keeps evaluating the process of strategies which they make and they also make sure the implementation of the strategies. The strategies which this department makes are very important for organization. This department also makes the strategies for advertising because in order to promote the product these people work hard.

Human Resource & Admin Department

I also got training in Human Resource department which is commonalty known as HR department. During my training period I observed so many things that how these people work and how all the company and employee records are being archived. It is one of the most important tasks as for as organization point of view is concern. These people keep evaluating the performance of the employees and also make proper system to provide them the feedback regarding their performance. The human resource department works to maintain the record of all the employees who currently works and those who have left the organization. The human resource department coordinates with the other departments of the organization to get the feedback of all employees in order to evaluate the performance of the employees. The Human Resource department integral part is the recruitment process because it is the responsibility of this department to see how many more employees are required for the company for certain period of time and they make sure to recruit the appropriate individuals for the organization. According to my observation I observed this department concentrating on the recruiting and hiring process in order to find out the appropriate individuals who can be the better addition for for the organization. The human resource department keeps the record of personal information of each employees working in the company as considered the integral part of the process and making sure about the duration of their working time period in the company. My observation was that this department plays important role in the success of the organization. It was a real working experience for me which gave to Knowledge.

I also spent my training time in the Administration department which entirely relates to manage the staff in the office. This department makes sure that every thing in the office is appropriate if something is not according the rules and regulations it makes the strict action. This department makes the rules and regulations for the office and every employee who is working in the office follow these rules and regulations. The Administration department gets involve in the things which relates to office. To make the duties of manual staff and make sure every one is arriving on time on their duties if some one does not comes on the time it is the responsibility of the Admin manager to make some action so it will not happen again. The manager of Admin department look after all the things in the office including the break timings but these are set according to the employees as feel they comfortable about the break timings. The Admin department allocates the monthly budget which is required for the office and also estimates the monthly expense of the office. The people in this department just have the concern with office activities and they have to make sure that the all requirements are completed for office work. They are responsible to provide the office essentials for staff like stationary, computers, and printers which is the integral part of any office.

Accounts Department

This department is also one of the most integral departments and known as the backbone of any organization because it is the department which look after all the financial issues. During my stay in accounts depart was a very learning period and everyday I was learning different aspects of the Accounts Department. By working in accounts department I observed carefully how the financial issues have been resolved and how organization work financially with different companies and banks. The account department keep the record of financial data on regular basis as it is very essential for any organization. The staff in accounts department is very passionate and hardworking and supported me to learn every important aspect of the accounts related issue and I got good knowledge by working in the accounts department. Staff in the accounts department is using different aspects to get the payments from the customers and also to pay for the raw material which companies purchases to use it in the manufacturing of the products. The all transactions and payments are made through banks and uses the latest secure ways to transfer the payments and to receive the payments. For all these staff is using different types of voucher like cash payment vouchers, cash reciet vouchers, bank payment vouchers, bank reciet vouchers, journel vouchers. I observed the accounts department is using different banks for the transfer of payments to suppliers. The Accounts department is working with different banks like Allied bank limited shadman, Allied bank limited jail rd, Bank Islami Pakistan, Soneri bank limited, Habib metropolitan bank limited and albarka islami bank. The department is working through these banks to smooth all the financial activities.

Task Assigned to me

During my training program in ghani glass limited I was given different tasks in different depart through this I learnt different aspects about the working criteria of Organization. When I was getting my training in Sales and marketing department I was given the task to prepare the list of new customers who have recently come in to use the product. It was very interesting task which I fulfill successfully. The task of looking after the different marketing campaigns was one of interesting tasks which I was given to me. In order to conduct this task I worked with the support of marketing team which assisted me on every step about how to make the advertising campaign successful. Sometime I was given the task to make the presentation for the meetings it was huge amount of learning for me because through this I came to know about my level of communication in practical environment. This task was performed by me on regular intervals. In sales and marketing department I was asked to coordinate with the plant to make sure the supplies have been delivered to the potential customers. Through this task I came to know how the finally manufactured product reaches the end customer through supply chain.

During my training period In Admin department different tasks were given to me regarding the management of staff and office. One of task which was given to me was to keep the record of attendance of all staff by working on this task I came to know about the punctuality aptitude of the staff. During this task I was responsible to keep the records of staff that come late and sometime get absent. Then I was given the task to look after the cleaning staff of the office as it is very integral part of the office environment. I was also asked to make the lists of the items which were missing for office use. After making the list of all items I went to purchase all these items. The admin department appreciated my work during my training program in the Office. The one of interesting task which was given to me was to check all the equipments of electric products and to make sure that everything is working properly. The kitchen looking after task was also the part of my work and during this task I came to know about how to manage all the staff of kitchen in the office. Overall it was interesting time period which I spent in Administration department.

The time period in Human Resource department was also very interesting part of my training. The first task which was given to me was to make the list of candidates who have applied for the certain job and my duty was to short list the candidates through evaluating their resume and it was very important task because through this candidates were asked to come for the interviews and I carefully short listed all the candidates for job interviews. Then I was asked by HR Manager to archive all the basic information of all the candidates and put all those forms at the right place. I was also asked to recheck the record of all employees who are currently working and those who have left the organization. It was very interesting task through this I came to know how the HR Department make sure the correct information is archived on regular basis. The making of compensation and benefit criteria was also the part of training and I worked on these tasks. The one of interesting tasks which I performed during my period of training in HR Department was to make the rules and principles which define right and wrong. During my stay it was one of my tasks to look after the safety department and to monitor that all the safety measures have been taking seriously and are getting implemented. So overall it was very learning experience for me in all perspectives because through working on different tasks I came to know about the practical environment of the organization and how all the departments of certain organization work with coordination.

During my training programe in accounts department I was asked to perform various accounts related tasks. This enhanced my knowledge and skills to look after the accounts related issues. Sometime I was asked to make the vouchers of clients and archived in to the computer system it was very enthusiastic task for me because through this I came to know how vouchers are being prepared and how to keep in to the record. The all staff really helped me on every step and guided me very well. I did not feel any reluctance to ask any question about the financial terminologies. The most intresting and learning task which I performed was to collect the payments from the customers and keep it in to the record. As accounts depart have to deal with banks in order to clear and receive the payments so I was asked by my Accounts manager to visit the bank and ask about the total payments that have been recovered. So I visited different banks and dealing with the banks gave me real practical experience. Overall it was huge amount of learning for me during my stay in the accounts department. I learnt how the organizations work through different financial institutions.



Structure Of marketing department



                                                     Department hierarchy

                                                   Chief Marketing Officer                     


                                                      Director Marketing                                        

                                                          Business Manager


                                                           Brand Manager


                                                    Assistant Brand Manager


                                                        Marketing Executive



Number of employees:

                                     There are 50 Employees working in the marketing department of ghani glass limited including the managerial and non managerial staff.

Marketing operations:

Marketing operations in ghani glass limited includes coordinating the all marketing activities which are integral part for promoting the business. The major focus of the marketing operation is to create promotional activities for the product. The marketing managers make sure that the product has been advertised perfectly because it is their major duty to make the product prominent in the market by running different promotional activities so customers would come to know about the product. It includes launching of new products and also to launch in such a way that it must create some impact in the market. Market operations also include making the product popular in the public so the marketing operations team is working to get the maximum customers to the products of the company. Different competitors are also In the market so the marketing operations team work hard and concentrate to make the product prominent and they run the different campaigns In order to get the customers to the certain product.The entire marketing team work to make the product available in the market as it is the integral part of the marketing activities and it is important to create some positive impact in the market to get the customers.






Functions of Marketing Department


Segmentation Strategy


The marketing team works on different segments and makes the strategy according to the current situations. The marketing department focuses on every aspect which can be very helpful to promote the product Marketing activities. The markrting managers performs various tasks to accomplish the marketing programmes. As it is very important to concentrate on every aspect of the marketing plan. After segmenting it becomes easy to set the goals and then plan out the strategy to achieve the required goals. The plan to achieve those goals which are set by the top management becomes very targeted. The segmentation strategy helps to evaluate the target areas and then focus on those aspects becomes more concentrated and effective. Because through these effective tools all segments become focused. The stratigies to implement becomes very productive. The strategies which are implemented becomes goal oriented and successfully it get in to the result orientation.

Target marketing Strategy

The organization is very much focused on the target marketing strategy. As it is very evedent in order to get the desired results it is very important to identify the targets. Because when the targets are set then it is beome very easy to make the strategies to achieve those goals which are set by the top management. Target marketing strategy focuses to look out the areas which can be productive from the company point of view. So once this process id done the marketing managers sit together and plan the strategies to target the exact market. So strategy plays very important role in this regard. The marketing managers keep an eye on the changing trends in the market because every day it is getting very competitive. So to make and then to implement the strategies has become very challenging task for the managers.

Product Planning , development & management

This part is very essential from marketing point of view.The product is the real tangible object which represent the organization in the market. So like other organizations this organization is also focusing on the product development , planning and to manage the product accurately. The important phase of this part is to plan the product because if the product is not plan then it can not deliver what the company is expecting. The marketing managers make some plan and strategy for the certain product. For this purpose they consider all the important aspects like the changing market trends and the trend of the customers and their attitude towards the specific product. So planning becomes very integral in terms of making the product successful. Then after completing the process of planning the product the next step comes to develop the product. The marketing managers carefully analyze entire aspects and develop the product in such a way that it becomes successful in the market. The development process needs to be evaluated carefully in order to present in to the market. Product developments gone through many processes like quality checking and the department make sure the product is fully ready to fulfill the needs of the customers. When the processes of planning and development have been completed then the other important task comes in to play the role. That is to manage the product because it is very clear if the product would not be managed with carefulness then eventually it will be lost. So the marketing managers make sure that the product is been in such condition that it is fulfilling the demand of customers. Because it Is the customer who is the making product successful. So managing the product is very important from marketing point of view because through this product the company is being represented in the market.


Positioning is the technique in which marketers try to create an image or identity for a product, brand, or company. It is the ‘place’ a product occupies in a given market as perceived by the target market. Positioning is something that is done in the minds of the target market. A product’s position is how potential buyers see the product. Positioning is expressed relative to the position of competitors

Market Positioning of Ghani Float glass in following areas.

  • All leading construction companies - local and multinational.
  • All leading architectural and engineering companies.
  • All leading builders - local and multinational.
  • All national and multinational companies of Pakistan.

Pricing Strategy

 There are many ways to price a product. They are a four important beast policies/strategy which is the best for a product.





Now, we will only discuss here pricing strategy which is adopted by ghani glass in ghani Float glass. Ghani glass adopte the premium price strategy in ghani Float glass.  





                                                Ghani Float glass adopte a premium price strategy. According to this strategy ghani Float glass charge a high price with high quality of Float glass. Quality of Ghani Float glass  approch the imported Float glass. Ghani float has taken leads the pioneer top quality producers of float glass in Pakistan. Ghani glass quality products are increasingly utilized throughout the county. That is the one reason for charge the premium price.

Distribution Strategy

Distribution strategy is also very important for the marketing concern. The company is distributing the products through different distributors. These distributors buy the products from the company and then they further penetrate these products in the market by selling out. The company identify the targets for the Distributions and distributions have to meet the certain targets which are being set by the company. For some specific products company directly put the products in the market. The marketing managers make the strategies to further penetrate and distribute the products in the market. They plan which product when and where will be distributed. For this purpose marketing managers make the plan according to the needs of the market. They identify the areas geographically for the distribution of the product. These areas are further divided in to sub areas in order to make the product available for the customers.

Promotional Strategy

Promotional Strategy is how to promote in the market. The marketing managers are very keen about this strategy because through this tool the product becomes prominent in the market. The managers make strategies like offer discounts and some time free gift hampers by purchasing the certain product. For this purpose the marketing managers carefully analyze the trends in the market and also keep an eye on the competitors. Then they offer such promotional benefits for the customers which have not been offered by their competitors. The promotional strategies are every effective and put very positive impact in the market about certain product.

Structure of the Sales Department

Department Hierarchy

The hierarchy of department of sales is

Director sales

National sales manager

Regional sales manager

Zonal sales manager

Area sales manager

Territory sales manager

Number of Employees

There are 70 employees working in the sales department of Ghani Glass limited.

Sales Operations

A sales operation is one of integral part of the business. The sales team major responsibility is to make sure the availability of the product. The sales team has defined areas and further divided these areas in to territories. The sales mangers look after the sales operations of the company. If they find some area Is not targeted then they plan out to target the area and available the product in the certain area.The sales team directly get involves in making sure of getting the product at right time in the market. Sales team coordinates with other departements as well. The sales teams coordinates at plant and asks about the availability of stocks and then make forecasts about the sales. They ask the supply chain and logistics to make possible the reach of product at all areas which have been identified by the sales team. The allocation of the stock is also the responsibility of the sales operations process. Because the sales operations staff knows exactly what are the requirements of the market. The planning of sales and allocation of stock comes in the parameter of sales operations. The sales operations staff make sure about the availability of stock according to their  sales plan. Sales people knows that sales team is the fron line team of the company. So sales operational team work to allocate the stock, they make sales paln and then implement and try hard to get the desired results.




Functions of Sales department

Sales methodology

For making the sales plan successful it is important to know exactly about the sales methodology. The sales plan can not be implemented correctly unless the methods of sales are not being followed. In ghani glass limited the sales team is achieving their desired results because they are following the sales methods and techniques. By following these techniques these people are getting their desired results. I observed that they follow they followed the sales methods and procedures very correctly and at the end they achieved the desired results. The sales methodologies which they followed were to make palns on time and forecast correctly about the specific product. They kept coordinating at plant and made their sales plan according to the availability of the product. The sales methods used in this organization were perfect they included the all departments to coordinate with the sales team.

Types of selling

The sales team of ghani glass limited is utilizing  all types of selling to sale out the products at right time. The sales staff is promoting the all products in the marketing in very perfect way. For this purpose they are utilizing the selling teqniques like door to door selling in which they are targeting the potential customers. The objective of the sales team is to utilize every possible method to create the impact of the product positive in the mind of the customer. They are also utilizing the direct and indirect way of selling. They have utilized the latest technological trends to promote their products like internet, Tv, and cll phones. Through cell phones sales team have managmnet to generate the sms to the cell numbers of potential customers so they can know about the products at any place and at any time without visiting the outlets in the market. The company klaunched the web site for selling purpose on this website the customers visits and select the product. So they have come with all selling ways to promote the sale. By implemintg these methods company have generated the sales incredibly. It is observed that by utilizing the lates trends the company have risen their sales revenue than the past. Even though  company is in regular use of traditional selling concepts as I mentioned door to door and the usage of newspapers. So the utilization of traditional and latest trends to increase the sales revenue has worked significantly for the company.

Sales Returns Procedures

During the sales operations it is very eveident some time some kind of problems occur. The problems can be so many like the issue of quality is very common. So the returns procedures are also the part of the sales operations. The sales mangers have already set the criteria for sales returns procedures. Because they know it is obvious some time it happens when the quality or some other issue occur. So the ghani glass limited has also set their sales returns procedures in order to facilitate the customers. If something happens wrong with the product or any other issue regarding the product appears then the sales team evaluates all the matter. They work to see whether this problem came from the customer end or it was the manufacturing fault from the company end. If the fault came from the company end then the products are being returned to plant. For this purpose company is working according to the sales operating procedures. It is the process in which the company evaluates and makes the report about the certain amount of return. When this process gets completed the the products gets back to the plant.

Customer service department

The customer service department of the ghani glass limited is working very effectively. This department is providing the feedback to the managers. Through this the ghani glass is improving the quality of the products day by day. The one of the most significant purpose is to develop good relations with the customers. Because they know that the company is working hard to meet the standards of the customers. The customer relationship manager of this department is focusing to build the relations and listening their feedback regularly. This gives a huge respect to customers and customers feel more respected. This kind of attitude on the behalf of customer service department increases with positive interaction.  This increases and enhance the customer and company relationship much stronger. The process of developing the relations includes to listen the voice of the customers with full repect. The result which has been seen is tremendous because it has developed the relationship with customers and customers are paying more respect to the products of the company For this purpose the ghani glass limited customer services department is putting their all efforts to enhance the good relations with customers even they are working to make this relation with customers much effective. The department is significantly working to look in to the matters of customers and their problems regarding the certain products. It has made the customers more compfortable and bit relax because they know whenever their could be some problem the customer service department will surely help them. The staff of the Customer service department is also guiding the customers and getting their suggestion about the usage of the product. By doing all these things it has been observed these processes have made the relations with customers very positive and good.

The customer service department is also very keen about the retaining of the customers. They are familiar with that concept that that losing of customer means losing the sales. So the depart of customer service has not only built the good relations with their customers but also working hard to retain these customers. During my stay I observed that the department of customer service has made possible the retention by fulfilling the needs of customers. Whatever the customers have asked it has been fulfilled by the management of the ghani glass limited. The better results have retained the customers and still they are utilizing the products of the company. The company itself has done everything which could facilitate the customers. The continuos improvement in the quality has given the significant results and customers are strenghing their bond with th company. The retaining of customers has made the company much respectful in the market and customers have proved their loyalty with the company. The company has taken it very serious to make sure the retention of customers The Company has introduced different ways to improve the quality of the product. The company Is getting the continues feedback from the customers as well to make it much more effective.

The customer service depart has done a significant job in retaining the customers. The department is giving huge amount of respect to their customers. In the return the customers are replying very positively. The improvements in the products and behaviour with the customers have put a very positive impact in the market. The company has gained new customers by offering them the special lowest rates than the competitors. The purpose behind this object is to attract more customers towards the products of the company. The company has offered the trade offer to the cutomers and introduced the promotional activities which have attracted the customers and they have come to use their products. Customer service department have offered them the cash saving promotions and with the promise of better quality than the the products which they are using. It has made customers attracted and it is observed through this teqnique the company has increased the customers.

The most difficult job which is performed by the customer service department is to handle the customers. Because this department directly faces the customers and gain the feedback. The handling of different kind of customers is very challenging task performed by the Department. Every customer is different in mental approach, attitude and in psychology. So the customer department staff handles so many different types of customers with the same level of respect and they are completely focused to their job of handling the customers. They have the cool mind attitude towards the customers who are furious and these kind of customers do not even listen. So they handle them with patience and listen them very carefully one they are done then the customer service representer talk very poliotely and explain them the entire scenario so eventually the furious customers went off with satisfaction. The same attitude is being shown to the problem creating customers.  These kinds of customers create the problems without any reason without knowing about the facts. So the customer service department handles them with cool mind attitude and listen them with lot of respect and finally they resolve the issues of customers.



Critical Analysis

During my study period in the university , I learnt the different aspects of the field of management. During the study period I came to know about the procedures which organizations use. The implementation of the theories was also the part of study. During my internship training programe. I observed the practical implementation of the study in practical field. It was very learning aspect because during my study I only read the theories of the management field and when I worked in professional organization as internee. I completely came to know how the different departments work with full coordination. The most surprising element near to me was these departments have different kind of parameters and are not suppose to interfere in each other matters and working for one common purpose for the organization and works without getting in to the problem. During studies it seems very surprising being a student that how the different departments of the organization like sales and marketing department, Accounts department, Human resource department works without any problem. But working practically in the organization gave me clear picture of the entire scenario of the working environment of the organization. All the theoretical concepts of marketing management which I read and learnt were in implementation in the organization. It was great learning experience for me by working as internee in the ghani glass. This enhanced my practical aptitude. The concepts of marketing management were learnt in practical way by me. The entire period of internship in the organization was full of learning on every day I was learning the different aspects that how these are being implemented practically. These all concepts I read during my study program. So after studying the business management concepts and then observing these to be implemented was huge amount of learning. The all concepts become very clear during my training program in the ghani glass. So it has made me more practical by working in the organization. The theoretical concepts were already in my mind. When I worked I became more clearer to me.









SWOT Analysis



v     Market Share leader in Pakistan.

v     Strong technology base and state of the art equipment.

v     Strong in house R&D for New Product development.

v     Low Debt Equity Ratio.

v     Following all international Quality control Centers

v     Exporting Float Glass Globally.

v     Strong Focus on environment, friendly operation.

v     Effective logistics control and material Handling.




v     Packaging Problem

v     No insurance (on float glass).

v     Price varying day by day.

v     No protection provided.

v     Not meeting the needs of the market.




v     Developing new rang of products.

v     Local competitors have poor products.

v     Could extend to around the world.

v     Product development process is going on Process Temper and Float glass.

v     Can surprise competitors while introducing Reflected Mercury Glasses.





v     Political Factors

v     No media Campaign because Court Decision.

v     Economic Factors.


















Ghani Glass Ltd, famous as leaders in glass, fulfills major market needs of the glass sector of the country export globally, both the Float Glass and Glass Containers for food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Ghani glass is much better in the terms of quality than the competitors. The Ghani glass limited is focusing on the latest needs of the customers. The customer satisfaction has also increased the number of customers over the years and has generated the significant sales revenue for the company. 





Recommendation based on two strategies that are given below:




                                    Ghani Float glass follows these existing strategies.

v     Retain Customers

v     Quality Standards & Customer Satisfactions

v     Increase in Sale Volume



                                      Ghani Float Glass follows these strategies.

v     Long Term Approach

v     Strong Technology Base

v     Export Float Glass Globally











The annual report of 2011






















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