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MKTI619 Internship Report-Marketing Marketing On National Bank of Pakistan

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I lovingly dedicated this effort

To my respected parents and teachers

Because of their true and sincere support

I am able to achieve my goals and dreams



Allah has said

“Pray to me so that I will

Answer you.”


                All praise belongs to Allah. It is by the blessings of Allah that I

Have completed my Internship report and all difficult tasks have been

Accomplished. With a deep sense of gratitude. I extend my thanks to

My VU Instructor of Internship report for this expert guidance and

Help through out my report.



“I believe in Allah and the power

Of human”

Executive Summary

I have done 8 weak training in the NBP main branch in disteict layyah near aslam more. In 8 week traing I learn lot of experience in the NBP .I learn about every department which are  working .Manager of the Layyah branch of NBP give me permission to work in the 6 department which are the Deposits department , account opening department ,credit department ,clearing department ,remittance deparment,and lost one department is the cash department. . I accepted this task as a challenge and tried my best to explore and cover every aspect of NBP within my eight weeks internship.


First, in the report, the introduction of NBP is given. For this, purpose a brief history of the bank is given in the start.


The goal of this Internship report surround Banking Structure, Branch Structure, marketing analysis, Sales analysis, aggressive analysis, SWOT analysis and bank tariff abstract concepts with practical experience working in National Bank of Pakistan. There are many possible improvements, which we can make helpful changes in the system.


As the my area is of the specialization in the marketing I learn about the many marketing actives which are carry out in the NBP for their brand

                                                       Table of contents

 1: Title page---------------------------------------------------------------------2

 2; Letter of Undertaken---------------------------------------------------------------------3

 3: Scanned copy of the internship certificate------------------------------------4

 4: Dedication---------------------------------------------------------------------------------5

 5: Acknowledgement----------------------------------------------------------------------6

 6: Executive summary---------------------------------------------------------------------7

 7: Table of contents------------------------------------------------------------------------8


 9: Over view of the organization ----------------------------------------------------------9-13

10:Organizational structure­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­------------------------------------------------------------14-19 

11: Plan of your internship program-------------------------------------------------19-21

12: Training program---------------------------------------------------------------------21-24

13: Structure of the Marketing department--------------------------------------- 25-26

14: Functions of the Marketing department--------------------------------------26-28

15: Structure of the Sales department----------------------------------------------29-30

16: Functions of the Sales department---------------------------------------------31-33

17: Customer Services department--------------------------------------------------33-35

18: Critical Analysis-----------------------------------------------------------------------35-36

19: SWOT analysis of the organization---------------------------------------------36-39

20: Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------------------39

21: Recommendations for improvement-------------------------------------------39-40

22: References-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------40

23: Annexes----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


       “Bank is a pipeline through which currency moves into and out of circulation.”

  The basis objective of banking is to accept the money in shape of deposit from customer and to lend it to other customer in the shape of advances in order to generate profit.

Overview of the Organization:

National Bank History

National Bank of Pakistan is the largest commercial bank operating in Pakistan. It has redefined its role and has moved from a public sector organization into a modern commercial bank. NBP headquarters in Karachi, The bank provides both commercial and public sector banking services.

In 1949, National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) was established under the National Bank of Pakistan Ordinance of 1949 and was government-owned. NBP acted as an agent of the central bank wherever the State Bank did not have its own branch. It also undertook government treasury operations. Its first branches were in jute growing areas in East Pakistan.  NBP is 100% owned by the Government of Pakistan.

In deposits, NBP holds 24.6% share of time and demand deposits in the country. Local currency deposits comprise 67% of bank's total deposits.

In transactions, Initial public offering and listing of 5% GOP owned shares of NBP.


Establishment of National Bank of Pakistan


National Bank of Pakistan was established on November 8, 1949 through passing of a special ordinance in the National Assembly.  The need for the establishment came due to the reason when at that time newly born country was facing economic crises.  To get rid the intervention form the reserve bank of India, a self owned and operated Central Bank by the name of State Bank of Pakistan was formed in July 1948 to carry on the responsibilities of issuing the currency and most importantly controlling the flow of money in side the country. State Bank of Pakistan after its formation demanded from the Indian Reserve bank the assets against


the Indian currency retired from Pakistan territory.  Government of India refused to handover the assets worth about five hundred million rupees. This dispute is still unsettled and these assets are still not delivered to Pakistan.  In 1949 National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) was established under the National Bank of Pakistan Ordinance 1949 and was 100% govt.-owned. NBP acted as an agent of the Central Bank wherever the State Bank did not have its own Branch. It also undertook Government Treasury operations.  Its first branches were in jute growing areas in East Pakistan. Offices in Karachi and Lahore followed. In 1950, NBP established a branch in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  In 1955 by this time, NBP had branches in London and Calcutta.  In 1957, NBP established a branch in Baghdad, Iraq.  In 1962, NBP established a branch in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanganyika.  In 1964, The Iraqi government nationalized NBP's Baghdad branch.  In 1965, The Indian government seized the Calcutta branch on the outbreak of hostilities between India and Pakistan.  In 1967, The Tanzanian government nationalized the Dar-Es-Salaam branch.  In 1971 NBP acquired Bank of China's two branches, one in Karachi, and one at Chittagong.  At separation of East Pakistan NBP lost its branches there. NBP merged with Eastern Mercantile Bank and with Eastern Bank Corporation.  1974 The government of Pakistan nationalized NBP. As part of the concomitant consolidation of the banking sector, NBP acquired Bank of Bahawalpur (est. 1947).1977 NBP opened an offshore brain Cairo.  1994, NBP amalgamated Mehran Bank (est. 1991).1997 NBP's branch in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan commenced operations. In 2000, NBP opened a representative office in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  2001 State Bank of Pakistan and Bank of England agree to allow only 2 Pakistani banks to operate in the UK. NBP and United Bank agreed to merge their operations to form Pakistan International Bank, of which NBP would own 45% and United Bank 55%. In addition, that year, NBP closed its branch in New York.  In 2002, Pakistan International Bank renamed itself United National Bank Limited (UNB).The ownership structure of the UNB remained as before.  The only


Change to the shareholding structure is that UBL had recently been privatized in Pakistan and was now owned 49% by the Government of Pakistan and 51% by a joint foreign consortium of Abu Dhabi.  In 2003 NBP, received permission to open a branch in Afghanistan.  In 2005, NBP closed its offshore branch in Cairo.

Nature of the Organization

 In 1949, National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) was established under the National Bank of Pakistan Ordinance of 1949 The NBP is providing the services all over the world to their customer .Its keep the customer money save from theft .The most important facility of the NBP is ATM machine facility to their customer. It has total 104 ATM mcahche are which providing the cash  services to the NBP customers .The NBP is also providing his best services to the Government .It maintain the Government payment and receipt. It receives the deposits at low rate and gives the loan at higher rate. The difference between the receiving and giving loan rate is the profits of the organization. Its total home branches are 1256 It’s paid up capital is RS.8969 its earring per share is Rs.23.34.The NBP is also the representative of the state bank of Pakistan. The NBP is also promote the industrial and agriculture sector in the economy

Product lines and brand portfolio of the organization

NBP provides the lot of products services to the customer all over the word  The Main product are which are proved by the NBP are as under

      NBP Saiban

      NBP call center

      Advance Salary

      Loans facilities

      Mara Apna Karobar Scheme

       Online Banking

      Student Loan

      Premium Amdani

      Pak Remit

      Cash in Gold

Protection shield

Strategies of Branding used by the National Bank of Pakistan


Umbrella brand strategy in National Bank of Pakistan

The NBP uses only the umbrella strategy for their brand

.This strategy is similar to source brand strategy. This type of strategy the National Bank of Pakistan to when same brand supports several products in the different market. The NBP use only the umbrella strategy for the band .This strategy has increase the NBP product all over the world. The benefits of the umbrella brand strategy

      The NBO gets the economic benefits through this strategy

      It increase the goodwill of the NBP

      It has less costs

      It achieves the lot of awareness  of the brand in the market

List of Main Client of NBP

      Government institution

      Semi government institution

      Industrial organization

      Agricultural organization

      Govt employees


      International firms

      National firms

      Pakistan telecommunication  company limited


List of Main Competitor of NBP














Organization Hierarchy Chart





































The Number of Employees Working in National Bank of Pakistan


There are many employees working in the National Bank Of Bank. There are many different Branches which are working in National and International. Level. There are almost near 16000 employees are working in different branches of the National Bank of Pakistan. The employees who are working are very intelligent and more experience. They whole are very hardworking and honest

All Department Introduction of NBP

.The NBP contain the many departments this department introduction is here under.

      Cash department

      Credit department

      Remittance department

      Operation department

      Account opening Department

      Government department

      Customer services department

      Agricultural department

      The I.T department.

      The Audit and inspection department.

      Account Department.

Cash department

The cash department is the most important department of the NBP .The cash department deals with the cash payments, cash receipt, and accounts funds transfer. This department has also the facility of ATM

.Credit department

This department provides the loan facility to the customers. If a person wants to start a new business he can take loan from the department. This department main function is to promote the business of individual

Remittance department

This department transfer of   funds from one place to another or from one person to other persons. Bank money is charge in order to transfer money from one place to another.

Operation Department

 This Department is responsible of control all the operation which is running in the bank in different times

Account opening  department

If a customer want to open his account he comes to the bank for the opening of his account .when the account is open this customer becomes the customer of the bank this department open and closes the new accounts of customers.

.Government department

.It is preparing to the Government employees. It also helps in the Government which is undertaken in the NBP mostly government work is done by this deportment related to the banks. The important Government receipt and payment are done by this department.

 Customer services department

This department provide the all the services to the customers which are related to the banking .This department cover the customer through his communication and behaviour.when the new customer inter the bank this department start his activities how to cover this customer and how to make  loyal this customer to them.

Agricultural department,

The agricultural department main function is to promate the agriculture sector in the economy .This department gives the loan to the formers for short term long term and medium term basis. Now this department has introduced the tractor scheme for the help of former so that the agriculture sector should make progress.

The I.T department.

The I.T department of the play a very important role in the banking sector.Wtihout this department the work can not be done work fastly.Tere are lot of transaction are passed by the different department .These department keep their all information in I. department .The all new account related information are kept by this department its main head office is in Karachi. When the new account is open it checks the N.I.C number whether it is valid or not .This department keep the all information of all the branches.This I.T department also make the new website for the the customer services


The Audit and inspection department.

The audit and inspection department play a very important role in every banking sector.But in the NBP it is providing their best services to the bank. It checks all the branches work whether they are working according to the rules and regulation which are set by the banking ordinance

Account department

The account department plays a very important role in the banking sector but in the NBP it is playing very important role .The account department maintain the important budgets, reports and maintains the fixed assets



Comments on Organization Structure of National Bank of Pakistan


Departmentalization in National bank of Pakistan


. The Departmentalization is the process in which the one job is distributed among the different groups. In the Departmentalization process the Manager play a very important role.Thereffore it is the key duty of the Manger of NBP to divide the work among the department so the work should be done very quickly and save the time. The head of the

Office is making by the one person of the department. It control the all activities of the departments and responsible of the work his is assigned to them


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