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Please read the following instructions before attempting the solution of this assignment:


 •      To solve this assignment, you should have good command over 17-24 lectures.

 •      Try to get the concepts, consolidate your concepts and ideas from these questions which you learn in these   

          lectures. You should concern the recommended books for clarification of concepts.

  •      Upload assignments properly through LMS, No Assignment will be accepted through email.

  •      Write your ID on the top of your solution file.

  • Do not use colorful back grounds in your solution files.
  • Use Math Type or Equation Editor etc. for mathematical symbols and equations.
  • You should remember that if we found the solution files of some students are same then we will reward zero marks to all those students. Therefore, try to make solution by yourself and protect your work from other students, otherwise you and the student who send same solution file as you will be given zero marks.
  • Avoid copying the solution from book (or internet); you must solve the assignment yourself.
  • Also remember that you are supposed to submit your assignment in Word format any other like scan images, HTML etc. will not be accepted and we will give zero marks correspond to these assignments.


Question: 01                                                                                                      Marks: 10

Ali decides to invest a certain sum of money in business at the end of each year in the form of an annuity. He wants to get a sum of Rs.40, 000 after 20 years. If the payments accumulate at expected profit of 8% compound annually, how much should he start investing annually?

Question: 02                                                                                                      Marks: 10

Find the unknown values of , , and if

 and  are multiplicative inverses of each other. Where .

Question: 03                                                                                                       Marks: 10

If and  are the means for the two sets and respectively and related by  and . Then find the values of ‘ ’ and ‘ ’.


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Replies to This Discussion

Solution 1)
This is a Future Value of an Ordinary Annuity problem.

Future Value is 40,000. Number of periods is 20. Annual rate is 8%

From TVM table for FV of an Annuity, the Factor is 45.7625

The FV = Annuity x Factor. We know the FV is 40,000, so divide it by the factor of 45.7625 to determine the Annuity amount of 874.08

The formula is ((1+ r)^n - 1) / r, or ((1.08)^20 - 1) / .08, or 4.661 - 1 = 3.661 / .08 = 45.7625

ANS  Q 1     R = Rs. 874.25

Ans. Q 2     A = 2   b = 7    c = 5     d = 3

Ans. Q 3     :(

my answers r: a=-2,b=7,c=-5,d=-13/5 may be i,m wrong
any1 have idea of question#3


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