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MTH101 Current MID Term Papers Fall 2012 Date: 08-December-2012 to 19-December-2012

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agr ksi ka MTH101 ka paper ho chka hai, tu kindly share ke dn

i'm waiting........! thankx

Today’s Current Midterm Paper

Total Questions = 26

Total MCQ = 20

2 Questions of 2 Marks

2 Questions of 3 Marks

2 Questions of 5 Marks


Find the point of discontinuing of the given function: 2 Marks
f (x) = 3x + 1

Find dx at (-5,6) if x2 + y2 =0 2 Marks

Determine whether lim 1 – cos |x| exists or not? 3 Marks
x−>0 x

if f '(t)= 2t then find the intervals on which the function f(t) increasing and decreasing? 3 Marks

Use an epsilon-delta argument to prove that 5 Marks
lim (3x + 5) = 35

if f(x) = x -5x+6 then find the intervals where the function is concave up and concave down. 5 Marks


thanks Tariq Bahi.....!

2012 december 18 questions


lim    (x^2 -16) / (x-4)



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