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AOA all,

Has anyone attempted MTH301 midterm paper?

Can you please share the questions you faced?



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1 hour time for the paper with 26 Questions in total.
5 or 6 short Questions rest were objective.

Q: Find at least two points that lie on the parabola . (2 marks)
Q: Find the points where the parabola, represented by the equation y=x^2-4x , meets x-axis.
Similar question (2 marks)
Q: (one Mark)
Q: evalueatelim┬((x,y,z)→(1,1,1))⁡〖(x^2 ln⁡〖(xyz〗))/e^xz 〗(one mark)
Q: will be ……. (one mark)
Q: A statement about Eular’s theorem in mcqs unable to remember. (One mark)
Q: Compute the dot product for each of the following.(One mark)
Q: Find the angle between the vectors (3 marks)
Q: A line in three dimensional space passes through the point and parallel to the vector . Write down the equation of this line in parametric and symmetric form.(2 marks)
Range of real numbers is….. , , (one mark)
Q: Find equation of normal line to the given surface at the point
Find the critical points for the function
(one Mark)
Q: Every real number corresponds to ____________ on the co-ordinate line. (one Mark)

Similar type of MCQ was in paper.(One mark)

Suppose . Which one of the following is correct?(One mark)

There is one-to-one correspondence between the set of points on co-ordinate line and ------------(One mark)
Set of real numbers
Set of integers
Set of natural numbers
Set of rational numbers

(One mark)

Suppose that . What is the magnitude of vector ?(one Mark)

The function is continuous in the region --------- and discontinuous elsewhere.(one Mark)

Can’t tell.

Suppose . Which one of the statements is correct?(one Mark)

I selected this option :P

then what is the value of ?

Thank you :)


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