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GDB # 2 Dated: May 25, 15

Dear Students,

A new GDB has been created and it will be open from May 26, 2015. Due date of the discussion board is May 28, 2015.

From today "Test Math Type” MDB will be closed and you will not allow posting your reply on regular MDB. 

Moreover a new functionality (Preview) has been added in GDB to verify that your post is correctly displaying. So before posting your comments you should first preview your post and if the equations are correctly displaying then you can post the comment. Remember once you post the comments on GDB then you cannot edit or repost your comment.


Differentiate the following function with respect to t.


Grading criteria will be as follows:

  1. If all the  derivatives are calculated correctly, you will get  25% marks
  2.     Moreover if you correctly apply chain rule, you will get 50% marks
  3. If there is calculation/simplification mistake in final calculation, you will get 75% marks
  4. If you express the final equation in terms of ‘t’ , you will get 100% marks

Note: It is mandatory to mention all necessary calculation steps to get full marks.

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Replies to This Discussion

kaal last date hai please someone help ussssssssssssss...............

book se aik yeh example mjhe is question k liye thk lage hai or aik yeh may b  mai wrong b hun sb ab khud aik dafa check ker ln

What should i do my GDB is not posted correctly as math equations, it is accidentally sent in Amlatex format  

\[\begin{gathered}x = g(t) = 4{t^3},y = h(t) = \cos t \hfill \\\frac{{dw}}{{dt}} = \frac{{\partial w}}{{\partial x}}\frac{{dx}}{{dt}} + \frac{{\partial w}}{{\partial y}}\frac{{dy}}{{dt}} \hfill \\\frac{{\partial w}}{{\partial x}} = 2x - y \hfill \\\frac{{\partial w}}{{\partial y}} = - x + 2y \hfill \\\frac{{dx}}{{dt}} = 3(4){t^{3 - 1}} = 12{t^2},\frac{{dy}}{{dt}} = \cos t = - \sin t \hfill \\= (2x - y)(12{t^2}) + ( - x + 2y)( - \sin t) \hfill \\= 2(12{t^2}) - y - x + 2( - \sin t) \hfill \\= 24{t^2} - y - x - 2\sin t \hfill \\
\end{gathered} \]

what's this ????

is this the GDB solution ???


math type k lye sir ne video upload ki hy us ko follow kro

kch easily step hain 

ap line by line copy paste kro thn there will be no error..

dw/dx= 2x-y
dx/dt= 12t^2
dy/dt= -sint 
=2x-y(12t^2)+ 2y-x(-sint)
substituing values of x and y
dw/dt= 96t^5 -12cost^2-2cos sint^2+ 4sint^4

first step

second step

third step

forth step

use this formula to calculate final step

Enjoy it and plz don't waite for soulation search your ans over the internet

yeh hi formula use hona hai gdb mai kia yeh correct solution hai

g yahi use honna hai chain rule ka formula 

friends plz guide me lms main jessy batayya gayya hai wessy hi main nay kia hai but solution sahi show nhi hotta


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