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Question 1: If basic Salary of an employee is Rs. 10,000 per month then calculate the amount of


  1. House rent (45 % )
  2. Utilities Allowance ( 10%)
  3. Medical/Group insurance (5%)
  4. Social charges ( 9%)


You also have to decide that which of these allowances/benefits are on basic salary and which are on gross salary (based on handouts/lectures). Percentage amount is mentioned against each allowances/benefits.

Question 2: The price of an item decreased from Rs. 760 to Rs. 700. What is the percentage change in the price of item?     

Question 3: Suppose you take loan from a bank of amount Rs. 85000 at 6% interest compounded bi-annually/semiannually for three years. Find the compound interest.           

Also solve the same question when

  1.  Compounded annually.   
  2. Compounded monthly

Question 4: Calculate the accumulated value if you deposit Rs. 8000 at the end of each year for the next 10 years?  Assume an interest of 5% compounded annually.    

Question 5: If you have two cars and in one car you fill up 15 liters of gasoline and in second car you fill up 5 liter of petrol. You pay Rs. 1510 for both filling. The price of gasoline (per liter) is Rs. 42 less that the price of petrol. Find the price per liter of gas and petrol.


Hint: Use matrices to solve the question.


Question 6: Why the inverse of following matrix is not possible


Question 7: Find the inverse of following matrix using MS Excel


Question 8: Find amount of markup and selling price on an item that costs Rs. 3600 if there is a 20% markup on cost.


Question 9: An item sells for 1200. If the markup on the cost is 18%, find the cost and the amount of the markup on sale.


Question 10: An item that cost for Rs. 1300 was marked up 18 % of the selling price.  After some time the item is markdown 20 %.  Calculate the sale price after markdown. 

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Replies to This Discussion

Gross salary may include:
• Basic salary
• House Rent
• Conveyance allowance
• Utilities allowance

So, farri you can calculate by yourself. 

Gross Salary = basic salary + house rent + utility allowance

                 = 10000 + 4500  + 1000

                 = 15500

and medical and social charges are calculated o the basis of gross salary ... ok thanku :) 

Dear FF Shakeel,

Please post the remaining Solutions........

You are really very helpful to all MTH-302 Students

Thank You 

**Friends*** MTH-302 New Video lectures by Ahmad Siddiqui needed ,,, somebody please give me any source from where i can download or watch these new lectures... i searched them on youtube few are available but most of them are missing... i need new videos please somebody update.



Basic Salary = 10,000
 House rent 45%
= 10,000 * 45%
= 4,500 Rs.
 Utilities 10%
= 10,000 * 10%
= 1,000 Rs.
Gross Salary = basic salary + house Rent + Utilities Allowance
= 10,000 + 4,500 + 1,000
= 15,500 Rs.
 Medical Allowance 5%
Medical allowance and social charges are calculated on gross salary.
= 15,500 * 5%
= 775 Rs
 Social Charges 9%
= 15,500 * 9%
= 1395 Rs.

aoa plz tell us solution of Q-5

Sabir bhai, please see page#4 of this discussion for solution of Q-5.

Fighting Falcon Shakeel Bhai Plz 8th ques men help kr den

Selling Price    = Cost price + (Cost price × %Markup on cost)

Selling Price    = Cost price (1 + %Markup on cost)

Selling Price    = 3600 (1 + 0.20)

Mjy in steps ki smj ni ay ... plz plz jldii se rply kr den 

I'll B Thnkful 2 YOu


Kya ye is trah se kiya gya hy? 

Selling Price         = Cost Price + (Cost Price x %Markup on Cost)

Selling Price         = Cost Price {1 + ( 1 x %Markup on Cost)}

Selling Price         = Cost Price (1 + %Markup on Cost)


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