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MTH302 ALL Current Final Term Papers Fall 2015 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 27 February 2016 to 16 March 2016

MTH302 ALL Current Final Term Papers Fall 2015 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 27 February 2016 to 16 March 2016 

Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 27 February 2016 to 16 March 2016 to help each other. Thanks


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Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 27 February 2016 to 16 March 2016 to help each other. Thanks


Total Mcqs =40 , 5 question = 2 marks , 3 questions = 3 marks ,
4 questions = 4 marks
1- If interest rate is 12% and number of payments is 15. calculate the acc. factor?
2-Find Cov (x,y) is var(x) = 7, var(y) = 6 and r =0.3?
3- Find the list price if rate of discount is 35% and net price is 2500?
4- Calculate Coefficient of variance C.V, if mean is 80 and standard deviation is 12.
5- Explain Negative Binomial distribution?
6- If salary of an employee is 13000 and allowances are 6000, What is total cost of leaves Company paid if casual leaves are 18 and sick leaves are 12 per year and total number of working days are 26 in a month?
7- Calculate Variance and standard deviation for numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5?
8- If a die rolled with a coin tossed what will be the probability for an odd and a head occur?
9- What is the probability that a bag is filled by the machine weighs less than 515g?
z = (515-510)/2.5 = 2.0 (for value table is given)
10- Find the value of Zɑ/2 , for the 95% confidence level?
11- There are 4 locations for a product distribution A,B,C and D the sale of product is 80,65,70 and 85 respectively, If H0 is a null hypothesis for UNIFORM that location of product makes no difference find χ^2 (chi-square) ?
Some extra questions shared by another student
1-If a password consists of 4 letters first two are English alphabets and last two are digits find number n of password and vowels
2-Salary in the ratio of 40:57 of Ali and Ahmed if salary of each is increased by 4000 what is the salary of Ahmed?
3-If a coin is tossed 3 times what is the probability of two tails and one head?
4-Possible combinations for the word Pakistani
5-If there are 7 no from 1 to 7 selecting three at a time to make a number without repetition then tell how many no fall between 100 till 500

current paper?


My Yesterday's Paper:

Total Marks 80 (40 MCQs, 3 questions of 2 marks, 3 question of 3 marks, 3 question of 5 marks)

MCQs was from all over the book i am not sure whether came from past papers or no.

Define Fesible Region in Regression?

Define Type-I Error?

Population mean and standard deviation of population for given table?

Calculate Variance & Standard Deviation of the given sample data?

BEP in Rs. and data for fixed cost and unit price for sale and variable was given?

Cov (X,Y) was required and value of r, var(x), var(y) was given?

Three question from probability, one of binomial and Poisson distribution?

one question was related to Coefficient of Variation?

Best of Luck... please prepare probability, merchandizing, measure of dipersion in more detail..!

Aftab Khan thanks for sharing 

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