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MTH302_Share your Current Mid Term Papers

Spring 2016 at One Place

from 27 May 2016 to 8 June 2016  


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Share Your Current Mid Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 27 May 2016 to 08 June 2016  to help each other. Thanks 

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Agar kase na mth302 ka paper diya ha plz bata da ka kya aya t

Friends kisi nay MTH 302 ka paper dya hai to plzz share kar day...........thanks

kindly please koie to share karo and past papers kis file sa zada aata hai kon se best hy pleas share 

one of my friends gaye exam today. ia am attatching  some of questions with solutions (hope they will help you) :

Q1: Select the valid formula that returns the depreciation for an asset that cost 10.000 with a savage value of Rs 6000 the useful life of the asset is 4 years

  • =DB(10000,6000.1.1.12)
  • =DB(10000,6000.4.12.1)
  • =DB(6000.10000.1.1.12)
  •  =DB(10000,6000.4.1.1)


Q2: Suppose 0.4 of a number is equal to 0.6 number find the ratio (Marks= 2)






Q3: In a bag of red and green sweets the ratio of red sweets to green is 3:4 If the bag contains 210 sweets how many red sweets are there ?      (Marks= 3)




= 3*4

=7 total parts

Divide 210 to 7


As red sweets are 3 parts of 210

= 30*3


As green sweets are 4 parts of 210



We get 90:120

By simplifying it we get


So the answer is:

There are 90 red sweets in the bag.

Q4: The net price of electric equipment is Rs 3400 after a trade discount of 80% what is the list price  ?       (Marks =  3)



Net price: 3400 Rs.


List price = net price - ammount of discount

Amount of discount= 80% of  3400

= 0.8 *3400

=2720 Rs.

List price = 3400 – 2720

= 680 Ans.




Q5: Three boys ali kashif zain  aged 14:16:18 respectively are to share a sum of money in the ratio of their ages. Given that Ali recieve Rs 1050. calculate how much each of the two boys receives and the toatal amount share ?           (5 marks )



Ali receives = 1050 Rs.

Ages of boys=  ali:kashif:zain

=  14 : 16 : 18


Total = 48

Ali  :  kashif  :  zain

14     :   16     :   18

1050  :  ?       :   ?

Ali (X) = 1050 Rs.

Kashif (Y) = (16/14)*1050


= 1200 Rs.

Zain (z) =  (18/14) * 1050

= 1.285714*1050

=1350 Rs.


Q6: An item that regularly sells of  $525 is marked down to $418.75?

what is the rate ?   ( 5marks)



Original price: 525 $

Markdown: 418.75 $


Rs. markdown= original price * %markdown


%markdown = (markdown/original price)



=79.7619 % (which means %markdown is approximately 80%).

Thanks haani for sharing

wlcm :)

My Current paper MTH302 (06/06/16)
Question no 1: If A matrix of Order 3x3 (Matrix is Given)

Then find its Denominator? Marks: 02

Question no 2: Price of an office furniture is 40,000/- and discount rate is 15%?
What will be the Net Price? Marks: 02

Question no 3: Show that ( Given Matrix)is (Given Matrix) Multiplication inverse of ? Marks: 03

Question no 4: A golf shop pay to its wholesaler $40 for a certain club, and then sell it for $75, what is Markup rate? Marks: 03

Question no 5: A man spend 1/5 of his Income on food, and 3/5 on Clothing. If he still save Rs.100 what is his Total Income? Marks: 05

Question no 6: The price of laptop is 40,000/- series discount rate 7%, 10%, 12% what will be the Net Price? Marks 05

thanks king for sharing


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