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All Current Final Term Papers Spring 2013

From 20 Jul , 2013 to 31 Jul 2013 Spring 2013


PLZ Share Ur Papers Files Also where u Study

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Please Share your Current Papers Final Term Papers Spring 2013 Questions/Pattern here to help each other.

Share your today final term paper here in reply of this discussion


Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) from 20 July 2013 to 31 July 2013 to help each other.


Today’s Paper on 20th July 2013

Total Questions                 = 52                Total Marks             = 80

Total 1 Mark MCQ            = 40                Total 2 Marks Short Questions = 4

Total 3 Marks Short Questions = 4     Total 5 Marks Long Questions = 4

MTH501 Current Final Term Papers 

MTH501 Current Final Term Papers

Today's Paper, 
No MCQ's were from past papers.
MCQ's were all related to vactors , orthogonal , saddle point .
subjects are following.
1. Find distance beteen to vactors
2. Find orthogonal with respect to ecuclidean Inner product eigen vactor of A
3. Determinent of A Matrix , det A was given as 6
4. Inner Sapce vactor , show that u , v are orthogonal vector
5.Saddle Point of dynamic system Xk+1= Axk
6.Find Orthogonal Projection of y onoto span (u,u2)
7.Explain Three applications of vactor space.
8.Compute orthogonal Project of (1, -1) onto the line through (-1, 3) and origin
9.Let c[0,2pie] have inner product
10. For what values of h is the following system consistent??
good luck students.

MTH501 Current Final Term Papers 

1.block matrix given find out whether it is invertible or not
2, a set of vectors given find out whether set is orthogonal or not
3. a matrix was given find out whether the columns are orthonormal or not
4. find out whether the vectors are linearly independant or not
5. find the vector v where the matrix with some scalars was given w=span{v}
6. find out matric is invrtible or not
7.inner product by Eucldn method
8||v||,||u||,||v+u|| find out karny thy without using pythogorian theorem
9.find eigen values of given matrix
10.Let [0,2pie] has the inner product integrationf(t)g(t)dt show that cosnt sinmt are orthogonal

MTH501 Current Final Term Papers 

20% MCQS was from past papers
and remaining was new.
40% subjective paper was from orthogonal topic.
1 question was from inner product.
1 was about an identity matrix.
1 question was about linear expressions and linear equations.
other one is related from finding angle
and last one is finding distance

Read more: Current mth501 papers - Virtual University of Pakistan

MTH501 Current Final Term Papers 

MCQS 1 ya 2 past se the baqi sare new the bt easy they determinants ma se vectors mai se e.t.c
1 qn distance find out krna tha if u and v given,
2nd qn least square solution findout krna tha
3rd one ka cramer rule apply krna tha
4th orthogonal wala tha
5th k ki value findout krni the if |A|=6 dia hua tha
6th orthonormal basis of subspace spanned wala tha
7th integration wala tha

My todays ppr subjective

  1. Write the Fourier coefficients  to the function  on the interval
  2. Determine whether the given set of vectors is orthogonal or not.


  1. State why the columns of the following matrix are linearly independent ?


  1. Suppose  is a basis for  and  is a basis for  .  Let be a linear transformation with the property that and   .  Find a matrix  for  relative to  and .
  2. Construct the normal equation for  of the equation  where


  1. Show that origin is a saddle point of the dynamical system .

Where  .


  1. Find the orthogonal projection of y onto .




  1. If  and  , then find out value of .


  1. Compute the orthogonal projection of  onto the line through  and the origin.


  1. Let use the factorization A=QR to find the solution.


  1. Find the dominant Eigen pair (i.e. the Eigen value and Eigen vector) by using the Power Method for the following matrix. (Perform only 1 iteration )


                    A =     ,    x0 =       


  1. If  ,  then  find the spanning set for the null space of  the matrix.





 + Mმlἶყმ ♥ thanks for sharing ur of luck for ur result 

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thanks for sharing

paper asan tha mcqs easy the. 20 mcq the
2 2 number k 2 swal they dono men matrix ko multiply karna tha

3 number k 2 swal the aik men inverse algorithm se A ka inverse find karna tha
or dosre men u v vectors ki values find karni thi matrix se
or 5 number k swal men 4 by 4 matrix ka determinant find karna tha 
or un k minors

Waqas Sheikh thanks for sharing ur of luck for ur result 

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