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MTH601_Mine Latest Quizz
20 january 2016
NOTE: Make Answers sure by yourself.
1_The cost coefficient of artificial variable in Objective function is -------------.
M (sure)
2_In Simplex standard table to solve an LP problem of Minimization, we choose the candidate for entering variable in-----------.
3_ While solving a Linear Programming problem by Simplex Method, an inequality says:‘2x-3y<5’ is transformed into strict equality of the form---------, where ‘s>=0’.
2x-3y +s =5
4_ In the Simplex method to solve an LP problem, Gauss Jordan Elimination method demands that all the key column's entries should be --------- except key row(pivot) entry.
strictly negative
5_ While solving an LP problem by the Simplex method, in the standard table, the element at the intersection of key column and key row is called ------------- element.
6_ In a feasible region, if the end points of the line segment are basic solutions, then all the points between these two will ------------.
also be the basic
7_ After converting constraints into the respective Standard equalities, we have an LP problem of ‘4’ equations in ‘6’ variables, if the initial basic feasible solution is say;(2,4,0,2), then it is ---------- solution.
degenerate feasible
8_In a feasible region, if the end points of a line segment are basic solutions which BOTH also give the optimal solution, then ------------ will also serve for optimal.
the point which divides segment in ratio 1:2 
9_ The positive slack variables indicate -----------------.
excess resource available (sure)
10_If in a LP problem, the objective is to maximize: z = 2x+3y, with all associated constraints of ‘=<’ type, then in the 1st iteration, z = ---------.

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Mth601_Mine Latest Quizz
Quizz No 04
3 Feb 2015,7:01pm

NOTE: Make Answers sure by yourself. 

1_In Simplex method, which of the following is the standard equality corresponding to the constraint“3x+5y>=2”?


2_ In the final iteration of M-method to obtain the optimal solution, the artificial variable must------- the basis.
subtract from each variable of

3_ If Primal Problem is a maximization problem, then the dual will be -------
minimization Problem    sure
4_ In two phase method, for the phase-I, a new objective function is expressed as -----.
sum of artificial variables  sure
5_ Graphically, in case of optimal degenerate solution,feasible solution always exists at corner points -----------.
lie on any axis
6_ Under which of the following condition to solve an LP by using two phase method, we can’t proceed for 2nd phase?
Objective function of 1st phase has zero value.
7_ Primal of a Primal is-------.
8_If “MaxZ=x–y, subject to x>3, x<2, x,y>0” is solved by two phase method, then which of the following would be the objective function of 1st phase?
Max Z =A
9_ The number of variables in the Primal will be the number of -------- in Dual and vice versa.
constraints sure
10_ In two phase method, for the phase-I, the problem has infeasible solution if the minimum value of objective function ----------.
equal to zero

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