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Hi Friends

I have done my Quiz

Sharing it here

May be it could help you

Agar koi answer Ghalat ho to please mention zaroor kejaey ga

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While solving the system; x+4y=4, 2x-y=1 by Gauss-Seidel method, which of the following ordering will lead more rapidly to the desired order of accuracy?

No need to rendering

x-2y=1, x+4y=4

x+4y=1, 2x-y=4

2x+y=1, x+4y=4



Sparse matrix is a matrix with ……….

Some elements are zero

Many elements are zero

Some elements are one

Many elements are one

Page # 69



While solving a system of linear equations, which of the following approach is economical for the computer memory?



Analytical Graphical

Page # 69



Numerical methods for finding the solution of the system of equations are classified as direct and ………… methods




None of the given choices

Page # 48


Q# 5

Back substitution procedure is used in …………….

Gaussian Elimination Method

Jacobi’s method

Gauss-Seidel method

None of the given choices


Q# 6

If the determinant of a matrix A is not equal to zero then the system of equations will have……….

Unique solution

Many  solutions

Infinite many solutions

None of the given choices



In Jacobi’s Method, we assume that the ______ element does not vanish.


Off diagonal





The linear equation: x+y=1 has --------- solution/solutions.


No solution

Infinite many

Finite many



While using Relaxation method, which of the following is the largest Residual for 1st iteration on the system; 2x+3y = 1, 3x +2y = - 4 ?






If the determinant of a matrix A is equal to zero then the system of equations will have……….

Unique solution

No solutions

Infinite many solutions

No Solution or Infinite many solutions


Thanks 4 sharing 4 quiz isi main the mere

Welcome brother


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