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Quiz NO.02 Dated:Aug 09, 18
Dear Students

Quiz NO.02 is opened from 10-08-2018 to 14-08-2018. Lectures 29 to 33 are included. Please visit VULMS. Thanks
Dr. Imran Talib

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Replies to This Discussion

Here is my quiz


are all the answers correct?

i think so

But aap ko khud bhi tiyar krna chahey

Respected brother's A.O.A
When I attempt my quiz its problem with the site or server quiz are not save quickly when time gone its shows a message of gateway time out goes for next question.
I think my 4 to 5 question are not save properly . what I do any suggestions

Today's quiz


Yesterday 's quiz. can't share yesterday but may these will helpful for finals and also for upcoming batch.

Mth603 Quiz no 02:

1. In Simpson’s rule, we can estimate the integral by …………the areas under the parabolic arcs through three successive points. 



none of these


2. While using the Composite Trapezoidal form for integrating y = f(x) in [0,10] which is subdivided in equally spaced interval of width ‘h =2’, then which of the following is the area of associated trapezoidal strip over subinterval:[2,4] ?





3. Geometrically, in Simpson’s 1/3 Rule, we find the area of -------- strip/strips at time under a curve of given function. 

five  (Correct Answer)

4. In Simpson’s 1/3 rule, the global error is of..............



O(h4) 171

None of the given choices

5. We prefer ………over the Lagrange’s interpolating method for economy of computation.

Newton’s forward difference method

Newton’s backward difference method

Newton’s divided difference method


6. Richardson extrapolation is method also known as..........

Select correct option:
Sequence acceleration method
Series acceleration method  (Correct Answer) 

7. At which of the following points the Maximum value of 2nd derivative of function f(x) = -(2/x) in the interval:[1,4] exits? 

At x=1 

8. Which of the following reason(s) lead towards the numerical integration methods? 

Analytical evaluation of integral is very complicated

Analytical evaluation of integral is impossible

Integrand is given in tabular form

All (not confirm)

9. Simpson’s 3/8 rule represents the area between the curve y = f(x) in the interval say [a,b] above x-axis by approximating the given curve by the ----------.

Select correct option:
Cubic curve through one point
Cubic curve through two points
Cubic curve through three points  (Correct Answer)
Cubic curve through four points 

10. In Simpson’s 3/8 rule, the global error is of ………………

Select correct option:
O(h4)  (Correct Answer)
None of the given choices 




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