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discuss the questions

  • State the five major causes which led to the downfall of President Ayub Khan in March, 1969. 10 marks
  • What were the major obstacles that hindered the quest for constitutionalism and political legitimacy after the creation of Pakistan?  5 Marks
  • due date 24 july

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Hi Guys 

   This is correct solution of PAK301 assignment 



Q 1: - State the five major causes which led to the downfall of President Ayub Khan in march , 1969 .

Answer :
In 1958 Ayub,s martial law had been held by a popular acclaim as it put promise to put an end to the misuse power ,corruption and political stability but when he ascended to thrown he started thinking of long life rule and when he gave his one rule legal cover under the 1962 constitution the political parties and democratic minded people were not ready to tolerate his dictatorship for long time and bitterly opposed the system .
Presidential system :
1962 constitution was Presidential . Ayub wanted to concentrate everything in his own hands . There was no real division of powers between the legislature and executive more authoritarian .
Federal From Of Government :
Under 1962 constitution Pakistan was a federation it is essence of a federation that all federating units must autonomous in their internal affairs and decisions but it was not the case with Ayub,s federation . it was federal only in theory while in practice the units were under the supreme control of the center
Indirect Election System of Ayub Khan :
Under the 1962 constitution indirect system of election was adopted . The primary voters were to elect Basic Democrats who were to serve as an electoral college for the election of the president members of National and Provincial Assemblies . Their strength was 80,000 equally distributed between both the wings . Later on their strength was raised to 120,000 . His indirect system of election was criticized on the ground that the government and other political parties could easily force the limited number of Basic Democrats to vote for their candidates .
Insistence On One Unit :
In October 1655 one units was established to create parity between the two wings small provinces and regional political parities had been condemning . One unit from the very beginning of its creation when Ayub came to power , he insisted on one unit , which produced instance reaction among the small provinces and regional political parties of Bengal . For this purpose they started agitation against Ayub,s regime .
Economic Instability and Disparity :
After coming into power Ayub resolved to make Pakistan economically strong but he failed to stabilize Pakistan , economy on sound footings . Ayub,s economic activities did not bring any change and revolution in socio-economic position of a common man . Hence the people frustrated slowly and gradually of his regime .
Family Law Ordinance :
Ayub,s regime promulgated family law ordinance under which polygamy was band . Age limit was fixed for both the sexes from 14 to 16 years
Family planning program was declared . it was un-Islamic by staunch Ullama . All the above policies were also bitterly criticized by religious scholars this policy also become the reason of agitation and demonstrations .

Q , NO 2:
What were the major Obstacles that hindered the quest for constitutionalism and Political legitimacy after the creation of Pakistan ?

Answer :
Emergency of Pakistan was not a simple event . The newly born Pakistan was the largest Muslim state in the world . To face these problems was a challenge for the leadership . On one side there were anti-Muslim global conspiracies while on the other side the state countenanced the problems . One of the major problem was to frame new Constitution .
A country cannot be governed without such as constitution which is to reflect socio-economic, Political , Cultural and religious needs of the governed and which is recognized by the majority of the concerned citizens .
Problems Making Constitution
The biggest issue that plagued Pakistan at the time of its creation was that Pakistan was divided into two halves east and west and separated by eleven hundred miles of hostile territory of India .
The second issue that the eastern half though only one province was home to more people then all the provinces in the western put together .
One key issue was National Language of the country.
Islam was another key issue Non-Muslim said that they are mixing religion and politics that is against the democracy
Thus the each time a constitution was drafted or proposed the tussle between the east and west Pakistan and their issue of parity and provincial autonomy proved to be a great hindrance in law-making


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