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Assignment No #1

last date #Nov 16, 2015

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Ansar Ali Next time be care....

pak301 complete solution

Q :- Briefly examine at least five historical factors leading to Muslim separatism in the Subcontinent.
1:Hindi Urdu controversy
In the Sub continent two major communities i.e Muslims and Hindus were present and they have nothing common weather it was way of living or their religious aspects.After defeat in 1857 war against British government’the Hindu politicians became successful in revealing the government that all civil disobediene war was held under super vision of islamic community.they never tolerated the existence of muslims so with all other physical controversies hindus tried the remove the urdu dialect which was fairly sensed by muslim scholars and politicians so it gave rise to an atmosphere for the demand of separate homeland for muslims where they can live life with freedom.
2:Indian national Congress
The indian national congress which according to hindus views was the only major political party which could rule over all subcontinent after british government.some of muslim scholars also initially joined Congress but with the passsage of time they realized that it was only defending the rights of hindus so they resignedfrom congress and joined the Muslim league which was talking for muslim rights and infact the basic human rights that time but with the passage of time there demand for muslim right changed into separate homeland for Muslims because they were watching how muslims were put backward in every field of success.
3:Separate religions:-
Muslims and Hindus have separate religions and separate believes.Both these communities are different in every aspect of life there cultural and moral values are different that’s why they could not live at a same place with peace.Hindus were strictly against the muslim religion.hindus always tried to turn Muslims toward their religion or became weak enough so they could rule over Muslims .so Muslims started the demand for a separate homeland.

In the subcontinent the Muslim leaders were foreseeing the future of muslims that when British government will leave subcontinent hindus will try their best to get charge all over subcontinent and at that time they will openly remove muslim community by killing them so they put the demand of a separate homeland where they can lead their life according the teachings of islam and also with the great freedom. 
5:Self respect and dignity
Hindus always hated muslims and they never want Muslims to get success in any field of life .British government played a vital role in keeping Muslims backward by eliminating all job vacancies in subcontinent.Hindus tried to rape Muslim women and tried to kill them so the self respect of muslims was badly damaged in subcontinent .It was necessary for them to demand for a separate homeland where they have complete free atmosphere to live a perfect religious life with perfect self respect and dignity.
“Briefly examine at least five major steps under taken by the Muslim leaders for the political and ideological awakening of the Muslims of Subcontinent.”

“Steps taken by Muslim leaders for political and ideological awakening of Muslims of Subcontinent”
1:-foundation of All india Muslim league:-
The Muslim scholars nd political leaders gathered and did a lot of meetings for a unique solution of Muslim rights in sub continent.atlast in the consequense of all these gatherings and meetings they agreed to make a political party for muslims of Subcontinent that can raise voice for their basic human 1906 the foundation of all India Muslim league was laid which became most popular in all muslim community and it emerged as the only poltical party of muslims.its main objectives were to talk about Muslim rights but due to Hindus cruel nature their demand changed into a separate homeland.
2:-The khilafat movement
During world war 2nd when turkey was about to loose the Muslims did lots of strikes and campaigns in subcontinent and helped turkey in all ways.this was the biggest campaign in subcontinent generated by ALI united the muslims of subcontinent together .
3:-Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Quaid.e.Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah a history making leader joined Muslim league for to raise issues of Muslims infront of British reign.he tried to gather all Muslims under one flag and he wanted them all to demand for a separate homeland by vote power.He tried to convince British government that Muslims are not in minority in subcontinent and he became successful in revealing this truth to them.So he demanded for a separate homeland for Muslims where they could lead their lives according to teachings of islam.
4:-Sir sayed ahmed khan’s contributions
Sir syed ahmed khan was also a great muslim leader who tried to convince Muslims of subcontinent to learn modern technologies through studies.In case he made educational institutions like M.A.O college, Ali garh school which reached to university level and the foundation of science society.intially he wanted Muslims to stay far from politics because after the war of indipendence 1857 muslims were not in a position to take parts in political affairs but later on as the hindus cruelty increased he felt that for a separate homeland of Muslims there must be a unique political party which could raise voice for their rights.
5:-Allama iqbal’s contributions
Allama iqbal a great Muslim poet who tried bring Muslims back on track by memorizing them the glory of their predecessors who defeated every enemy through faith in GOD.He wrote brilliant poetry for awakening of Muslims and teach them the lesson of faith through his poetry that’s why he is known as the poet of east.


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