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“A container holds a 20milllitres of water initially at room temperature, 20°C. What happens when 1000calories of energy are added to the water? Either its energy will increase or decrease. Write the value of its final temperature as well?”

PLzzzz Post here ur ideas............

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Replies to This Discussion

and yea kindly before the last time :D not like the physicx assignment :(

PLzzzzzz koi to idea do yah assignmnt ki trah he krna hai......................

:( w8 w8 w8 w8 w8 w8

The definition of a calorie as the energy to raise one gram of water one degree Celsius leads us to a property of water known as "Specific Heat". That property says that water requires 1 calorie for each gram of water present and each degree Celsius that those grams of water heat up. Other materials require a different amount of calories to heat up.

i think energy increases, latest search of net tells us the following, plz see and guide me

Here's what you need to know. A calorie, in chemical term, is the amount of energy to raise 1 gram of water 1 degree C.


 So the general formula is as follows.


 (T2-T1) * Grams H2O = # of Calories



 T1 = initial temperature of the water

 T2 = final temperature of the water

As 20 milllitres = 20.0 grams


 you can rearrange the equation to get the answer you're looking for.



 T2 = (# of Calories/grams H2O) +T1


 In this case it would look something like this


 T2 = (1000/20) + 20

 T2 = 50 + 20

 T2 = 70

i feel........... your answer is right


har koi tu reply karyyyyy...:(

70 answer hai meray hial k m utabiq,

because 1millileter of water is equal to 1 gram, and 1 calorie add 1 Kelvin (1 degree Celsius) in energy/ temperature.

    Energy is always parallel to temprature, that's why when we increase or add energy to water in container than obviously
energy of water will increase.

to calculate the final temperature we will use following equation:

Q is added heat or energy to water which is 1000 calories, M is mass of water means 1 miligram of water is equal to 1 gram so 20 ml
of water is equal to 20 g,specific heat of water is 1 calorie/g/c. By adding all these values to equation we'll get this final value
of change in temperature of water.
    1000= 20*1*dT
    dT = 50
This is the change in the temperature of water means we have the initial temperature of 20 and when we add 1000 calories of energy into it
this means we are adding 50 C temperature to water then the final temperature of water will be 20+50=70. This shows that the energy will increase when we add extra engery into water container.

plz correct solution paste krain ???????????


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