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Pyary bachon please ppr share karin

All the very best to all.....

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My paper of phy101.
Tmam subjective lecture # 23 se 33 tk aya tha. Electric waley jitny b lectures hain un mein se tmam numerical or baqi short questions thy. Mcqs past papers mein se thy mostly.

thank you :)

past paper file kon c hai janab
Wo b attach kr detay?

can u  share past paper phy101 urgent need 

here are some past papers



sharing is caring.

phy101 my paper 27-02-2016 By Anjum Nawaz

22 lecture se 33 lecture tk questions aye thy. mcqs past papers mein se he mostly aye thy.

Thanks for All Sharing Dostoo!
God bless all of you . . . . 

Some Solved Short Questions.

and correction of Mcq File...

Good Luck !


♥ Smiley Girl ♥ thanks for sharing 

A 2000kg car is moving with a velocity of 20 m/s collides and locks with a 1500 kg car at rest a stop sign. Show the momentum is conserved.
Light from sun takes approximately 8.3 min to reach the earth. during the earth is rotating with the constant speed continuously. How far is the actual direction of the sun.
Do all current carrying conductors emit electromagnetic waves.
If the electric field in the region of space is zero, can u conclude that there is no charge in the region.
Is Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle applicable to all particle case of using thermometer to measure the temperature of the glass of water.
If you hold water in a paper cup over flame, can you bring the water to boil, if then how?
All objects radiate energy then why are we not able to see all the objects in the dark?
If an electron and proton have same De Broglie’s wavelength, which particle has greater speed?
Explain why mercury rises in Thermometer when is it put in the hot water.
why is glass transparent to visible light but opaque to ultraviolet and infrared.
thats all stay blessed :ansa:

today is my paper mcqs mostly uper di hvy fil se thy bt kuch new bi thy questions are following

1.if a120v line to asockedis limited to15a by asaftyfuse will it operate a 1200w hair dryer?

2. wearing a metal bracelet in a region of strong megnatic filled could be hazardous?

3. what is the changing in entropyof 1mol of water at0c that freez?

4. what is the value of relativivistismomentam of the proton??

5.explane the fusion reactions sun ?

6.if a total charge inside a surface is known but the distribution of the charg is unspecified can u use the causs?

7.law to find the electric field  all object radiate energy?

8. is heisenbergs uncertainly principal a case of using a thermeter to measure the temprature of glass of water?

9.do you think light was wave nature and partical nature .give strong reason?

10. what potantial difference is need to stop an electron having an initial sped of 4.20*10 ras to power 5 m/s

11. do you agree or not that stationary charg or steady curent can produce electro megnatic waves?

ples remember me in your prayers


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