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PHY101 All current final term paper Fall 2015 at one place from 5th March to 16th March 2015.

PHY101 All current final term paper Fall 2015 at one place from 5th March to 16th March 2015.

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Aoa! friend please sheare yours PHY_101 paper 

Plss Share ...

My To Day PHY_101 Paper


Black body black? Explain with solid reason.

What is brought about quantum resolution?

Give at least three postulate of Bohr Theory.

Thermal equilibrium


Interference of light is evidence that:

(light is a wave phenomenon)

What is means of polarization?

Fahrenheit and Kelvin scales agree numerically at a reading of:


How fast should you move away from a 6.0 × 1014 Hz light source to observe waves

With a frequency of 4.0 × 1014 Hz?


Which of the following electromagnetic radiations has photons with the

Greatest energy?

 (x rays)

my today phy 101 paper:


  1. what role resistors play in electric circuit?    (2)
  2. why does not have Kelvin scale any negative number? (2)
  3. only a small percentage of the electric energy fed into a common light bulb is transforms into visible light. what happens to it?                 (2)
  4. do you think light has wave nature or particle nature. give some very strong reason. (3)
  5. what is the value of relativistic momentum of proton if its mass is 1.67 * 10^27 kg and velocity is 0.50c.  (2)
  6. is Heisenberg's uncertainty principle applicable to the practical case of using thermometer to measure the temp. of glass of water. (3)
  7. you want to explore the shape of a cellain   molecule by scattering electrons of momentum p from a gas of molecules and studying the deflection of will be able to see finer details in the molecules by a) increasing p   b) decreasing p  c) not worrying what is p               (3)
  8. A cylindrical copper cable 1.50 km long is connected across a 220 v potential difference.what should be its diameter so that it produces heat at the rate of 50.0 w.  (5)
  9. a) will brighter light eject more electrons from a photosensitive surface than dimmer light of same frequency? a) will high frequency light eject a greater number of electrons than low frequency light? (5)
  10. given that rms speed of a helium atom at a certain temperature is 1350 m/s find by proportion the rms speed of oxygen molecule at this temperature.the molecular mass of He is 4.00 g/mol and O2 is 32.0 g/mol.
  11. an alpha particle m= 6.64*10^-27 kg emitted in the radioactive decay of uranium 238 has an energy of 4.20Mev.what is its broglie wavelength? (5)
  12. lightning occurs when there is a flow of electric charge between the ground and a thundercloud.the max. rate of charge flow in a lightning bolt is 20,000 c/s this last for  100 micro sec. or much charge flows between ground and cloud in this many electrons flow during this time? (3)



A cylindrical copper cable 1.50Km long is connected across a 220.0V potential  5 marks difference.

What should be its diameter so that it produces heat at a rate of 50.0W? 5 Marks


Explain the fusion reaction on Sun   5 Marks

In a 30.0-s interval, 500 hailstones strike a glass window of area 0.600 m2 at an angle of   45.0° to the window surface. Each hailstone has a mass of 5.00 g and moves with a speed of 8.00 m/s. Assuming the collisions are elastic, find the average force and pressure on the window 5 Marks


Unpolarized light passes through two polaroid sheets. The axis of the first is vertical, and that of the second is at 30.0° to the vertical. What fraction of the incident light is transmitted?  3 Marks

What are the properties of wave  function?  3 Marks

Which is denser, dry air or air saturated with water vapor? Explain.3 Marks

All objects radiate energy. Then why, are we not able to see all objects in a dark room?3 Marks


In a conductor, changes in the electric field that drives the electrons through the conductor propagate with a speed close to the speed of light, although the drift velocity of the electrons is very small. Explain how these statements can both be true. Does one particular electron move from one end of the conductor to the other?   3 Marks


Is there any difference between the energy required to disassemble a nucleus into its constituent parts and amount of energy that is released when the same nucleus is assembled from separated nucleons? 2 Marks

In a cool room, a metal or marble table top feels much colder to the touch than does a wood surface even though they are at the same temperature. Why?2 Marks



What happens when a magnetically stored bit of information on a computer disk

spins under a reading head that contains a small coil?  2 Marks

What does it mean to say that a certain current is 60 HZ? 2 Marks




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