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Phy101 All Current Final Term Papers Spring 2013 (20 Jul 2013 ~ 31 Jul 2013)

All Current Final Term Papers Spring 2013

From 20 Jul , 2013 to 31 Jul 2013 Spring 2013


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Please Share your Current Papers Final Term Papers Spring 2013 Questions/Pattern here to help each other.

Share your today final term paper here in reply of this discussion


Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) from 20 July 2013 to 31 July 2013 to help each other.


Any Update.

Q : What is difference between reflection ad refection ?
Q what is pressure and its unit and is it scalar quantity or vector?
Q why mirror can not rise chromatic aberration?
Q what is photoshere zone of sun?
Q: values were given .calculate work done?
Q: values were given find resulting induced current?
Q:Two identical clocks one is hanging upstairs bed room and one is in down stairs kitchen. which will run slowly?
Q: Values were given find frictional shift wavelength?
Q: values were give find approximate height ?
Q: is it correct to say radio waves are low frequency waves? and are radio waves sound waves as well?
Q: A dry aluminium foil paper can be bring out from oven with no burn on finger but if foil has some moisture it will result in burn why?
Q: first mercury in thermometer descend slightly but it rise after putting in hot water glass. why


Total Questions = 64      

Total Marks = 88

Total 1 Mark MCQ = 56

Total 3 Marks Short Questions=4

Total 5 Marks Long Questions =4

While using a projective test, series of ambiguous pictures is shown to the subject and subject is required to write a story. Identify and briefly explain the test. (1+2)

The experience of long-term anxiety with no explanation is a definition for a disorder. Identify the disorder and explain. (1+2)

Saad feels that when he smokes he looks stylish. He thinks smoking enhance his functioning competence. That is why he keeps on smoking. The ABC model of attitude encompasses different components, keeping in mind the above mentioned situation name three components of saad’s attitude.

Amnesia and dementia are two types of memory disorders. Compare and contrast the two.(3)

Identify on which points mostly neo-Freudian emphasized and on which disagreed? (2.5+2.5)

Different theories of “Pitch Perception and Hearing” are being presented over the years. Which one is your favorite one and why?

You are required to write a hypothetical case of a person, who is suffering from panic disorder.

You are supposed to design a mobile phone ad by utilizing a combination of classical and operant conditioning principles.

is this question from phy101?

yes Mansoor 

What about MCQs?

All new mcqs.

phy101 short question:
1. if three balls thrown at air simaltnauosly then what will be the acceleration of their center of mass while they are in motion?
2. what is the underlying process that all other electromagnetic waves travel at one fixed speed?

Long question:
if there is a player and there is a cd or dvd in it then to head up the track what should be done while the cd is moving with constant speed?
i. Increase the rotation speed
ii. decrese the rotation speed
iii. stay the same
Also explain the reason!
one question was about defraction?

My Today’s PHY101 Paper

Session 3                                                                                 Campus Rawalpindi

Date 24-07-2013                                                                     VU ID: BC120200925  


Steel will rapture if subjected to a shear stress of more that about 4.2 * 108 N/m2. What sideward force is necessary to shear a steel bolt 1 cm in diameter?


Why do astronomers looking at distant galaxies talk about looking backward in time?

How transverse waves do differs from longitudinal waves?


If we are observe interference in a thin film, why must the film not be very thick (with thickness only on the order of a few why)


How probability has correlation with quotation mechanics. Define


What brought about Quantum Revolution?


Un polarized light passes through two Polaroid sheets .The axis of the 1st is vertical and that of the second is at 30C to the vertical. What friction of the incident light..


What is a major problem that arises in meaning specific heats if a sample with a temp above 100’C is plan in water?


            What is the maximum static force shown in figure below? The coefficient of static friction for the materials is 0.31.









            A thermodynamic system undergoes a process in which its internal energy decreases by 500J. If at the same time 220J of work is done on the system, find the energy transferred to or from it by heat.


Is Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle applicable to the practical case of using a thermometer to measure the temp of a glass of water?


  1. 1.      What is the unit of magnification factor?

► meter.Kelvin

► radian.Kelvin

► degree.Kelvin

► no units

  1. 2.      Which of the following electromagnetic radiations has photons with the greatest energy?

► Blue light

► Yellow light

► X rays

► Radio waves

  1. 3.      An organ pipe with both ends open is 0.85m long. Assuming that the speed of sound is 340m/s, the frequency of the third harmonic of this pipe is:

► A. 200 Hz

► B. 300 Hz

► C. 400 Hz

► D. 600 Hz

  1. 4.      Radio waves and light waves are ____________________________.

► Longitudinal waves

► Transverse waves

► Electromagnetic and transverse both

► Electromagnetic and longitudinal both

  1. We desire to make an LC circuit that oscillates at 100 Hz using an inductance of 2.5H. We also need a capacitance of:

► 1 F

► 1mF

► 1 μF

► 100 μF

6.    The fundamental dimensions of angular momentum are -----------

Best of Luck  

Baaki Yaad nahi 

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MY 2nd quiz

  1. J.J.Thompson’s measurement of e/m for electrons provides evidence of the:
  2. According to the first law of thermodynamics, applied to a gas, the increase in the internal energy during any process:
  3.  An isothermal process for an ideal gas is represented on a p-V diagram by:        
  4. Evidence that a gas consists mostly of empty space is the fact that:
  5. A particle with zero mass and energy E carries momentum:  
    MY 1st quiz
    1. The centre of gravity is the average location of the …….. of an object: 
    2. The torque about any two points has the same value when the body is in: 
    3. The speed of a sound wave is determined by:        
    4. Which of the following will remain unchanged when a sound wave travels in air or in water?  


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