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PHY101 ALL Current Final Term Papers Spring 2016 And Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 20 August 2016 to 2 September 2016

PHY101 ALL Current Final Term Papers Spring 2016 And Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 20 August 2016 to 2 September 2016

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Replies to This Discussion

where are the past papers ?

Important material


in teeno Files men lot of bugs hen... kafi sary same questions k different answers diye howy hen..

Questions are not same, you just need read whole question carefully.

Koi tu paper share karo.

my today's paper:

Q1: a planet has two moons of equal masses. Moon-I is in a circular orbit of radius r and Moon-II is in circular orbit of 2r . compare the magnitude of gravitational force exerted by planet on moon-I and moon-II( show all mathematical work) ( 2)

Q2; what happens to current in other lamps if one lamp in a series circuit burns out (2)

Q3: Given that electrons behave like waves, how is droppler shift described in terms of momentum. (2)

Q4: Find the shift in wavelength of photons scattered by electrons at theta = 60 ( 2)

Q5: How can object move with respect to an observer so that the sound from it is not shifted in frequency (3)

Q6; A small bar magnet is suspended in a uniform o.250-T magnetic field. the maximum torque experienced by magnet is 4.60 * 10^-3Nm. Calculate the magnetic moment of the bar magnet. (3)

Q7:is it possible to be in thermal equilibrium if they are not in contact with each other Explain (3)

Q8:with regard to reference frames, how does general relativity differ from special relativity? (3)

Q9: a) What is difference b/w magnetic flux and magnet field?

b) A loop of wire is placed in uniform magnetic field for what orientation of the loop is the maximum magnetic flux? for what orientation it is zero? (5)

Q10: An electron has de broglie wavelength 2.80*10^-10m determine a) magnitude of its momentum b) its K.E (5)

Q11. Explain Fusion Reaction of Sun (5) 


The speed of sound can vary signigicantly depending on the medium it travels through? if no, give a proof if yes comapre the speed of sound among water, air, solids. 

b) the greater the amplitude of a sound wave the faster the waves moves. Explain? (5)

Mcqs were about the sUn mass and temperature , kinds of equillibriums, magnetic field and flux etc 

PHY101 solved All Lectures MCQs BY MALIK AWAIS KHOKHAR



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