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PHY101 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020 and Past Solved Papers

Dear Students, Please share your Current Finalterm Paper (Current Paper) Fall 2020 as well Past papers and MCQs. This will be helpful for many students who are looking for help/assistance regarding there Current Finalterm Paper Fall 2020.


Let's help each other in Current Papers and make VU ning forum into a better community for VU students.


Just copy text of each MCQ/Question of current papers and paste here or save in a MS Word file and upload in replies.


VU ning team will post here Current Papers, to help VU Students.

Let's discuss here Current Finalterm Paper Fall 2020, clear your concepts, improve learning and help each other. Good luck 


Share anything you remember!

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Today PHY101 Current final term paper fall 2020


1 numerical was about temperature 2nd was about angle of incident and reflection 3rd was about electric field
Difference and similarities between electric and magnetic field
What problem arise when temperature up to 100 degree.
PHY101 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020

PHY101 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020 |  03-02-2021
10 mcqs past paper se baqi slides se aye thy.
2 numerical Potential difference k 5 . 5 marks k aye.
1 numerical half life ka tha.
DIstinguish between Heat temperature and internal energy.
Brief note on Light refrection on oil And water surface

Today PHY101 Current Final Term Paper Fall 2020


PHY101 paper.. mcqs all from book conceptual...
1. If the sample of radioactive isotope has a half life in one day. what will be the life of isotope at second and third day?
2. Two identical clock synchorized, one put in the orbit eastward the Earth? which clock run? when the moving clock return, arethey both still synchorized?
3. A light travel from one to another. Does wavelenght of light, frequency and speed change?
4. A small bar magnet is syspended in s uniform 0.250T. The maximum torque expended by the bar magnet is 4.06x10^-3 Nm. Calculate the magnetic momentum of the bar magnet.
5. A 10V battery is connected to 120 ohm resistor. Calculate the power delieverd to the resistor.
1. Consider 12V battery in series: If one of the resistor increases its resistance, what will happen to others? Will there be change in battery voltage? what will happen to current?
2. The rms speed of Helium is 1350m/s and the molar mass of Helium is 4.00g/mol. what will be the rms speed of O2 when the molar mass of the O2 is 32.0g/mol?
3. A square hole is 8cm along each side is out in a sheet of the copper: Does this change in area enclosed by hole increase or decrease? Calculate the change in area of this hole if the temperature is 50K?
PHY101 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020

PHY101 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020 |   Short Questions with Answers
#PHY101 Physics short questions and answers collection for preparation of Exams.
Question No:1
What is the difference between kinetic and static friction?
1.Static friction: The friction that exists between two surfaces that are not moving relative to each other. 2.Kinetic friction: The friction that exists between two surfaces that are moving relative to each other.
Question No: 2
What is flux in Physics?
The word flux has many meanings, but in physics flux is the "rate of flow" of some quantity through an area. The thing "flowing" could be a fluid (like air or water), some form of energy (like heat, light, or radio waves), or a field (gravitational, electric, or magnetic). In the case of fields, however, the idea of "flow" is more poetic than literal.
Question No: 3
What is impulse?
The simple definition for impulse is that it is a change in momentum. If you apply a force on an object 1 s then you see small change in the momentum. However, if you apply force on an object long period of time then you see the amount of change in momentum is bigger than the first situation. In summary, I try to say that impulse is the multiplication of applied force and time interval it applied. Impulse is also a vector quantity having both magnitude and direction. It has the same direction with applied net force. Impulse = Force*Time Interval
Question No: 4
A potter’s wheel rotates. A location farther from the axis will have a greater angular velocity than one closer to the axis. Either yes or no explain in each case.
Wrong. They all have the same angular displacement over time, which means they have the same angular velocity, as well. In contrast, they do have different linear (tangential) velocities.
Question No: 5
Wave speed in a string is a function of frequency, so if I increase the wave frequency, will the wave speed increase too?
No. The speed of a wave in a string is fixed by the tension and linear density of


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