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PHY101 - Physics Online Quiz No.4 Semester Fall 2014 Solution & Discussion Due Date : Aug 19, 2014

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65.A particle with zero mass and energy E carries momentum: 
Select correct option: 
31. Evidence for the wave nature of matter is:
A. electron diffraction experiments of Davisson and Germer
B. Thompson’s measurement of e/m
C. Young’s double slit experiment
D. the Compton effect
E. Lenz’s law
ans: A
Two events occur 100m apart with an intervening time interval of 0.60µs.The speed of a reference frame in which they occur at the same coordinate is:
0.56 c
16. During a slow adiabatic expansion of a gas:
A. the pressure remains constant
B. energy is added as heat
C. work is done on the gas
D. no energy enters or leaves as heat
E. the temperature is constant
ans: D
An electron (m=9.11×10-31kg) has a momentum of 4.0×10-22kg•m/s.Its kinetic energy is
6.3x 10-14 J
8.2x 10-14 J
1.2x 10-13 J
1.5x 10-34 J

there was only 5 Quizz.

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