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Discussion Question:


Beauty of teaching is to arouse a feeling of happiness in learning.


Keeping in mind your learning experiences with different teachers till now, throw light on the above mentioned statement. Do you agree or disagree, justify your stance in either case.

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Replies to This Discussion

Beauty of teaching 
I feel that teaching is a worthy career because teachers are the molders of the future. They hold the ability to give a child one of the most valuable assets they will need throughout their life, knowledge. No matter if you are a math, science, history, or basketball teacher, you can have the ability to change a person's life forever.

Teachers help the mind reach its full potential. They teach children how to succeed throughout their lives. Teaching may not pay as much as many other careers, however, the reward of teaching a child is priceless. I want to become a teacher so that I can give back to a child some of the most important lessons that I have learned from my best teachers.

Teachers have to be role models, counselors, advisors, listeners, and mediators. A teacher does not only have to teach students they must be able to reach students. Teachers have to deal with so many different types of personalities, which can cause everyday to be a new experience. A teacher is also a learner. Teaching is not as easy as it looks nor always as appealing. However, I feel that being a teacher is the best job in the world. A teacher teaches a doctor how to perform surgery, a teacher teaches a child how to learn, and a teacher teaches the best to be the best.

There are many career paths in teaching. Teaching is a universal career that can be accomplished in a small one-room building or a prestigious university. Some of the most common teaching career paths including: public and private school, local state, national and international, and higher education.

Public schools are wonderful for students of all races, backgrounds, and cultures. Public schools are usually more diverse and more aware of creating cultural awareness throughout the school. The teachers in public schools are able to have the experiences of working with children from all kinds backgrounds and citizen classes. In public schools, teachers are able to provide students with excellent educations; however, this may be difficult at times due to the fact that these schools are becoming overpopulated. This makes it harder for a teacher to give their students one on one attention. Public schools often times have tight budgets which make it difficult for a teacher if they have to use old books, computers, and other educational tools. Public school teachers may not receive as much money as other teaching career paths; however, they may hold the most influence since most of the country's children are enrolled in public schools.

Private school teachers can be a little more reserved. They may receive more in salary than public school teachers. They do not have to deal with many of the issues that public school teachers have to deal with since the majority of their students come from upper class families. Private schools have better advantages such as, better educational tools, computers, books, and many other options compared to that of a public school. Private school teachers are able to give their students first class education and more one on one time.

Local and state teaching careers are good for teachers who prefer to stay in the same area where they live. Local and state teachers are able to gain recognition in their communities for their outstanding achievements. These teachers can travel throughout the community or the state in order to help students locally. State teachers are able to meet up with one another and share their teaching ideas and experiences at local conventions. These teachers understand the local conditions the children come from.

National teachers have the ability to teach children from all over the country. They may come from one side of the country, however, they can teach children from another area. This may be difficult for the teacher; however, they have the opportunity to share experiences from their side of the country. Many teachers can come from suburban areas where education is better funded to less fortunate areas where it is not and teach children just as accurately as before.

International teachers are wonderful. They can usually speak several different languages. I feel that it is wonderful when teachers from the United States go over to a less fortunate country to teach children of a different background. International teachers give children all across the world opportunities to learn and become great leaders.

Higher education is a wonderful career path. Professors make more money than elementary and high school teachers. They have the opportunities to help place students in the right direction to making their career goals reachable. Professors may have the opportunity to lead a not so demanding day like that of lower educational careers and still receive the fulfilling reward of teaching future leaders.

Teaching is a wonderful career that can be explored from many different angles. There are so many opportunities for teachers that the options are endless. This is the most worthy career path that I could have chosen. I would love to teach children of the United States, however, I plan on one day going over to the Middle East and Africa in order to teach their children.

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PSY101 GDB Idea solution:
Discussion Question:
Beauty of teaching is to arouse a feeling of happiness in learning.
Keeping in mind your learning experiences with different teachers till now, throw light on the above mentioned statement. Do you agree or disagree, justify your stance in either case.

Idea Solution:

I strongly agree with the given statement that “Beauty of teaching is to arouse a feeling of happiness in learning.” According to me, the teacher is the one who makes his students happy and satisfied when they are learning and don’t let them bore and feel like a slave while learning. To teach means to be make someone learn. Can we really think that we can make someone learn or teach someone when he/she is not feeling happy, easy and comfortable while learning? Surely we can’t. If only delivering lecture or giving assignments is called teaching; then I think that we don’t need to take admissions in learning institutes then because our parents or siblings or even anyone infact can also do these tasks easily at home. That would be money and time saving which we waste in moving to institutes. Parents and siblings can deliver lectures to us as they do in routine lives and can give assignments as well. So I don’t think that only that kind of tasks is teaching.
In my sense of understanding, Teaching is such a motivational passion that a teacher transfers to his/her students when he/she wants to make his/her students to be learned. A teacher must develop interest in learning when he wants to teach something and I think that would be easily develop when a feeling of happiness would be developed.
I have had such great teachers in my life who made me so relaxed, so happy and so motivated when they taught me. There were times when I used to see my lessons and assignments like a huge mountain, but my teachers used such great and delighted ways that I learned what they want me to be learnt. So, I think teachers should be oriented in such a way that they fully know that what roles they are going to play in students’ life and know that they are going to make the lives of future nation rather than that the symbol of authoritativeness, dullness and strictness as well.

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Beauty of teaching is to arouse a feeling of happiness in learning.


Keeping in mind your learning experiences with different teachers till now, throw light on the above mentioned statement. Do you agree or disagree, justify your stance in either case.


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                 Beauty of teaching is to arouse a feeling in learning

In modern era the word Teaching is just to deliver or transfer the knowledge. It has become a ritual or you can say a routine . teachers now a days just deliver lectures , the don’t bother to focus at the quality of learning and quality of the knowledge being transferred to a student.Quality teaching is not just to give a lecture. According to my experience throughout my study carrier the true meaning of teaching is to occupy student’s attention through your words. A teacher or a professor’s lecture should be seducing and attracting that every student present in room would just love to listen that lecture.

Beauty of teaching is to arouse a feeling in learning of a human being. Person listening to the lecture should be aroused by the teacher or the person delivering. There is a famous quote by Jean Jacques that : We should not teach children the sciences but give them a taste for them.

Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own. A teacher who can arouse a feeling for one single good action, for one single good poem, accomplishes more than he who fills our memory with rows and rows of natural objects, classified with name and form. A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron.

So I agree with the statement that Beauty of teaching is to arouse a feeling in learning.

Beauty of teaching is to arouse a feeling of happiness in learning

To discuss this point, its is important to through light on “learning” .
Learning is a process that depends on experience and leads to long-term changes in behavior potential. As opposed to short term changes in behavior potential learning implies long term changes. It is a behavior modification through experience and conditioning. 
So the first step for arousal of a happy feeling is a pleasant environment. It is very important to develop a positive feeling by making the school environment a happy, joyful place. A place or environment where students would look forward to come.
On the other hand if the environment would be  over strict and give an aura of unpleasantness. Students would develop a school phobia, and would dread going to school.
Reinforcement is also very important in learning. It gives the feeling of achievement, and as a result it gives a happy feeling. For example when a teacher appraises a student in front of the whole class, winning a trophy, comments like good, excellent, nice effort, gives a feeling of joy and happiness. As a result student is motivated to give his/her best. The feeling of achievement and compliments give joy to the learner.  

I agree it is recognised fact that a student can not get education in real sense untill he feels pleaure in learning. For this very thing the charecter of teacher plays great role. He should teach in such a way that a student feel happiness in getting education. He should teach according to the need of rhe hour. the very teching method of a teacher should not be against the nature of a student. The foremost thing to approve this statement is that if a teacher will teach. While understanding the nature of student. Then they will take keen interset in learning. so it is the beauty of teaching to understand the nature of a student .Because this is the only way to create intreast in learning. Another beauty of teaching is that the argument of teaches should be based on solid logic .


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