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Quiz # 02

Here goes my 2nd quiz.

I only saved the MCQ'S question and my answers, didn't saved all the other options. Verify all answers yourself. Please share your quizzes as well.


The process of simply getting information about sensory stimuli into the body is known as sensation but converting that information into something meaningful is known as what?

The peripheral nervous system consists of __________________.

All nerves in the brain and the spinal cord

Ivan Pavlov’s name is associated with which of the following school of thought?

In which of the following technique; the successive approximations of desired response are reinforced until that response is fully learnt?

Systematic desensitization

Which of the following develops in the pregnant female and is a source of nourishment and gaseous exchange for the developing fetus?

Who among the following said that psychologists must discard all reference to consciousness and must only look at behavior of animals and man?
Karen Horney

In which of the following therapeutic technique, patient is asked to talk freely and say whatever comes to his/her mind without considering whether or not it is relevant, rational or sensible?
Free Association

The components of a reflex arc include all of the followings EXCEPT:
Autonomic Nervous System

Who among the followings identified the concept of "Collective Unconscious"?
Carl Jung

Which of the following neurons carry messages toward the Central Nervous System from the sensory receptor cells?
Sensory Neurons


nice sharing Juste

Please told me how can u take images of Question during Quiz time.


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