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PSY101 Introduction to Psychology Final Term Solved Papers

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Question No: 1    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition (DSM-IV) _______________.







Presents comprehensive definitions for mental disorders





Suggest underlying causes for abnormal behavior





Provides descriptions and causative explanations for over 100 categories





Is one of three standard classification systems in America



Question No: 2    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


____________________psychologists would be interested in studying the effect on men of turning 50 years old.

























Question No: 3    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


Psychodynamic therapy is based on the work of______________.

























Question No: 4    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


Depth perception is due largely to the fact that______________.







We have perceptual constancy





We have two eyes





Motion parallax is universal





Binocular disparity does not occur in humans



Question No: 5    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


_____________is not a type of extrinsic reward.












Social contacts










Free medical facility



Question No: 6    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


________________ suggests that sports performance can be improved by manipulating arousal level of the one playing in the field.







Sport psychology





Health psychology





Motivation theories





Consumer psychology



Question No: 7    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


Redirecting the expression of unwanted desires or impulses to a substitute rather than the actual target is called________________.

























Question No: 8    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


Fitting the right person to the job involves the ____________________.







Job analysis





Personnel selection





Personnel training





All of the given options



Question No: 9    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


A health psychologist is not interested in _____________________.







Enhancement of health





Treatment of disease





Improvement of the health care system





Worker’s motivation



Question No: 10    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


An adjustment in the lens shape in order to keep images in sharp focus is called_____________.







Lens-image inversion





Top-down processing










Optical adaptation



Question No: 11    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


According to psychodynamic school of thought at birth, the entire mind consists of only ______________.

























Question No: 12    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


A technique used to unlearn the unwanted habits by associating it with the unwanted impulses is called__________________.







Systematic desensitization





Aversive therapy





Flooding and implosive therapy





Observational learning



Question No: 13    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


Available statistics show that majority of the people have an I.Q level between    __________.







75 - 115





80 - 115





85 - 115





None of the given options.



Question No: 14    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


Self-actualized people accept themselves the way they are ___________

















Perceived by others





Perceived by their beloved ones



Question No: 15    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


A child overcomes her fear of snakes by observing another child repeatedly handle snakes. This is an example of__________.







Cognition therapy





Systematic desensitization










Contingency contracting



Question No: 16    ( Marks: 1 )


----Rational-Emotive Behavior---- therapy focuses on altering the irrational beliefs into more acceptable way.



Question No: 17    ( Marks: 1 )


According to ---Medical--- perspective, psychological problems are caused by physiological factors.



Question No: 18    ( Marks: 1 )


---PSYCHOPATHOLOGY--- is a term used to describe abnormal behavior.



Question No: 19    ( Marks: 1 )


Early psychologists assumed that there was a single______________factor, or g-factor for mental ability.



Question No: 20    ( Marks: 1 )


--Procedural---memory refers to memory for skills and habits, such as how to ride a bike or hit a baseball



Question No: 21    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


Clinical psychologists can provide psychotherapy.













Question No: 22    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


Dissociative disorders are included in DSM-IV-TR as a major category.












Question No: 23    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


MMPI can identify the problems and tendencies like Depression, Hysteria and Paranoia.












Question No: 24    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


A number of trait theories deny the concept of factor analysis.













Question No: 25    ( Marks: 1 )     -  Please choose one


Jung introduced the concept of archetypes.












Question No: 26    ( Marks: 3 )


Less intelligent people are less resistant and more intelligent people are more resistant to persuasion. Explain the two types of information processing routes used by the people to interpret the message.




Question No: 27    ( Marks: 3 )


Asghar and Ahmar are friends. Asghar is a medical doctor and believes that psychological problems are caused by the physiological factors whereas Ahmar is a follower of psychodynamic perspective. How Ahmar would explain the root cause of any mental disorder?



Question No: 28    ( Marks: 3 )


Can you distinguish social intelligence and moral intelligence?



Question No: 29    ( Marks: 3 )


Can you distinguish hard criteria and soft criteria, used for job analysis?



Question No: 30    ( Marks: 3 )


Memory includes (in alphabetical order) long term memory, sensory memory and short term memory. What is the correct order of theses three memory stores?



Question No: 31    ( Marks: 10 )


Psychologists believes that stress affect our health. Explain practical strategies for coping with stress?



Question No: 32    ( Marks: 10 )


Although we have the best talent in the world yet Pakistan cricket team is not performing up to the expectations. How can a sport psychologist help them out? Define and explain the branch of psychology which may help them out and enable them to win the 2007 cricket world cup.







_____________ Memory is a type of sensory memory which stores information coming from the ears.


   ► Iconic

  ► Echoic

  ► Implicit

  ► Semantic


The psychological school of thought that stressed the whole or complete view of a situ


  ► Structuralism

  ► Functionalism

  ► Behaviorism

  ► Gestalt


Self-actualization is associated with the name of ______

  ► Hull

  ► Maslow

  ► Cannon

 ► Freud


_______of the following perspectives would be associated with free will.


► Behavioral

► Psychodynamic

► Biological

► Humanistic


Wilhelm Wundt_______________.


 ► was one of the first psychologists to focus on child development

 ► developed the field of school psychology

 ► was an influential developmental psychologist

 ► set up the first psychological laboratory


A psychiatrist has a ______________ degree.



 ► Ph.D.

 ► Master's degree

 ► Psy.D




The behavioral treatment approaches assume that abnormal behavior is_____________



   ► Learned

   ► A function of dysfunctional cognitions

   ►A consequence of restricted growth potential

   ► The result of a biological dysfunction


Laws of perceptual organization were proposed by________________. 


► Functionalism

► Structuralism

► Gestalt school

► Behaviorist school


The final step of a scientific investigation is ________________.


► Analyze data

► Collect data

► Report the findings 

► drawing conclusions


A _____________ psychologist would focus on the study of overt behavior.



  ► Personality

  ► Social

  ► Behavioral 

  ► Forensic


Introspection is a procedure used by ___________ to study the mind.


  ► Functionalists



  ► Humanists 


The ______________ perspective holds that abnormal behavior stems from childhood conflicts over opposing wishes regarding sex and aggression.




  ► Humanistic

  ► Psychoanalytic

  ► Sociocultural


J.B. Watson talked about three main emotions anger, love and __________.



 ► Disgust

 ► Fear


 ► None of the given options


The therapy based upon __________ theory is too time consuming and therefore expensive. 



 ►Psycho social


 ► None of the given options


TAT is a __________.


 ► Self Report Inventory 

 ► Projective Test

 ►Perception Test

 ► None of the given options

Question: 16

Memory is the process by which we ---ENCODING---, store, and retrieve information.

Question: 17


Intelligence is the capacity to understand the world, think--- Rationally ---, and use resources

Effectively when faced with challenges.


Question: 18


The last stage of the general adaptation syndrome (GAS) model is the--- Exhaustion--- stage

When negative consequences of stress appear.

Question: 19


People with --- Generalized Anxiety --- disorder experience long-term, persistent anxiety and worry.



Question: 20


--- Traits ---are enduring dimensions of personality characteristics along with

People differ.



Question: 21- Please choose one


According to Freud dreams reflect unconscious needs, desires and impulses.  


  ► True

  ► False

Question: 22 - Please choose one


All port identified 15 traits that represent basic dimensions of personality. 


  ► True

  ► False



Question: 23 - Please choose one


Interview is used in the assessment of personality. 


  ► True

  ► False


  Question: 24 - Please choose one


Schizophrenia is a major category of DSM-IV-TR. 


  ► True

  ► False



Question: 25 - Please choose one


Bipolar Disorder is a combination of Phobia and mania.


  ► True

  ► False



Question: 26


Driving to college one rainy day, Meena narrowly misses a car that slides through a red light.

“Slow down! What a terrible driver,” she thinks to her self. Moments later, Meena herself slips through an intersection and yelps “ooh! These roads are awful. The city rain water needs to get out here. What bias has Meena just demonstrated? 



Question: 27


Maher experiences intense and irrational fears about some objects and situations. Can you identify her disorder by using its distinctive symptoms?


Question: 28


A counselor views that his client has some irrational believes. He wants to change his irrational believes by using Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). What are the main concerns of REBT?



Question: 29


Fatima wants to memorize the definition of perception. When information enters her memory system the initial recording of that information is called encoding. Name two other functions of memory, and briefly explain one?



Question: 30

Sad feels that when he smokes he looks stylish. He thinks smoking enhance his functioning competence. That is why he keeps on smoking. The ABC model of attitude encompasses different components, keeping in mind the above mentioned situation name three components of Sad’s attitude.



Question: 31


Many psychologists believe that besides the biological needs the expression of psychological need is also of great importance. Name the main psychological needs of human beings.

Discuss the contribution of Maslow?



Question: 32


Asim loves psychology. He has decided to choose the subject as a career. He only has the basic knowledge of the subject. He is keen to know that what psychologists do. He is thinking about the attitudes of the people and how they change over time.

To guide Asim, name major sub fields of psychology and write a note on forming and maintaining the attitudes of people.






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