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Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) & Past Papers as well here to help each other. Thanks



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shared by some1

  • 10 question thay 1 write an advertisement showing classical coditioning n operant conditioning
  • 2 why forensic psychologist are required to be hired in judical system
  • 3 fuctions of cellebrum
  • 4 motivation to work theory any 2
  • 5 steps of central desensitization
  • 6 any 3 therapies of abnormal behavior
  • 7 sadia has bike skills what type of memory it is explain
  • 8 sadia is doing a study on age which is independent variable. She is trying to do study on recalling events so what is dependent variable
  • 9 write sigmend freud work and carl jungs...which one the best u like
  • 10 I dont remember

dear ....maira paper hai psy 101 ka agar ap k pas past paper mcqs aur shot questions specially ki koi file hai tu bhjain ....paper ki taryri karni hai please as soon kal miara paper hai 

Siso me ka abi paper ni howa is sub ka 

but i have that files may be it helpful 

  • Today's# final term paper of# psy101 #2017
  • Factors of creative thinking. (3)
  • Brains role in hunger drive. (3)
  • What are Somatoform disorders (3)
  • You go in a dark theater and are unable to see any thing for a while but then after a while you see the person sitting next to you .explain the phenomenon which helped you to see in the darkness (3)
  • Role of forensic psychologist (5)
  • Assumptions of James Lange theory and Canon bards theory and the sequence of events in both the theories (5)
  • Steps involved in systematic desensitization (5)
  • Working in a field without interference , describe which observation is it and write two sub types of observation with intervention.(5)

thanks sisooooo

sweety apka paper ho gya kia hun ????

today PSY 101 paper.
40 mcqs and 10 questions. total 50 questions. mcqs not were from past papers but mostly were easy..
1. mention and explain the three functions of memory?
2. main functions of sensory memory briefly explain?
3. define psychology and its main goals explain?
4. question about stressors kinds with examples?
3 questios of shizopheria with examples and hypthotical case?
one from advertising on the tv about product, so we have to explain which strategy is that?
one question about behavioral technique?
explain the james long theory of emotions with was case?

What Role Does Brain Play in Hunger Drive?
• Hypothalamus, brain’s vital organ concerned with hunger and operates on it by regulating its
activity i.e., food intake.
• In case of injury in hypothalamus, the most apparent change will occur in eating behaviors.
• Studies showed that when the rats’ lateral hypothalamus was removed; it resulted in starving to
death and they refused to eat anything when given food.
• When the rat’s ventromedial hypothalamus was removed, it resulted in the opposite i.e. extreme
overeating behavior; increase in weight by 400 percent than the actual weight.
• It is a known fact that hypothalamus regulates the huger drive yet it is not clear as to how it

3. define psychology and its main goals explain?

“Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes …. Human or Animal”

Goals of Psychology
Main and important goals of psychology, or in other words of understanding human behavior and
mental processes, are;
• To understand the nature and mechanisms of behavior and mental processes
• To develop an understanding of the relationship between behavior and mental processes
• To apply this understanding to real life situations and, on the basis of this understanding, predict
for the future
• To employ the scientific approach for developing this understanding
In short, the main goals of psychology are:
a) Observation,
b) Description,
c) Understanding,
d) Explanation,
e) Prediction, and
f) Control of human behavior and mental processes.

question about stressors kinds with examples?

Stress, Health, and Illness
Stress is the response of an organism to events that are threatening or challenging.
STRESSORS: circumstances that produce threats to our well-being (e.g. death of a loved one,
marriage, exams, illness).
Uplifts: Minor positive events that make one feel good e.g. seeing an old friend, feeling healthy,
completing a task.
Daily Hassles are also a source of stress.
The Nature of Stressors
There are three general classes of events that can be seen as stressful:
A. Cataclysmic Events
B. Personal Stressors
C. Background Stressors
A. Cataclysmic Events
Strong stressors that occur suddenly affecting many people at once e.g., natural disasters.
Once they are over people can look forward to the future, knowing that the worst is behind them.
But at times the victims may experience POSTTRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER i.e.,
Re -experiencing the original stress event and associated feelings in flashbacks or dreams
B. Personal Stressors
•Major life events that have immediate negative consequences, which generally fade with time (e.g. death of
a loved one, loss of job, broken love affair).
C. Background Stressors
Daily hassles causing minor irritations but have no long-term ill effects unless they continue or are
compounded by other stressful.


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