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1.Who among the followings was of the view that irrational beliefs are basis of all of our maladjustments?

 Albert bandura

Abraham Maslow

George kelly

Albert Ellis


2.Which of the following is NOT included in quasi-experimental design?

Retrospective design

Prospective design

Time series design

Control design


3.Which of the following statement best describes the survey research method?

Existing data are examined

A control group is necessary

New data is generated

A sample of people are asked questions

4. Which of the following part of brain is involved in the process of learning and memory?





5.Helmholtz's explanation of color vision is called as what?

Trichromatic theory

Opponent-process theory

Reductive color mixing theory

Additive color mixing theory


6.Which of the following psychologist refers that environment and external world shapes and a. determines behavior?

B Watson

Sigmund Freud

Carl Rogers

Carl Jung

7. Which of the following principle was NOT proposed by Aristotle?




Ground and figure


8.Who presented a comprehensive theory of motivation?

Carl Rogers

Abraham Maslow

Alfred Adler

Erik Erikson


9. The fovea is made up of what?

All cones and no rods

Mostly cones with some rods

All rods and no cones

Mostly rods with some cones


10.Which of the following field of psychology is also known as life-span psychology?

Individual psychology

Developmental psychology

Gestalt psychology

Positive Psychology



plz give me ans 

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  1. Fariha is interested to study about progressive change in individuals’ body and their functions throughout the life span. She is more likely to study:
  2. Which of the following principle was NOT proposed by Aristotle?
  3. Which of the following defense mechanism expels disturbing wishes from conscious awareness?
  4. Ivan Pavlov’s name is associated with which of the following school of thought?
  5. According to Wundt; which of the following is the subject matter of psychology?
  6. Sara starts feeling bad at the thought of visiting the dentist; this is an example of
  7. All of the followings are the types of observation with intervention EXCEPT:
  8. According to Freud, which portion of the psychic apparatus is acquired through the process of socialization and represents society’s norms and standards of behavior.
  9. Which of the following is NOT included in a quasi-experimental design?
  10. In an experiment, which of the following group is treated with an independent variable?



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