PSY403 Social Psychology Assignment No 01 Spring 2020 Solution & Discussion Due Date: 08-06-2020

PSY403 Social Psychology Assignment No 01 Spring 2020 Solution & Discussion Due Date: 08-06-2020

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PSY403 Social Psychology Assignment 1 Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

PSY403 Assignment Solution idea:

Credit: Amna Sher Ali Shaker


Being a student of social psychology, please elaborate the differences between the sociological social psychology and psychological social psychology? (5)

sociological social psychology (and of sociology more generally) may in part indicate a lack of shared standards for developing and testing theories, which, has argued in various places, lends itself to the creation of nebulous theories that lack true explanatory power. On the opposing hand, one might argue that the wide variety of approaches in sociological social psychology may reflect the diverse and multifaceted nature of the social phenomena under investigation, so theoretical and methodological differences ought to be tolerated, if not appreciated and cultivated. Resolution of this ongoing debate Psychological social psychology is concerned with social influences on individual behavior. In its century of modern history, psychological social psychology has addressed issues of attitude, perception, memory, prejudice, personality, emotion, conformity, learning, socialization, persuasion, and cognition. In topics, methods, and theory there has been minimal overlap with sociological social psychology primarily because of psychology's persistent emphasis on the individual as the most important unit of analysis. e is perhaps one of the most important tasks facing sociology today.



Identification of variables



Dependent variable

Independent variable


Violent TV, programs is independent variable because they are causing the aggressive behaviour.

Aggressive behaviour

Violent tv programs

Children who are more exposed to violent TV programs, show more aggressive behavior.

External environment is independent variable because it cause illness that name is anxiety.

Anxiety disorder

External environments

People who are more exposed to external environments are more vulnerable to illness anxiety disorders now days.

Homesickness is causing the dependent variable the feeling of being discriminated.

Feeling of being discriminated


Homesickness increases the feeling of being discriminated in international students in United states of America.

Same as

Less donated money

Socially excluded

Socially excluded people donate less money to fund for poor students.

Same as

Altruistic behaviour

High self-esteem

Children with high self-esteem are more altruistic in behavior.



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