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Assignment Objectives:

Upon the  successful completion of this assignment, students will  learn about:

•  Appropriate diagnosis on  the basis  of symptoms 

•  How different disorders  can be  differentially  diagnosed 

• Application of aversion therapy  

Q. No. 1:   

Given below is a case. You need to read the case carefully and answer the below questions.

Ramsha to  cook is  a  24 years university  student .  She  avoids  going  to  market  place  for  grocery.  She  prefers over  going  to  open/public  places  like  market.  She  thinks  that  if  she goes to  such  places  she might  get  stuck  and  it  will  be  difficult  to  overcome  these  situ ations.  She  is  now  unable  to  go  to  even shopping  which  is  considered  one  of  the  best  hobbies  of  any  wom a n.  She  recently  refused  to  go  to the  concert  of Atif  Aslam public  transport who  is  her  favorite  singer.  She  is  unable  to  go  to  tunnels,  bridges,  or  in because  she  feels  she  might  get  palpitations  and  sweating .  Her  doctor  is  very  upset that  she  might  face  serious  health  issues  as  she  is  losing  weight  due  to  using  stairs  frequently because  she avoids  using accelerator . She  recently  missed opportu because of intense fear to  travel in aeroplane.

• On the basis of the symptoms discussed above, what is the diagnosis of the case? (2)

 • Which symptoms lead you to this particular diagnosis? Enlist any three of them. (3) 

• How this case will be differentially diagnosed from Social phobia? (5) 

• How this case will be differentially diagnosed from Panic disorder? (5)

Q. no. 2:   

There  are  few nutritionists  who claim  that they  can  help their clients to  reduce  weight through aversion techniques. These  nutritionists  recommend  clients  to eat their favorite  food such as French fries or sweets empty  stomach in the  morning  as much  as they  want. Do  you think this is a  healthy  way  to reduce  weight?  Please  justify  your  answer with the strong reasons and  real life examples. (5)


Only in the case of Assignment, 24 hours extra / grace period after the due date is usually available to overcome uploading difficulties which may be faced by the students on last date.  This extra time should only be used to meet the emergencies and above mentioned due dates should always be treated as final to avoid any inconvenience.

Important Instructions:  

Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting the assignment solution.


 • Make sure that you upload the solution file before the due date. No assignment will be accepted through e-mail once the solution has been uploaded by the instructor.  

Formatting guidelines:  

• Use the font style “Times New Roman”/ “Arial” and font size “12”.  

• It is advised to compose your document in MS-Word 2003.  

• Use black and blue font colors only.  

Solution guidelines:  

• Every student will work individually and has to write in the form of an analytical assignment. 

• Give the answer according to question.  

• For acquiring the relevant knowledge don’t rely only on handouts but watch the video lectures and use other reference books also.

Rules for Marking  

Please note that your assignment will not be graded or graded as Zero (0) if: 

 • It has been submitted after due date 

• The file you uploaded does not open or is corrupt 

• It is in any format other than doc (MS. Word) 

• It is cheated or copied from other students, internet, books, journals etc…

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Replies to This Discussion

• On the basis of the symptoms discussed above, what is the diagnosis of the case? (2)
• Which symptoms lead you to this particular diagnosis? Enlist any three of them. (3)
She prefers to cook over going to open/public places like market.
She is unable to tunnels, bridges, or in public transport.
Intense fear to travel in aeroplane.
• How this case will be differentially diagnosed from Social phobia? (5)
Panic disorder is not the same as agoraphobia (fear of public places), although many afflicted with panic disorder also suffer from agoraphobia. Panic attacks cannot be predicted, therefore an individual may become stressed, anxious or worried wondering when the next panic attack will occur
But in agoraphobia Some people stop going into situations or places in which they've previously had a panic attack in anticipation of it happening again.
These people have agoraphobia, and they typically avoid public places where they feel immediate escape might be difficult, such as shopping malls, public transportation, or large sports arenas.

• How this case will be differentially diagnosed from Panic disorder? (5)
Agoraphobia and social phobia are far in public settings. These two disorders are closely related which makes it hard to make out a distinction between them.
Agoraphobia can be termed as a fear of being in a crowded place or open space. Social phobia can be termed as a fear of facing the society; a fear that is characterized by excessive shyness in social situations.
One of the main differences between the two phobias is in the nature of the fear that person’s experience. While people with agoraphobia usually feel better in the company of a trusted companion, people with SAD may feel worse because of potential scrutiny by the companion as well.

Q. no. 2:

There are few nutritionists who claim that they can help their clients to reduce weight through aversion techniques. These nutritionists recommend clients to eat their favorite food such as French fries or sweets empty stomach in the morning as much as they want. Do you think this is a healthy way to reduce weight? Please justify your answer with the strong reasons and real life examples. (5)

Yes I think that its a healthy way to reduce wait because “Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper” this is the way a person can get a healthy life so if a person can eat heavy food at breakfast time and in lunch and dinner he eat light food he will not gain much weight and he can also reduce weight. Here the nutritionists allow them to just eat their favourite food in morning not all the day and its healthy way to reduce wait because people cant eat much sweet food or oily food at morning time and except morning remaining all the day they are not allow to eat such type of food so they can easily reduce weight


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