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Apart from 51 MCQs, following long questions were asked:


Murray gave the concept of Tension Reduction. What is meant by this? What are the Murray’s points of view for this concept?(3)

What is meant by Extinction? Explain it with the help of a daily life example. (2+1)

What is meant by Correlational Studies? Briefly describe its nature. (1+2)

Existential philosophy is concerned with man as an individual and the unique problems of human existence.

Enlist any five tenets of Humanistic Psychology and briefly explain. (1+1+1+1+1)

Kelly developed his personal constructs theory on the basis of a single philosophical assumption "constructive alternativism". How would you define it?(5)

Cattell distinguished at least three kinds of learning that play important roles in personality development. Enlist and briefly explain them.(5)

Skinner discovered two basic reinforcement strategies for decreasing the frequency of undesired behavior. State those methods and exemplify how you can reduce the undesirable behavior with the help of skinner identified methods. (5)

How do you define traits? Enlist the types of traits. (2+3)

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1-      Mention some self-defeating irrational ideas given by Albert Ellis. (3)

2-      Explain Murray’s concept about ability and achievement. (3)

3-      What is Role of genetics in behavior? (3)

4-      Dynamics of personality by Dollard and Miller (5)

5-      What is “like some others”? Explain with daily life examples. (5)

6-      Write and explain observational learning processes by Bandura. (5)

7-      How many traits are given by Allport? Explain in detail. (5)

8-      Explain following by keeping in mind Sheldon’s constitutional Psychology:

a-      Physique and mental disorder.

b-       Physique and Delinquency.



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