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G, so I had my exam on Saturday. and as is custom, :P , there were 22 MCQs and 5 sub Qs whcich are as follows :

Amjad born with weak eye sight, he didn’t able to see things clearly so he remained isolated and shy most of the time but when he became older and reached his adulthood he became very famous and successful musician.

Name and explain the phenomena regarding Alfred Adler‘s concepts. (1+2)

You have studied different kinds of defense mechanisms given by Freud and Horney. Both proposed almost similar mechanisms which protect our ego from shame or humiliation.

In this context, both identified a mechanism “Rationalization”. Explain it with the help of any one daily life example. (3)

Why can't all people achieve self-actualization? Discuss keeping Abraham Maslow’s self actualization theory in mind. (3)

What is the self system according to Sullivan? Discuss in detail. (5)

Discuss the empirical validation of humanistic theory in detail. (5)

Hope it comes in handy. Good Luck all =)

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Replies to This Discussion

1-       sheldon's concept and contribution (5) marks


2-      phenomenology personality theory explain (3) mark


3-      Sullivan's dynamism explain 5 marks


4-      Adler's theory about first child,second and only one child (3) marks


One more paper:


1-      Rationalization with daily life example.(3)

2-      According to Adler, first memories are key to a person’s mental life. How can first memories help in studying an individual’s personality? (3)

3-      Rogers’ views about self. (5)

4-      A F.Sc pre medical student worked hard to succeed in exam and get admission in medical college. But he could not get needed marks and thus did not get admission. He said to himself: “It was good for me not to get admission in medical college because doctors are brutal and operate patients cruelly”. Which adjustment technique he used to satisfy his ego? (5) name two other adjustment techniques with examples.




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