Current Final Term Papers Spring 2012 Date: 16-July-2012 to 27-July-2012

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my today's paper of psy405 (personalty psychology)

there were 64  total questions

4 were short (3)

4 were long (5)

rest was mcqs

Questions were :

1- ABC moDEL

2- Murray's concept about ability and achievement

3- there were 1 defense mechanism case of Defense mechanism

4- S-R Response theory & therapeutic procedure 

5- Roger's unconditional positive response

6- interpersonal theory

 My current paper of PSY 405

My paper of PSY 405 personality psychology.

Total questions = 64
4 short questions and 4 Long questions reaming were MCQ’s

Difference between source and surface trait? 3 marks 

What is dream analysis? Who gave this analysis? 3 marks 

Albert Ellis 3 assumptions about humans? 3 marks 

Write the Dollard and Millar higher mental processes? 3 marks 

According to Maslow theory write names of 5 actualized persons and justify your answer? 5 marks 

Heredity environment analysis? 5 marks 

Role of genetics on human behavior? 5 marks 

Erik Erikson stages of human development? 5 marks

Short questions
Who gave factor analysis?
Describe REBT process?
What is libido?
What is mean by case study?

Long questions
Describe Carl jung biography?
Define Imitation?
Dollar and Millar’ theory about habit stimulus-response?
Briefly describe about Adjustment?


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