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PSY502 History & Systems of Psychology Assignment No 02 Solution








Case No.

Name of personality component




In this scenario, Naila is showing Id component of her personality. As Id operates on pleasure principle and it seeks immediate satisfaction for example when it wants something it wants it wants it there and then without regard for consequences. As Naila is doing in this scenario, she was pushing people to get them out of her way without thinking about their hurting, just to get a good deal and satisfy her wish.



Ahmad is showing Ego component of his personality because Ego operates on reality principle and it has the role to resolve conflict between the Id and Superego according to realities of the world. As in this scene, Ahmad was feeling hungry and Id component of his personality was pushing him to put a handful of salad into his mouth but Ego component of his personality stoped him to do so and he decided to wait until his boss sat down to eat.



This scenario is showing the Super-ego component of Sidra’s personality. As in the examination, she forgets the answer of one MCQ and she had a chance to cheat from her friend but her conscience did not let her to do so because Super-ego is the ‘moral self’ or the ‘conscience’ of the person that operates according to the moral principle.



In this situation, Ali is expressing Super-ego component of his personality because Super-ego is the aspect of personality that holds our all moral and ethical standards taught by parents and society that’s why Ali turned Rs. 5000 into school office in case any one came looking for it whereas no one was around when he was picking it up. Here his Super-ego is pushing him to do socially and morally acceptable task.



This scene is representing the Ego component of personality. As Ego works according to reality principle, Natasha asked her roommate to borrow her necklace instead of stealing it. It shows the Ego component of Natasha’s personality which is pushing her to react according to the realities of the world instead of going against them. 








Sigmund Freud Defense mechanism:




            As a defense mechanism, projection refers to the process in which one’s own unwanted and unacceptable impulses, attitudes, and behaviours are displaced to other people or to the environment. Projection enables us to blame someone or something else for our shortcomings. It is a self-protective defense mechanism in which human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses and qualities (both positive and negative) by refusing their existence in themselves. People use this defence mechanism to deal with difficult feelings or emotions.


            I always use this defence mechanism to protect myself from being ashamed. For example: I hate mathematics, when I was in high school, I mostly became fail in maths but I always use to say that mu maths teacher dislikes me that’s why she always makes me fail in maths test. In this way I always protected myself by blaming my teacher for my own disliking.

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