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Cognitive Psychology (PSY504)
Assignment No. 02
Due Date: December 02, 2016
Marks: 20

Assignment Objectives:
Upon completion of this assignment, students will be able to:
 Apply different criteria of automatically and controlled processes.
 Apply the concept of thought suppression and expression in real life situation

Question 01 (16)
Your task is to read the scenarios given below. After reading, identify and justify (in the given table) which criteria of automatic and controlled or effort full process is discussed in each scenario.

1. Ali is a student of class two. Like most of the parents, his parents also want him to be a
boy with good morals and habits. Unfortunately, his father doesn’t do what he advises to
do. He forbids Ali to lie but he lies himself. He advises Ali that back biting is a bad habit
but he does it in front of Ali. Ali mostly learns from his father’s action in spite of words.

2. Ahmad is fond of playing cricket. He wants to become a cricket star. In order to fulfill his dream, he joined cricket academy. His coach gives him many technical tips and
guidelines. With the help of coach’s advice and playing different matches, now he has
been selected for national cricket team.

3. Neelam is taking driving classes these days. She has to pay careful attention to every step of how to drive a car. She also needs to keep an eye on traffic signals and other vehicles on the road. Once, she had to receive a phone call from her office while her driving class. She is learning how to manage all the things while driving.

4. Amara’s boss assigned a task of delivering a presentation about a project and instructed
her to be prepared for it within two hours. She is in low mood due to her conversation
with her mother. She is not able to focus well and pay attention to the assigned task.
Scenario No.               Identification               Justification
Marking scheme:
Identification: (2+2+2+2)
Justification: (2+2+2+2)

Question 02 (4)
Wegner and his colleagues studied thought suppression and thought expression in an experiment.
Compare both the concepts with the help of one example from your daily life.

Only in the case of Assignment, 24 hours extra / grace period after the due date
is usually available to overcome uploading difficulties which may be faced by
the students on last date. This extra time should only be used to meet the
emergencies and above mentioned due dates should always be treated as final to
avoid any inconvenience

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Replies to This Discussion

Plz someone upload idea solution

i will try....

today is extended day plz try early as possible..

i had submitted my assignment

it's very easy to understand

first of all you have to be aware about :processing:

then you will under stand the difference between control process and automatic process

1st scenario is about  automatic

2nd is controlled

3rd is controlled

4th is automatic

now you can easily justify about these scenarios

2nd question is about thought suppression and thought expression.

thought suppression is

Thought suppression is when an individual consciously attempts to stop thinking about a particular thought. We often try to control their thoughts in the hope that they will therefore be able to control their emotions, behaviors, or performances.

Thought expression is

to express thoughts clearly and confidently.

it is quite easy to discuss about these to aspect of thoughts

in my opinion 

1. automatic



4. effortful 

                                               Thought Suppression

It refers to the effort to hide and control unacceptable thoughts and feelings

                                               Thought Expression

It is the term which is opposite to the thought suppression and it refers to the manifestation of one’s thoughts and feelings in the observable form.

i have posted above my opinion regarding to 1st question..what do you think about.. is it right or wrong..

controlled process are

Requires us to pay attention and deliberately put in effort. Control processing is initially done

When we are consciously aware of what we are doing. In other words we actually have to think about what is going On and make decisions.

We are controlled in these sorts of processes. For example when we first leer how to ride a bike.


automatic processes occur without us giving much thought to it. if we practise something long enough it becomes automatic.

playing the piano, walking and singing a song you are familiar with.

In automatic process tasks vary considerably in the amount of mental efforts required to perform them.

there are five criteria of intentional vs incidental learning

Intentional learning occurs when are deliberately trying to learn. while incidental learning occurs when we are not. for example, parents say their children do not lie but parents lie themselves. children learn from parent's and teacher's action rather saying.

it is wrong please read the lesson 12 carefully 

question is about control process and automatic process. it means you just have to identify the processes from given scenarios. i hope that you will find it easy to understand.

Question No 1:

Case no




Intentional vs. incidental learning


Intentional learing is when someone delibretely try to learn something while incidental case we learn unconsciously..like in this case Ali’s Father want him to be a boy with good morality,, but they Don’t follow the moral behaviors by own selves. So Ali learn the bad habits unconsciously..



Effect of instruction and practice


Justify in ur own words Like frst One…


Task interference




Depression or high arousal




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