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PSY505 Developmental Psychology Assignment 01 Fall 2020 Solution / Discussion

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Due date: 8th-December-2020 Marks: 20
(Lecture 2 and Lecture 4)

Assignment objectives:
This assignment has been made so that the students may go through the nature and nurture debate in a detailed manner.
The assignment also aims to provide a clear understanding to students about infant’s behavior throughout the infancy which depict the various sub-stages of sensorimotor development according to Jean Piaget.


Dear students;
The debate of Nature Vs. Nurture or in other words, Genetics Vs. Environment with respect to human development has been the epicenter of scientific debate throughout centuries. It is a very complex issue on which even the greatest thinkers could not yield a unified opinion. Another important aspect of developmental psychology is to understand an infant’s cognitive development which progresses from the simple grasping of objects to the more complex task of using mental representations and symbolisms to solve problems. Your task is to answer the given questions to the best of your understanding of these particular aspects of developmental psychology.

1. Watch the following videos and answer the questions given at the end. (20 Marks)
Note: Carefully follow the speaker of the video to identify the answers. Keep your mouse on the link and (CTRL + Click) on the link to open the videos. Relevant material can also be gathered from sources other then these videos.

a) Define nature (genetics) and nurture (environment). (4)
b) If identical twins share the same DNA from their biological parents, why do they have different personalities in most cases? (4)
c) After watching this video, do you think that genes influence an individual's characteristics or they are affected by the environment? Support your view with the help of an example. (4)
a) Define sensorimotor stage with an example. (4)
b) How does one-week old Aden demonstrate reflex activity and two months old
Josephina demonstrate primary circular reactions. (4)

Instructions to follow:

  1. You are being provided videos along with the question. The question is of 20 marks which has been sub-divided into five questions of 4 marks each. You have to watch the video links inserted have to note down the answers of the sub-parts/sub-questions.
  2. Be very careful while watching the video. Focus on each and every point the speaker is saying in order to correctly identify the answers. The answers can be in your own words too. Resources other then these videos can also be used.
  3. As each sub-part of the main questions is of four marks, you have to provide short and to the point answers to each subpart which should be of 200 -250 words maximum.

Marks Scheme: (Each sub-part is of 4 marks. 5 ×4 = 20)


Click on the below link to download the file


#PSY505 Assignment 1 IDEA SOL Fall 2020
Don't copy paste take idea from it than make your own SOL
Assignment no 1
Semester Fall 2020
Developmental Psychology
Q no 1: Define nature and nurture?
Ans: Nature:
The unique combination of gens that we have naturally inherited from our biological parents from their DNA . Many characteristics are control by a gene including our blood group, eye colour, natural hair colour. Many disease are also caused by our gens.
For example:
Cystic fibrosis
Colour of flower or fruits is also control by gens in plants.
Nurture meaning is “care for and protect some one or something while they are growing”
For example:
1. characteristics that are determined by environment.
2. Weight or mass which depends on diet.
3. Presen of scar
Some disease are also caused by environment such as
Type 2 diabetes
Cironary heart disease
Plant example:
If a tree does not get enough sunlight or water it effect its height and the number of fruits produced.
Q no 2: if identical twins share the same DNA from the biological parents why do they have different personalities in most
Ans: As identical twins share the same DNA from their biological parents but in most cases they have different characterictics and some time totally different personalities from one another.
the difference between the characteristics of the identical twins is due to environment infect twin often grow up to have very different personalites and perfomance beyond their physical similarites.
The other reason of difference in personalites is that both the twins are treated differently by friends or teachers or their parents. Studies show that Siblings often start out with very similar personalites or intelligence, turkheir say. " but as time goes by they slowly drift from each other.
Some time any event cause change in personality or behavior .like it there are two twin sisters one of them has a chance experience that makes her just a bit more extrovert that her sister and because that twin is a little bit more extrovert she meet somewhat more extrovert friends , who make the kid a little bit more this make difference in personality of both.
remember the characteristics of living organism are influence by genetics and its interaction with the environment .so both nature and nurture are responsible for change in personality of identical twins.
Q no 3: After watching this video do you think that genes influence an individual's characteristics or they are affected by the environment? Support your view with the help of an example.
Ans: Genetic factors always work with with environment factors to creat personality. having a given pattern og genes does not necessarity mean that a particular trait will develop because some traits might accure only in some environments.
individual characteristics are effected by both nature and nurture Human behaviour is a social perspective and hence nurturing has a pivotal role in shaping the character of a human being. Nature however is more prominent in shaping physical characteristics of an individual.
The thing to remember is that characteristics of living organism is effected or influence by genetics and its interection with the conclusion is that both nature and nurture effect personality and characterestics.
Q no 4: Define sensorimotor stage with an example?
Ans : It is the first stage of the child life . As babies develop cognitive skills, they start thinking about their behaviur and reacting to different stimuli such as noise, movement or emotions , this is what define the sensorimotor stage
For Example:
A baby might giggle or smile because he or she or preceived something as funny or interesting.
It begins at birth and lasts through age 2. During this period, little one learns about the world by using their senses to interact with their surroundings.
Q no 5: How does one week Aden demonstrate reflex activity and two months old josephina demonstrate primary circular reaction?
Ans: At the beginning of the sensorimotor period of infants action are confined to innate reflexes like sucking and grasping
For example , if you brush a baby's mouth or cheek with your finger it will suck reflexively.
soon however infants will begin to show what Piaget called primary circular reaction.
· One week old Aiden move his hands near his mouth by chance and suck his fingers next few weeks he will begin to try to reproduce this pleasureable experience eventually sucking his thumb or hand purposefully.
· Children younger than about four months of age are unaware that objects continue to exist when they are no longer visible.
For example:
Two months old Josefina does not even look for the toy when it is hidden.


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