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My Today Paper of (PSY 515)      02-07-2018

1)    Define physical traces. 2 marks

What are types of physical traces, define each physical traces type. (1.5 1.5 )marks

2)   What are step of counseling enterprise. 5 Marks

Why prognosis rate in across culture. 3 Marks

3)   What are Subjective Well Being 2 Marks

What your think our Culture is happier than western culture. 1 marks

4)   Enlist approaches have dominated the field of morality. 3 Marks

5)   Define term culture and cross culture psychology. 3 marks

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Replies to This Discussion

objective books main sy tha???

Sary mcqs book ma sy hi thy ma ye share kr rhi ap dekh ly

Which cognitive distortion would lead to depression after a bad date?
It's all because of me
If anything can go wrong it will
He always was a cheater
I'll never have a proper boyfriend

Which of the following is not an intangible aspect of culture?  
Select correct option:  

Commonly Attribute/ show happinese
Poor prognosis rate:
A set of attitudes, behaviors, and symbols shared by a group of people and usually communicated from one generation to the next.    
Culture ans
4 example di hoi thi    Experiment or control group ki 1 chose krni thi
Well being ki 3 component ecept krni thi
1 assert  ma sy tha
assert ans tha
FFM ma sy 1 mcqs tha



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